Elementary ‐ Difficult Customer (B0001)

A: Good evening. My name is Fabio, I’ll be your waiter for tonight. May I take your order?

B: No, I’m still working on it. This menu is not even in English. What’s good here?

A: For you sir, I would recommend spaghetti and meatballs.

B: Does it come with coke and fries?

A:It comes with either soup or salad and a complimentary glass of wine, Sir.

B: I’ll go with the spaghetti and meatballs, salad and the wine.

A: Excellent choice, your order will be ready soon.

B: How soon is soon?

A: Twenty minutes?

B: You know what? I’ll just go grab a burger across the street.

Elementary ‐ Calling In Sick (B0002)

A: Hello, Daniel speaking, how may I help you?

B: Hi, Daniel, Julie here.

A: Hi, Julie, how are you?

B: Actually, I’m feeling quite ill today.

A: I’m sorry to hear that. What’s wrong?

B: I think I’m coming down with the flu. I have a headache, a sore throat a runny nose and I’m feeling slightly feverish.

A: I see… so you’re calling in sick?

B: Yes, I was hoping to take the day off to recover.

A: OK, then. Try and get some rest.

Elementary ‐Daily Life ‐ Hotel Upgrade (C0003)

A: Good afternoon. What can I do for you?

B: I’d like to check in please. I have a reservation under the name Anthony Roberts.

A: All right R.O.B.E.R.T.S… Oh, Mr. Roberts we’ve been expecting you& and here is your keycard to the presidential suite.

B: But there must be some mistake; my reservation was for a standard room.

A: Are you sure? Let me double check.

B: Yeah&Here, this is my confirmation number.

A: You’re right Mr. Roberts, there seems to be a mixup, unfortunately we’re overbooked at the moment .

B: So&

A: Not to worry. We’re pleased to offer you a complimentary upgrade.

B: Presidential suite baby!

Elementary ‐The Office ‐ I need an assistant! (C0004)

A: …like I told you before, we just don’t have the resources to hire you an assistant.

B: I understand that, but the fact is we’re understaffed.

A: The timing is just not right. The economy is bad, and it’s too risky to take on new staff.

B: Yeah, I guess you’re right…. here’s an idea, what if we hire an intern? She would take some of the weight off my shoulders.

A: She?

B: Yeah, you know, a recent graduate. She could give me a hand with some of these projects and we could keep our costs down.

A: That sounds reasonable… let me see what I can do.

A: Tony, I’d like to introduce you to your new assistant.

B: OK, great! Let’s meet her!

C: Hi, I’m Adam.

B: Oh… hi… I’m Tony…

Elementary ‐Daily Life ‐ Cut In Line (C0005)

A: I can’t believe it took us two hours to get here.

The traffic in New York is unbelievable.

B: Yeah, but just relax honey, we’re here and we’re going on vacation. In a few hours we’ll be in Hawaii, and you’ll be on the golf course.

A: Oh no!Look at that line! It must be a mile long!

There’s no way I’m waiting for another two hours.

B: Honey… don’t…

C: Hey man, the end of the line is over there.

A: Yeah…

C: No seriously, I was here first, and you can’t cut in line like this.

A: Says who?

C: I do!

A: So sue me!

C: Alright…that’s it….

Elementary ‐ The Weekend ‐ Road Trip (C00 06)

A: So, are we all ready to go?

B: Yup, I think so. The car’s packed; we have munchies and music, and the map’s in the car.

A: Did you get the camera?

B: Got it! Did you fill up the tank?

A: Yup, it’s all set.

B: You’re sure we’re not forgetting anything?

A: I’m sure… we’ve got all our bases covered.

B: Well& let’s get going then! I love road trips!

B: Um… do you think we can make a pit stop?

A: But we’ve only been on the road for ten minutes.

B: I know, but I forgot to go to the bathroom before we left.

Elementary ‐ The Office ‐ Virus! (C0007)

A: Oh great! This stupid computer froze again! Thats the third time today! Hey Samuel, can you come take a look at my PC? It’s acting up again. It must have a virus or something.

B: Just give me a second; I’ll be right up.

B: I ran a virus scan on your computer, and it turns out that you have a lot of infected files!

A: But I’m quite careful when I’m browsing the internet, I have no idea how I could have picked up a virus.

B: Well, you have to make sure that your anti-virus software is updated regularly; yours wasn’t up to date, that’s probably what was causing your problems.

A: Ok. Anything else?

B: Yeah, try not to kick or hit the computer!

A: Um yeah& Sorry about that.

Elementary ‐ Daily Life ‐ What’s your name again? (C0008)

A: Nick! How’s it going?

B: Oh, hey…

A: What are you doing in this neighbourhood? Do you live around here?

B: Actually, my office is right around the corner.

A: It was great to meet you last week at the conference. I really enjoyed our conversation about foreign investment.

B: Yeah, yeah, it was really interesting. You know,

I’m in a bit of a hurry, but here’s my card. We should definitely meet up again and continue our discussion.

A: Sure, you still have my contact details, right?

B: You know what, this is really embarrassing, but your name has just slipped my mind. Can you remind me?

A: Sure, my name is Ana Ferris. Don’t worry about it; it happens to me all the time. I’m terrible with names too.

Elementary ‐ The Weekend ‐ Silence please! (C0009)

A: Those people in front of us are making so much noise. It’s so inconsiderate!

B: Dont worry about it; it’s not such a big deal.

A: Oh… I cant hear a thing! Excuse me, can you keep it down?

C: Sure, sorry ’bout that!

A: Someone’s phone is ringing!

B: Honey, I think it’s your phone. Did you forget to

switch it off?

A: Oh, no! You’re right. That’s so embarrassing!

C: Do you mind keeping it down? I’m trying to watch a movie here!

Elementary ‐ The Office ‐ Driving Sales (C00 10)

A: All right, people. We’re holding this meeting today because we’ve got to do something about our sales, and we need to do it NOW! I want concrete solutions. How do you intend to drive sales… Roger?

B: Well, in fact, we’re the most expensive in the market, so maybe we need to lower our prices to match the competitors?

A: Lower our prices? Not very creative. It’ll never fly with Swan. What kind of thinking is that? Geez. Anybody else have a better plan? Natalie?

C: Um, perhaps, um, a sales promotion. Maybe a two-for-one offer, or something like that!

A: What? That’s the same thing. Bad idea. Really bad idea. Dammit people come on! Think! The CEO will be here any minute.

D: Do we have any ideas yet?

C: Yes Mr. Swan, we were kind of considering a two-for- one offer to get more competitive.

D: A two-for-one promotion? Hmm. I kind of like the sound of that. It sounds like something we should consider.

A: Yeah, exactly. Just what I was thinking! In fact, that’s a brilliant idea! I’m glad we thought of that.

Very creative.

Elementary ‐ Daily Life ‐ New Guy in Town (C0 011)

A: Oh, I don’t know if you heard, but someone moved into that old house down the road.

B: Yeah, I know. I met the owner of the house yesterday as he was moving in. His name is Armand.

A: Really? What’s he like? You have to fill me in.

B: Actually, he’s a bit strange. I don’t know… I’ve got a bad feeling about him.

A: Really? Why?

B: Well, yesterday I brought over a housewarming gift,but Armand started acting really weird, and then he practically kicked me out! I tried to, sort of, peek into his house, but everything was so dark inside that

I couldn’t really get a good look.

A: Well, you’ll never guess what I saw this morning.

A delivery truck pulled into his driveway, and it

dropped off a long, rectangular box. It almost looked like a coffin!

B: You see! Why would he…

C: Hello ladies…

B: Ah, Armand! You scared the heck out of me! This is my friend Doris.

C: A pleasure to meet you…If you are not doing anything tonight, I would like to have you both for dinner.I mean…I would like to have you both over for dinner.

Elementary ‐ Daily Life ‐ Cleaning the House (C0012)

A: Honey, the house is such a mess! I need you to help me tidy up a bit. My boss and her husband are coming over for dinner and the house needs to be spotless!

B: I’m in the middle of something right now. I’ll be there in a second.

A: This can’t wait! I need your help now!

B: Alright, alright. I’m coming.

A: Ok, here’s a list of chores we need to get done. I’ll do the dishes and get all the groceries for tonight. You can sweep and mop the floors. Oh, and the furniture needs to be dusted.

B: You know what, I have to pick something up at the mall, so why don’t you clean the floors and Ill go to the supermarket and get all the groceries.

A: Sure that’s fine. Here is the list of all the things you need to get. Dont forget anything! And can you pick up a bottle of wine on your way home?

B: Hey, honey I’m back. Wow, the house looks really good!

A: Great! Can you set the table?

B: Just a sec I’m just gonna vacuum this rug real fast

A: Wait! Don’t turn it on…

Elementary ‐ The Office ‐ Out Of Control Spe nding (C0013)

A: OK, so now the last point on our agenda. Jill, let’s go over the profit and loss statement.

B: Great. Well, the main issue here, as you can see, is that our expenses are through the roof.

A: Let’s see… These numbers are off the charts!

What’s going on here!

B: Well, um, sir, the company expenditures on entertainment and travel are out of control. Look at these bills for example. Just this month we’ve paid over twenty thousand dollars for hotel charges!

A: OK, thank you. I’ll look into it.

B: The list goes on and on. Here, this is a bill for five thousand dollars for spa treatments!

A: Thank you; that will be all. I’ll take care of it.

B: Look at this one sir, eight thousand dollars were spent in one night at a place called ”Wild Things”?!

A: OK, I get it!! Thank you for your very thorough analysis!

Elementary ‐ I’m in Debt (B0014)

A: Hello, I’m here to see Mr. Corleone.

B: Right this way, sir.

C: Charlie! What can I do for you?

B: Mr. Corlone, I’m really sorry to trouble you, but I need your help.

C: Anything for you, Charlie! Your father was like a brother to me.

B: Well, sir, you see, this recession has hit me pretty hard; I lost my job and I’m in a lot of debt.

C: I see. . . . . .

B: Yeah, you know, I’ve got credit card bills, car payments, I’ve got to pay my mortgage; and on top of all that, I have to pay my son’s college tuition.

C: So you’re asking for a loan.

B: Well, I just thought maybe you could help me out.

C: What? At a time like this? I’m broke too, you know! You’re not the only one who has been hit by the recession! I lost half my money in the stock market crash! Go on! Get outa here!

Elementary ‐ Daily Life ‐ I’m sorry, I love yo u (C0015)

A: Whoa, whoa, what’s going on? Watch out!

B: Hey, watch where you’re going!

A: Oh, no! I’m so sorry! Are you all right?

B: Oh…I don’t know.

A: I feel terrible, I really didn’t mean to knock you over. My tire, just exploded, and I lost control of my bike. Really, it was an accident. Please accept my apologies.

B: Just let me try to stand up.

SONG: Why do birds suddenly appear, every time you

are near?

A: Are you okay?

B: Oh, wait a second, you seem really familiar, I think I know you from somewhere.

A: Yeah, I think we have met somewhere before.

That’s right! We met at Aaron’s place last weekend! What a coincidence! But anyway, I’m glad to see that you’re not too badly hurt, and I should probably get going. I have a nine o’clock meeting.

B: Ouch! My ankle! I think it’s broken! You can’t

just leave me like this! Are you calling an ambulance?

A: Nope, I’m canceling my appointment so that I can stay here with you.

SONG: Do you remember when we met? That’s the day I knew you were my pet. I wanna tell you how much I love you.

Elementary ‐ Turn left here! (B0016)

A: Hurry up, get in.

B: I’m in, let’s go!

A: OK, make a left here. . . no wait, I meant make a right. Come on, speed up!

B: Geez! What’s the rush?

A: Don’t worry about it, just drive. Oh, no, the light is about to change. . . step on it!

B: Are you nuts! I’m not going to run a red light!

A: Whatever. Just turn right here. . . .The freeway will be packed at this hour. . . .let’s take a side street.

Go on! Get out of our way! Move, move!

B: What’s your problem! Geez. Having a fit is not going to help!

A: Here, I know a short cut….just go down here, and we’ll cut though Ashburn Heights. Let’s go, let’s go!

Watch out for that lady!

B: I’m going as fast as I can!

A: Yes! We made it. 5:58, just before the library closes.

B: You’re such a geek!

Elementary ‐ Here Comes the Bride (B0017)

A: I can’t believe that Anthony is finally getting married!

B: Yeah well it’s about time! He’s been living with his parents for 40 years!

A: Don’t be mean. Look here come the bridesmaids! Their dresses look beautiful!

B: Who are those kids walking down the aisle?

A: That’s the flower girl and the ring bearer. I’m pretty sure they’re the groom’s niece and nephew.

Oh, they look so cute!

B: I just hope the priest makes it quick. I’m starving. I hope the food’s good at the reception.

A: That’s all you ever think about, food! Oh, I think the bride’s coming now! She looks gorgeous. Wait, what’s she doing? Where’s she going?

B: Oh great! Does this mean that the reception is canceled?

Elementary ‐ Upper ‐ Intermediate ‐ Protest! (D0018)

A: This is Action 5 News reporter Sarah O’Connell reporting live from Washington, D. C. where a protest has broken out. Thousands of angry citizens are protesting against the proposed bailout of the auto manufacturing industry! Sir, sir, Sarah

O’Connell, Action 5 news. Can you tell us what’s happening?

B: Yeah, yeah, we’re here because we feel this is an injustice! The financial irresponsibility of big business has to stop! We’re there to show the government that we don’t like the way that they’re spending our tax dollars!

A: Sir but what exactly is making everyone so angry?

B: It’s an absolute outrage, Sarah, the US government wants to give 25 billion dollars of taxpayers’ money to the auto industry. These are companies that have been mismanaged and are now nearly bankrupt.

A: I see. But, many supporters of the bailout argue that it could help save the jobs of millions of hardworking Americans.

B: That maybe true, and I for one don’t want to see anyone lose their job, but how can these CEOs ask for a bailout when they’re making millions of dollars?

And then, they have the nerve to fly to Washington in private jets! This costs hundreds of thousands of dollars! And they’re asking for money! That is just not right!

A: Good point. This is Sarah O’Connell reporting live from Washington D. C., back to you, Tom.

Elementary ‐ The Weekend ‐ Christmas Chro nicles I (C0019)

A: I hate working on Christmas Eve! Whoa! Get a load of this guy! Come in central, I think we’ve got ourselves a situation here.

B: License and registration please. Have you been drinking tonight, sir?

A: I had one or two glasses of eggnog, but nothing else.

B: Step out of the vehicle, please. Sir, what do you have in the back?

A: Just a few Christmas gifts, ’tis the season, after


B: Don’t take that tone with me. Do you have an invoice for these items?

A: Umm…no…I make these in my workshop in the North Pole!

B: You are under arrest, sir. You have the right to remain silent. You better not pout, you better not cry. Anything you say can and will be used against you. You have the right to an attorney; if you cannot afford one, the state will appoint

A: You can’t take me to jail! What about my sleigh? It’s Christmas Eve! I have Presents to deliver! Rudolph! Prancer! Dancer! Get help!

Elementary ‐ I Can See Clearly Now (B0020)

A: Hello, Arthur. What seems to be the problem?

B: Hey doc. Well, I think I might need glasses. I’m getting headaches, and I really struggle to see things that are far away. But I have always had 20/20 vision.

A: Sounds like you may be far-sighted. OK, then, cover your left eye and read the chart in front of you.

B: Mmm.. . X, E, R, 3, a question mark, and I can’t quite make out the other symbol but I think it’s the peace sign.

A: Wow, Arthur! You’re as blind as a bat!

B: Yeah, I know, my vision is really blurry at times.

A: Ok then, head on over to the other room and pick out some frames while I fill out your prescription.

B: Thanks doc!

A: Arthur, that’s the bathroom.

Elementary ‐The Office ‐ What Do You Do? (C0021)

A: Oh, look, there’s Veronica and her boyfriend. She’s always going on about him at the office. Oh, great, they saw us. They’re coming this way.

B: Oh, man…

C: Jessica! Arthur! Hi! I’d like you to meet my boyfriend Greg, he’s the V. P. of quality and safety for a top Fortune 500 food company.

A: Nice to meet you. This is my husband, Arthur.

B: Hey, how’s it going?

D: Hello.

A: Veronica talks about you all the time. I guess you must be pretty busy at work.

D: Well, yeah, a V. P. position is not easy, you know! I implement policies and procedures nationwide of various departments, as well as train junior managers in FDA and EPA regulations. I also have to oversee daily ope

B: Wow, yeah… that sounds exciting.

D: And what about you, Arthur? What do you do for a living?

B: Oh, I’m a Top Gun pilot!

Elementary ‐ The Weekend ‐ Christmas Chronicles II (C00 22)

A: Really, gentlemen, you can’t take me to jail! Don’t you know who I am? Kris Kringle, you know, Papa Noel, Pere Noel, Babbo Natale, sheng dan lao ren!

B: Yeah, Yeah, we’ve heard that one before, haven’t we Joe?

C: Yeah, last week we booked this guy who claimed to be the tooth fairy! Can you believe that?

A: It’s Christmas Eve and I have all these Presents to deliver! Where is your Christmas spirit? What will happen when all the children wake up tomorrow and don’t find any gifts in their stockings?

B: Sorry buddy, you were parked in a no-parking zone, you were speeding, and you have no ID!

C: Besides that, even if we let you go now, your sleigh has been impounded and those reindeer were taken to the city zoo.

A: What! This is unbelievable! What’s this world coming to? Christmas is ruined!

C: What’s that up ahead? It looks like… elves!! Elves!! Whoa, they’re shooting candy canes! Mayday,

Mayday, we are under heavy attack! We need backup!

Elementary ‐ Making an Appointment (B0023 )

A: Hello, Fairbrook Consulting, how may I help you?

B: Yes, this is Julianne Horton, and I’m calling to arrange an appointment with Ms. McNealy.

A: Certainly, what day were you thinking of?

B: How’s Thursday? Does she have any time available then?

A: Um. . . let me double check. . . unfortunately, she’s booked solid on Thursday, how does next

Monday work for you?

B: Actually, I’ve got something scheduled on Monday.

Can she do Tuesday?

A: Sure, Tuesday’s perfect. May I ask where you’re calling from?

B: Sure, Merton Financial Advisors.

A: Oh, actually, Tuesday’s no good. Sorry ’bout that.

Elementary ‐ Where should we eat? (B0024)

A: Do you two have any plans for the evening?

B: We were thinking of checking out a restaurant in the neigbourhood. Do you have any suggestions?

A: I know this really nice Italian place. The food is fantastic, and the d′ecor is beautiful. I’d recommend giving it a try.

C: Actually, I’m not all that crazy about Italian food; I’m in the mood for something a bit lighter.

A: In that case, I know a great little bistro. They make a really tasty seafood platter; the fish is outstanding.

B: It sounds fantastic, but I’m allergic to seafood, so. . .

A: Okay, well, let me think. . . Oh, I know this great little place. It’s just a hole in the wall, but they do the most amazing sandwiches. You gotta give them a try.

C: Ella, you took me there last time I visited, and I got food poisoning, remember?

Elementary ‐ Upper ‐ Intermediate ‐ Planning For The Worst (D002 5)

A: Well, right, let’s move to our next order of business, as many of you are aware, in recent weeks there has been a lot of media coverage surrounding this bird flu issue. And it’s come to my attention that our company lacks any sort of bird flu contingency plan.

B: Basically, we need to come up with a clear plan; we need to outline specific actions that our company can take to maintain critical business functions in case a pandemic strikes.

A: So, what I’d like to do is: first appoint someone to look after drafting our plan; Ralph, I’d like you to head up this project.

C: Sure, no problem. What issues do you want me to consider?

B: Well, let’s see, there are a few points we need to be thinking about. . . first, I’ll need you to analyze our numbers and figure out what kind of financial impact an outbreak might have.

A: You’ll also need to think about how we can avoid any of our employees getting infected; think of ways to reduce employee-customer contact, perhaps some IT solutions that will allow our people to work from home.

C: I guess you’ll need me to forecast employee absences as well, right? And I’ll think about the impact this will have on our clients. Hey, what about vaccines? Should we be thinking about getting vaccines for our employees?

A: Exactly right. So, I’ll leave this to you, and we’ll review the draft plan in two weeks. Okay, so, anyone want to order some KFC for lunch?

Elementary ‐ New Year Resolution (B0026)

A: So, did I tell you about my New Year’s resolution? I’ve decided to go on a diet.

B: And you’re going to completely transform your eating habits, right?

A: Exactly! I’m going to cut out all that junk I eat; no more chips, no more soda, no more fried food.

B: I’ve heard this one before.

A: But this time I’m going to stick to it. I really mean it! Trust me, Carol, I’m going to be a new man in one year’s time!

B: Well, I guess we’ll just have to wait and see.

A: Thanks, honey, that was a great meal. I’m stuffed.

Do we have any chips left?

Elementary ‐ Asking for Time Off (B0027)

A: Mr. McKenna, do you have a second? I need to talk to you about something.

B: Sure, Liv, what can I do for you?

A: Well, I was just wondering. . . you see, I know I’ve used up all my vacation days this year, but my sister is getting married, and the wedding is overseas, and, well. . .

B: You wanna take some time off, is that right?

A: Well, sir, I was just hoping that I might be able to take some unpaid leave this year.

B: What dates are you planning on taking off? I’ll need at least two months notice, so that I can plan for your absence.

A: I was thinking of taking off from September first until the thirtieth. Would you be okay with that?

B: Well, I guess so.

Elementary ‐ Daily Life ‐ I’m Sorry, I Love You II (C0028)

A: I’m so relieved that your ankle wasn’t broken! I feel just awful about this whole thing. I wanna make it up to you. Let me take you out to dinner tonight. My treat.

B: That sounds great! I’d love to! Here is my address. Pick me up at eight?

A: Perfect!

B: Thank you for such a lovely evening! The food was amazing, and I had a great time.

A: Me too. You look so beautiful tonight! I wish this night would never end. There’s something I have to tell you…

B: What is it?

A: I woke up today thinking this would be just like any other ordinary day, but I was wrong. A twist of fate brought us together. I crashed into your life and you into mine, and this may sound crazy, but I’m falling

Elementary ‐ Advanced ‐ Investing in Emerging Markets (E 0029)

A: Dad, I’d like to borrow some money.

B: Sure, Johnny, how much do you need? Five bucks?

A: Come on, Dad, I need thirty thousand. I wanna get into the market. You know, I’m tired of hearing all this news about the economic downturn, the inevitable recession, people stuffing their money in their mattresses. I look at this as an opportunity. This is a chance for me to get a jump start on building my nest egg.

B: I don’t know about that; with all the uncertainty in the markets right now, it would be a very unwise decision to invest. I don’t know if you’re aware son, but there has been a lot of turmoil in the markets recently. There have already been half a million layoffs in the last few months, and we have no idea how the proposed stimulus package will impact the economy. There’s just too much instability. I wouldn’t feel comfortable investing in this climate.

A: But look at it this way, every challenge is an opportunity. And anyway, I’m not talking about investing in the domestic market. There are emerging markets that promise great returns. Look at China, for example; they have 1.4 billion people, half a billion of whom have recently entered the middle class. Here alone, the aggregate demand for consumer goods rePresents an amazing wealth generating opportunity.

B: Come on, son, you’re looking at this too naively, the Chinese market has exhibited a great deal of instability, and their currency has been devalued by

almost a whole percentage point.

A: Fine, then! If that’s the way you feel, so be it. But you’re losing out on a great opportunity here. I’m going to go hit up Mum for the cash.

Elementary ‐ Daily Life ‐ New Guy in Town II (C0030)

A: Oh, Armand, thank you for such a thoughtful invitation! It’s really very nice of you to invite us over for dinner, don’t you think so, Ellen?

B: Oh, yes of course! We’d love to come over. Can I bring anything?

C: No, don’t worry about it; I’ll take care of everything. I’ll see you tonight. Come with an appetite… I know I will!

B: I don’t want go over to his place for dinner! He gives me the creeps! Why on earth did you accept?

A: Oh come on Ellen, it will be nice to get to know him. Besides, he’s new to the neighborhood, and it would be rude to decline his invitation.

B: I guess so… You always rope me into things like this!

C: Ladies! Thank you for coming! You look delicious…I mean beautiful. Please come in.

A: Oh Oh Armand! You are too kind!

B: How did I get myself into this…

Elementary ‐ Canceling an Appointment (B00 31)

A: Hello, Samantha speaking.

B: Hi Samantha. This is Angela calling.

A: Oh, hi Angela, what’s up?

B: I’m just calling about our meeting today. I wonder, is it possible to reschedule our appointment in the afternoon? I have a bit of an emergency that I need to take care of.

A: Let me see, it shouldn’t be too much of a problem…

B: I’m really sorry, I hope it doesn’t inconvenience you too much, it’s just this thing came up, and …

A: Angela, you know what, I can’t make it to our meeting, either. Why don’t we postpone it to tomorrow afternoon at the same time?

B: Sounds great. See you tomorrow.

C: Angela..Angela, look up! See that lady over there who is trying on a red leather jacket? Isn’t that


B: What? No wonder she told me she couldn’t make

it to the meeting, oh, no, I think she saw me…

Elementary‐ Daily Life ‐ Opening a Bank Account (C003

A: Next, please. May I help you, sir?

B: Hello, yes, I’d like to open a bank account.

A: Certainly, I can can help you with that. What type of account would you like to open? A chequing or a savings account?

B: What What features do they offer?

A: Well, if you just take a look here, see, with our chequing account, you can have unlimited daily transactions for a small monthly fee, and our savings account has a higher interest rate, but you must carry a minimum balance of $ 10,000 dollars.

B: I see, well, I think I’m more interested in a chequing account; I like to have easy access to my money.

A: Alright, then, with this chequing account you’ll be issued a debit card and a cheque book. Will you require overdraft protection? There is an extra fee for that.

B: No, that won’t be necessary.

A: In that case, I’ll get you to fill out this paperwork; I’ll need your social insurance number, and two pieces of government ID. If you could just sign here, and here, and here; we’ll be all set. Would you like to make a deposit today?

B: Yes, I’d like to deposit one billion dollars.

Elementary ‐ Foul! (B0033)

A: Has the game started yet?

B: Yeah, about 5 minutes ago.

A: Who’s winning?

B: The Bulls, of course!

A: What! That wasnt a foul! C’mon, ref!

B: Don’t worry, Shaq always screws up free throws.

A: You were right! He didn’t make the shot!

B: That was a great shot! A three pointer, yeah!

A: Did you see that? He traveled and the ref didn’t call it!

B: This ref needs glasses. Hey ref, open your eyes! I can’t believe he didn’t see that!

A: Okay… end of the first quarter… Alright, I’m gonna make a beer run.

Elementary ‐ Upper ‐ Intermediate ‐ Live from Washington (D0034 )

A: This is Madeline Wright, for BCC News reporting live from Washington D. C. where, very shortly, the new President will deliver his inaugural address. Just moments ago, the President was sworn-in to office; following the United States Constitution the President swore an oath to faithfully execute the office of the presidency.

B: And what exactly is going on now, Madeline?

A: Well, Tom, true to American tradition, the band has just played “Hail to the Chief”, and the President has been honored by a 21-gun salute. Now we’re waiting for the President to take to the stage and deliver his speech. Tom, it’s like a who’s who of the political world here on Capital Hill, with dignitaries representing several different countries.

B: What’s the mood on the ground like, Madeline?

A: In a word, the mood here is electric. The excitement in the air is palpable; I’ve never seen a larger crowd here on Capital Hill, and the audience is shouting, crying, and embracing each other. On this, a most historic day, you can feel the hope and the excitement in the air. The 20th of January will go down in history as the . . . . Oh, Tom, it looks like the President is about to begin. . .

C: My fellow Americans, today I stand before you…

Elementary ‐ Daily Life ‐ He’s not a Good Fit (C0035)

A: So, Lauren, I just wanted to talk to you quickly about our new customer support representative, Jason Huntley.

B: Sure, what’s up?

A: Basically, I’ve got a few concerns about him, and the bottom line is, I don’t think he’s a good fit for our company.

B: Okay… what makes you say that? I thought you were pleased with his overall performance. Didn’t you just tell me last week how impressed you were with his attitude?

A: Yeah, his attitude is great, but he’s really unreliable. Sometimes he’s really productive, but then other times… take last Tuesday for instance, he was forty-five minutes late for our morning meeting!

B: Well, I’m sure he had a perfectly good reason…

A: But that’s not the only thing… you know, he really doesn’t have the best work ethic, I’m constantly

catching him on MSN and Facebook when he should be talking to clients.

B: Yeah, but come on, Geoff, as if you don’t check

Facebook at work. Look, you hired this guy, we’ve invested a lot of time and money in his training, so now it’s up to you to coach him. Make it work, Geoff!

A: Make it work, Geoff. You would say that, wouldn’t you, he is your cousin; what a jerk, make me hire your stupid, useless, cousin.

Elementary ‐ I’m Sorry, I Love You III (B003 6)

A: Steven! Where have you been? I’ve been trying to get a hold of you for hours!

B: I… um… there was an emergency at work, so…

A: I was waiting for you in the restaurant for three hours! And you didn’t even have the decency to call me! Do you have any idea how embarrassed I was?

B: Honey, I promise this won’t happen again, it’s just that I…

A: Yeah, right. I’ve heard it all before. I’m not going to take any more of your empty promises. This is the 5th time you’ve stood me up in two weeks! You need to get your priorities straight. I’m tired of you putting your job first all the time!

B: Come on, Veronica, that’s not fair. I do care about you a lot, you know that. I tried to …

A: You know what? Maybe we should just take a break. I need some time to think about where this relationship is heading.

B: But…Veronica, would you just listen to me? There was a fire alarm at my office building today and I was stuck…

Elementary ‐ Intermediate ‐ Chinese New Ye ar (C0037)

A: I’m so excited about Chinese New Year! When do

I get to visit Grandma? Grandma makes the best dumplings in the world!

B: Ha ha, right. Sounds to me like you’re more excited about the dumplings than seeing your Grandma.

A: Of course I miss Grandma, too. I bet she’s gonna teach me how to play Mahjong! Hey, Dad, are you going to buy me firecrackers this year? We’re going to have the best fireworks! I’m really looking forward to lighting them!

B: Son, firecrackers aren’t toys; they’re dangerous!

A: No, fireworks are awesome!

B: Whoa, don’t you remember? Last year when I set off the firecrackers, you covered both your ears and hid behind your mother?

A: Dad! I was scared because… because I saw a bug.

That’s all.

B: Hahaha… really?

A: Oh, and I can’t wait to watch the dragon dance!

Dad, can I sit on your shoulders this time?

B: Hey, I offered last year…

A: Well, I… anyways, I was just thinking of the red envelopes. I wanna make a list of all the things I’m gonna buy with my red envelope money! I can’t wait! I’m gonna have so much money! Mom, can I get a pen and a piece of paper?

A: I want a new transformer, no, two transformers…the Optimus Prime, and…maybe the wheeljack? I’ll get a PSP game, hahaha, and I’ll buy the entire class lunch at MacDonald’s…

Elementary ‐ Daily Life ‐ Buying a Car (C003 8)

A: Hi there, can I help you folks?

B: I’m just browsing; seeing what’s on the lot. My daughter wants a car for her birthday, you know how it is.

C: Dad! I’m sixteen already and I’m, like, the only one at school who doesn’t have a car!

A: She is right, you know. Kids these days all have cars. Let me show you something we just got in: a 1996 sedan. Excellent gas mileage, it has dual airbags and anti lock brakes; a perfect vehicle for a young driver.

C: Dad, I love it! It’s awesome! Can we get this one please?

B: I see… What can you tell me about this one?

A: Oh, that’s just an old World War Two tank that we use for TV commercials. Now about this sedan…

B: Whoa, whoa wait a minute. Tell me more about this tank.

A: Well, Sir, if you are looking for quality and safety then look no further! Three inches of reinforced steel protect your daughter from short range missile attacks.

B: Does the sedan protect her from missile attacks?

A: It does not.

B: Well, I don’t know. Let me sleep on it.

A: Did I mention the tank is a tank?

B: I’ll take it!

C: Dad!

Elementary ‐ My New Boyfriend (B0039)

A: Irene! I heard you were on a date last night! So, how how did it go? I want all the juicy details!

B: Um… well, actually, we had a fantastic time last night. He was…amazing!

A: Okay, now you really have to fill me in. What’s he like?

B: He’s really good looking; he’s quite tall, around 6’1”, he’s in his early thirties, and he’s got the most beautiful dark brown eyes…

A: He sounds hot! What does he do for a living?

B: You know what, this is the best part. David is a junior investment banker at Fortune Bank, so he’s got a great career path ahead of him!

A: Hold on a sec, his name is David?

B: Yeah?

A: That’s my brother!

Elementary ‐ Can I ask you a favor? (B0040)

A: Um, sorry to bother you, um… my name is Rachel.

I’m new here. Can I ask you a favor?

B: Hi Rachel, welcome on board. I’m afraid I can’t help you right now. I’m getting ready for a very important meeting.

A: Excuse me, but can I bother you for a sec?

C: You know what, I’d love to help you, but I’m about to meet an important client. Do you wanna try Sean instead? He sits right over there.

A: Sorry to interrupt you Sean, could you do me a quick favor?

D: Actually, I’m working on a document that is due in a couple minutes. I really can’t talk to you right now.

Sorry about that.

A: Geeze! I just want to know where the bathroom is!

What’s wrong with you people!

Elementary ‐ The Weekend ‐ Movie Trailer ( C0041)

A: In a digital world, even the strongest must fight for survival. Two people, possess a secret so valuable, so powerful, they have to defend it at all costs.

B: I don’t care where they are, I don’t care what it takes… you find them and bring them to me!

A: They only had one chance! And their chance was

to fight back!

D: You wanna play rough? Okay, say hello to my little friend!

A: With a little help from a Governor…

C: Listen to me! We have to get them outta there! No matter what!

A: Nothing will prevent them from doing their job! Double the action.

D: Get down!

A: Triple the excitement.

D: Get down again!

A: This summer… nothing will stand in their way.

B: I’m going to make him an offer he can’t refuse.

A: Two hosts, one podcast, coming to a theater near you.

Elementary ‐ I Need More Time (B0042)

A: So, Casey, how are things going with the photos for the press kit?

B: Yeah, I’ve been meaning to talk to you about that.

I might need to ask for an extension on that deadline.

A: You’ve had over a month to get this finalized! Why are things delayed?

B: Well, the thing is, we ran into a lot of problems. . .

A: I’m not looking for excuses here. I just want to get this finished on time!

B: I know, and I apologize for the delay. But some things were just beyond my control. I had trouble booking the photographer, and then Michael was sick for three weeks, so I couldn’t include him in the photos, and the design team lost all the files, so I had to re-do the pictures.

A: I’m not going to put this off any longer, Casey! I want those photos ASAP!

Elementary ‐ Daily Life ‐ Applying for a Visa (C0043)

A: So, you’re applying for a B2 visa, where is your final destination and what’s the purpose of your trip to the United States?

B: I’m going to visit my brother; he’s just had a baby.

He lives in Minneapolis.

A: And how long do you you plan to remain in the United States?

B: I’ll be here for approximately three weeks. See, here’s my return ticket for the twenty-sixth of March.

A: And, who is sponsoring your trip?

B: My brother, here, this is an invitation letter from him. I will stay with him and his family in their home.

A: Alright, tell me about the ties you have to your home country.

B: Well, I own a house; actually, I’m leaving my dog there with my neighbors. I have a car at home, and oh, my job! I’m employed by Tornel as an engineer. Actually, I only have three weeks’ vacation, so I have to go back to work at the end of March.

A: And what evidence do you have that you are financially independent?

B: Well, I do have assets in my country; like I said, I own a house, and see, here’s a bank statement showing my investments, and my bank balance.

A: I’m sorry, sir, we cannot grant you a B2 visa at this time, instead, you are granted a resident visa! Congratulations, you are the millionth person to apply for a visa! You win! Congratulations!

Elementary ‐ Small Talk (B0044)

A: Morning.

B: Hi there Mr. Anderson! How are you on this fine morning?

A: Fine, thank you.

B: It sure is cold this morning, isn’t it? I barely even get out of bed!

A: Yeah. It’s pretty cold, alright.

B: Did you catch the news this morning? I heard that there was a fire on Byron Street.

A: No, I didn’t hear about that.

B: Did you happen to watch the football game last night? The Patriots scored in the last minute!

A: No, I don’t like football.

B: Oh. . . By the way, I saw you with your daughter at the office Christmas party. She is really beautiful!

A: She’s my wife! Oh, here’s my floor! Nice talking to you. Goodbye.

B: Sir this is the 56th floor! We are on the 70th!

A: That’s okay, I’ll take the stairs!

Elementary ‐ Intermediate ‐I’m Sorry I love You IV (C0045)

A: … so, I said, ”let’s take a break .” And since that night, I’ve been waiting for him to call, but I still haven’t heard from him. You don’t think he’s seeing someone else, do you?

B: Come on, don’t be so dramatic! I’m sure everything is going to work out just fine.

A: You think so? Oh, no! How can he do this to me? I’m sure he’s cheating on me! Why else wouldn’t he call?

B: But, you two are on a break. Theoretically he can do whatever he likes.

A: He’s the love of my life! I’ve really messed this up.

B: Come on, hon. Pull yourself together. It’s going to be alright.

A: But I… I still love him! And it’s all my fault! I can’t believe how immature and selfish I was being. I mean, he is a firefighter, it’s not like he can just leave someone in a burning building and meet me for dinner. I’ve totally messed this up!

B: You know what, Veronica, I think you should make the first step. I’m sure he’ll forgive you…

A: No, this is not gonna happen! I… I’ve ruinedeverything….

B: Hey… do you hear something? Guess what? It’s your lovely firefighter!

C: When I had you, I treated you bad and wrong dear.

And since, since you went away, don’t you know I sit around with my head hanging down and I wonder who’s loving you.

Elementary ‐ Uppe ‐ Intermediate ‐ EmergencyRoom (D046)

A: Help! Are you a doctor? My poor little Frankie has stopped breathing! Oh my gosh, Help me! I tried to perform CPR, but I just don’t know if I could get any air into his lungs! Oh, Frankie!

B: Ellen, get him hooked up to a monitor! Someone page Dr. Howser. Get the patient to hold still, I can’t get a pulse! Okay, he’s on the monitor. His BP is falling! He’s flat lining!

A: NOOOOOO! Frankie! Nurse! Do something!

B: Someone get her out of here! Get me the defibrillator. Okay, clear! Again! Clear! Come on! dammit! I’m not letting you go! Clear! I’ve got a pulse!

C: Okay, whats happening?

B: The patient is in acute respiratory failure, I think were going to have to intubate!

C: Alright! Tubes in! Bag him! Someone give him 10 cc’s of adrenaline! Lets go, people move, move!

A: Doctor, oh, thank god! How is he?

B: We managed to stabilize Frankie, but he’s not out of the woods yet; he’s still in critical condition. Were moving him to intensive care, but&

A: Doctor, just do whatever it takes. I just want my

little Frankie to be okay. I couldnt imagine life without my little hamster!

Elementary ‐ Advanced ‐ Just In Time Strate gy (E0047)

A: I called this meeting today in order to discuss our manufacturing plan. As I’m sure you’re all aware, with the credit crunch, and the global financial crisis, we’re obligated to look for more cost efficient ways of producing our goods. We don’t want to have to be looking at redundancies. So, we’ve outlined a brief plan to implement the just-in-time philosophy.

B: We have two basic points that we want to focus on. First of all, we want to reduce our lead time.

C: Why would want to do that? I think this is not an area that really needs to be worked on.

B: Well, we want to reduce production and delivery lead timesfor better overall efficiency.

A: Right, production lead times can be reduced by moving work stations closer together, reducing queue length, like for example, reducing the number of jobs waiting to be processed at a given machine, and improving the coordination and cooperation between successive processes. Delivery lead times can be reduced through close cooperation with suppliers, possibly by inducing suppliers to locate closer to the factory or working with a faster shipping company.

C: I see& That makes sense.

B: The second point is that we want to require supplier quality assurance and implement a zero defects quality program. We currently have far too many errors that lead to defective items and therefore, they must be eliminated. A quality control at the source program must be implemented to give workers the personal responsibility for the quality of the work they do, and the authority to stop production when something goes wrong.

C: I’m with you on this one. It’s essential that we reduce these errors; we’ve got to force our suppliers to reduce their mistakes.

A: Exactly. Well, let’s look at how we’re going to put this plan into action. First…(fade out)

Elementary ‐ Intermediate ‐ Carnival in Rio! (C0048)

A: I can’t believe we’re here! Carnival in Rio!

Seriously, this is like a once in a lifetime opportunity!

Can you believe it? We’re here at the biggest party in the world!

B: I know! We’re so lucky that we found tickets for the Sambadrome! Good thing we found that ticket scalper.

A: Look! It’s starting! Wow, this is amazing! Look at how many dancers there are. Oh my gosh! The costumes are so colorful! This is so cool!

B: It says here that the school that is dancing now is one of the oldest and most prestigious samba schools in Rio.

A: No kidding! Look at them, they’re amazing! Look at that girl on the top of that float! She must be the carnival queen! Move over there so I can get a picture of you!

B: Ok. Hurry up take the picture!

C: join us! come and dance!

B: Oh really…. no I can’t. No really, I don’t know how to dance! Honey I’ll see you later!

A: Patrick! Don’t just leave me here!

Elementary ‐ Daily Life ‐ Daddy Please! (C00 49)

A: Hey daddy! You look great today; I like your tie! By the way, I was wondering can I&

B: NO!

A: I havent even told you what it is yet!

B: Okay, okay, what do you want?

A: Do you think I could borrow the car? I’m going to a concert tonight.

B: Um.. I don’t think so. I need the car tonight to pick up your mother.

A: Ugg! I told you about it last week! Smelly Toes is playing, and Eric asked if I would go with him!

B: Who’s this Eric guy?

A: Duh! He’s like the hottest and most popular guy at school! Come on, dad! Please!

B: No can do… sorry.

A: Fine then! Would you mind giving me 100 bucks?

B: No way!

A: That’s so unfair!

Elementary ‐ Daily Life ‐ New Guy In Town I II (C0050)

A: Please make yourselves at home. Let me take your coats. Dinner is almost ready; I hope you brought your appetite

B: Your house is lovely, Armand! Very interesting


C: I think it’s amazing! You have such good taste,

Armand. I’m thinking of re-decorating my house; maybe you could give me a few pointers?

A: It would be my pleasure. Please have a seat. Can I offer you a glass of wine?

C: We would love some!

A: Here you are. A very special merlot brought directly from my home country. It has a unique ingredient which gives it a pleasant aroma and superior flavor.

C: Mmm… it’s delicious!

B: It’s a bit bitter for my taste… almost tastes like…


C: Ellen! Ellen! Are you okay?

A: Did she pass out?

C: Yeah…

A: I hope that you didn’t poison her drink too much! You’ll ruin our meal!

Elementary ‐ The Weekend ‐ What a Bargain ! (C0051)

A: Hello. May I help you?

B: Yeah, this dress is really nice! How much is it?

A: That one is one hundred and fifty dollars.

B: One hundred and fifty dollars? What about this other one over here?

A: That’s one hundred and forty dollars.

B: Hmm…that’s a bit out of my price range. Can you give me a better deal?

A: This is an exclusive design by DaMarco! It’s a bargain at that price.

B: Well, I don’t know. I think I’ll shop around.

A: Okay, okay, how about one hundred dollars?

B: That’s still more than I wanted to spend. What if I take both dresses?

A: Okay, I can give you a special discount, just because you seem like a nice person. One hundred and ninety dollars for both.

B: I don’t know… It’s still a bit pricey…. Thanks anyway.

A: Okay, my final price! One hundred dollars for both!

That’s two for the price of one. That’s my last offer!

B: Great! You’ve got a deal!

Elementary ‐ Daily Life ‐ Pizza Delivary (C00 52)

A: Good evening, Pizza House. This is Marty

speaking. May I take your order?

B: Um yes& Id like a medium pizza with pepperoni, olives, and extra cheese.

A: We have a two-for-one special on large pizzas. Would you like a large pizza instead?

B: Sure, that sounds good.

A: Great! Would you like your second pizza to be the same as the first?

B: No, make the second one with ham, pineapple and green peppers. Oh, and make it thin crust.

A: Okay, thin crust. Your total is $21.50 and your order will arrive in thirty minutes or it’s free!

B: Perfect. Thank you. Bye..

A: Sir, wait!! I need your address!

Elementary ‐ The Weekend ‐ Head Chef (C00 53)

A: …Right away sir, your order will be ready shortly. Jean Pierre, we have another special for table seven!

B: I’m working as fast as I can! We’re really in the weeds! Where is my sous chef? Luc! I need you to peel more potatoes. Marie, chop some onions and carrots for the stew.

A: Jean Pierre another special! We’re really packed tonight! We’re running low on wine. Is there any left in the cellar?

C: Sorry I’m late, everyone. Wow, we are doing really well tonight!

B: Harry, stop talking and get over here I need this sauce stirred and the fish needs to be butchered and buttered.

C: Ok, I’m on it!

A: Jean Pierre, table seven has requested to see the chef! I think they are food critics from Cuisine Magazine

Elementary ‐ Intermediate ‐I’m Sorry I Love You V (C0054)

A: Honey, of course I forgive you! I love you so much!

I’ve really missed you. I was wrong to get upset over nothing.

B: I’m sorry I haven’t called or anything, but right after you decided you wanted a break, I was called up north to put out some major forest fires! I was in the middle of nowhere, working day and night, trying to prevent the blaze from spreading! It was pretty intense.

A: Oh, honey, I’m glad you’re okay! But I have some

exciting news… I think I’m pregnant!

B: Really? Wow, that’s amazing! This is great news! I’ve always wanted to be a father! We’ll go to the doctor first thing in the morning!

C: We have your test results back and, indeed, you are pregnant. Let’s see here… everything seems to be in order. Your approximate due date is October twenty-seventh two thousand and nine, so that means that the baby was conceived on February third, two thousand and nine.

B: Are you sure? Are these things accurate?

C: Well, yes sir, they are.

A: What’s wrong? Why are you asking these questions?

B: This baby isn’t mine! I was away the first week of

February at a training seminar!

A: I… I… no, it can’t be…

Elementary ‐ Intermediate ‐ Hockey (C0055 )

A: Hello everyone! I’m Rick Fields, and here with me is Bob Copeland.

B: Howdy folks, and welcome to today’s game! You know, Rick, today is a key game between Russia and Canada. As you know, the winner will move on to the finals.

A: That’s right, and it looks like we’re just about ready to start the match. The ref is calling the players for the face-off… and here we go! The Russians win possession and immediately set up their attack! Federov gets checked hard into the boards!

B: Maurice Richard has the puck now, and passes it to the center. He shoots! Wow what a save by the goalie!

A: Alright, the puck is back in play now. Pavel Bure is on a breakaway! He is flying down the ice! The defenders can’t keep up! Slap shot! He scores

B: What an amazing goal!

Elementary ‐ Daily Life ‐ Planning a Bank Robbery (C0056)

A: All right, so this is what we are going to do. I’ve carefully mapped this out, so don’t screw it up. Mr.

Rabbit, you and Mr. Fox will go into the bank wearing these uniforms. We managed to get replicas of the one the guards wear when they pick up the money.

B: Got it.

C: No problem, boss.

A: When you get inside, tell them that you are filling in for Carl and Tom, and say that they are on another route today. Don’t lose your cool. Just act natural.

B: What if they want to call and confirm?

A: You let him.

C: What!?

A: Dont worry, we have the phones tapped, so the call will be patched through to me, and Ill pretend to be the transport company.

B: Ha ha, you are so clever boss!

A: Okay, shut up. Only take as much money as you can fit in these bags. Dont get greedy! Are you ready?

Let’s go.

Elementary ‐ The Office ‐ Malfunction (C005 7)

A: Hey Carl, can you make a copy of this contract for me please? When you have it ready, send it out ASAP to our subbranch.

B: Sure! Um… I think I broke this thing. Maxine, can you help me out here? I’m not really a tech guy.

C: Yeah, sure. I think it’s just out of toner. You can go use the other one upstairs. On your way up, can you fax this while I try and fix this thing?

B: Sure! Dammit! Everything in this office seems to be breaking down! Never mind. I’ll send this stupid fax later. Oh great! Is someone playing a practical joke on me? This is ridiculous!

D: The elevator has some sort of malfunction. Just take the stairs dude. What floor are you going to?

B: I have to go up fifteen floors! Never mind. Made it! There is the copier!

Elementary ‐ Daily Life ‐ This Is Your Captai n Speaking (C0058)

A: And the next thing you know, we’re running towards the… Oh…did you feel that?

B: Yeah, don’t worry about it; we’re just going through a bit of turbulence.

C: Ladies and gentlemen, this is your captain speaking. It looks like we’ve hit a patch of rough air, so we’re going to have a bit of a bumpy ride for the next several minutes, and…

A: This why I hate flying… Oh!

C: At this time, I’d like to remind all of our passengers to fasten their seat beltsand remain

seated until the fasten seat belt sign is turned off. Please ensure that all cabin baggageis carefully stowed under the seat in front of you. I’ll be back back to update you in a minute.

A: Did you hear that? Brent!

B: Don’t worry about it. This is totally normal. It happens all the

C: Ah, ladies and gentlemen, this is your captain again. We’ve got quite a large patch of rough air ahead of us, so for your safety, we will be suspending in-flight service. I would ask all in-flight crew to return to their seats at this time. I would also like to ask that all our passengers refrain from using the lavatory until the seat belt sign has been switched off We can expect…

Elementary ‐ Advanced ‐ Job Interview I (E0 059)

A: Okay, so let’s go over everything one more time.

I really want you to get this job!

B: I know! It’s an amazing growth opportunity! They’re true industry leaders, and it would be so interesting to be part of an organization that is the undisputed leader in business process platform development.

A: So, let’s see, you did your research on the company, right?

B: Well, I visited their website and read up on what they do. They’re an IT service company that offers comprehensive business solutions for large corporations. They provide services such as CRM development, and they also offer custom designed applications.

A: So what would your role in the company?

B: Well, the position is for an account manager. That basically means that I would be the link between our and our development team.

A: Sounds good, and so, why do you want to work with them?

B: Well, as I said they’re the industry leaders, they have a really great growth strategy, amazing development opportunities for employees, and it seems like they have strong corporate governance.

They’re all about helping companies grow and unleashing potential. I guess their core values and mission really resonated with me. Oh, and they offer six weeks’ vacation, stock options and bonuses… I’m totally going to cash in on that.

A: You idiot! Don’t say that! Do you want this job, or


Elementary‐ Intermediate ‐ New Guy in Town IV (C006

A: All right, drag her over here, and help me tie her up.

B: I can’t believe she fell for it! She is a lot more gullible than I thought!

A: Well, you gotta admit, my acting was brilliant!

B: Whatever. I was the one that convinced her to come. Look, she’s waking up!

C: What’s going on? Ellen? What are you doing?

A: The cat’s out of the bag, you witch! You can stop pretending, now!

B: Yeah Lois , we know who you are! Now, we want some answers! Why are you here?

C: Fools! You don’t know who you’re dealing with! You can’t stop me!

B: Run!

Elementary ‐ The Weekend ‐ Swim faster! (C 0061)

A: This is such a beautiful day! Great for sailing!

B: It sure is! The water looks so nice! Anchor the boat for a little while. I’m going to take a dip.

A: Why are you doggy-paddling? I taught you how to swim! Do your breast stroke!

B: I get too tired! I’ll just backstroke, it’s easier!

A: Try kicking your legs more. That’s good. Don’t go out too far!

B: It’s Jump in!

A: Kathy! Get back here! I see a shark!

B: Ahhhh!!!! Help me! Help! Bring the boat closer! The shark is coming straight towards me!

A: It’s right under you! Kathy!!!!!

Elementary ‐ The Office ‐ Job Interview II ( C0062)

A: Thanks for coming in today, did you have any trouble finding us? Please take a seat.

B: Thank you.

A: So, let’s get started; tell me a bit about your educational background.

B: Sure! Well, I graduated with honors from Chesterton University with a major in Business Administration, with a specialization in Information Management, and I minored in psychology. I chose

this course of study for two reasons: I wanted to gain some practical, marketable skills, which the information management track provided, and I also feel that interpersonal skills are essential for professional success, hence the minor in psychology.

A: Interesting. And, your postgraduate studies?

B: Well, I am really passionate about consumer behavior, so I pursued a master’s in that area. I also strive to keep my professional skills current, so I continuously attend seminars and conferences related management and customer service.

A: Very good. Now, tell me a little bit about your work experience. I see here that you previously worked at Oracle.

B: Yeah, I worked as their customer support manager, which brought me a breadth of experience in both client care, and process management. I supervised and coordinated the customer support team as well as implemented new strategies to achieve better customer satisfaction.

A: Interesting…

B: Yes, in this position I was able to make some pretty significant contributions to the overall success of the company. With the different initiatives that we implemented, we lowered our churn rate to about five percent, which had a direct impact on revenue.

Elementary ‐ The Office ‐ Receptionist (C006 3)

A: Good afternoon. May I help you?

B: Yes, I’m here to see Joanna Stevens. I have an appointment at four.

A: Certainly, may I take your name? I’ll let her know you’ve arrived.

B: Sure, it’s Josh O’Neil.

A: Ms. Stevens will be with you momentarily. Can I offer you something to drink?

B: Yes, a coffee would be nice, thank you.

A: Here you are. Ms. Stevens is ready for you now.

I’ll show you to her office, right this way.

A: Just watch your step here…

Elementary ‐ Daily Life ‐ I’m Sorry I Love Yo u VI (C0064)

A: This is ridiculous! I can’t believe you’ve been sleeping with someone else! How could you do this!

You know what? I’m out of here!

B: Wait! Doctor how is this possible? I haven’t

cheated on my boyfriend!

C: I have something to confess… I’m sorry Veronica,

I lied.

B: Wait… what? What do do you mean?

C: I lied. You aren’t even pregnant; there’s no bun in the oven. I was just so overwhelmed with jealousy that I couldn’t help myself. Veronica I love you!

B: What are you talking about!!! Who are you?

C: It’s me! Daniel, don’t you remember me? From high school. I sat behind you every day in class! I used to go to every football game and watch you in the cheerleading squad!

B: You are insane! We never even spoke! Why did you lie like that to my boyfriend?

C: Because Veronica… It’s not fair! I love you; I have since the first day we met! Everything was going fine until that jerk came into the picture and ruined everything! I went to med school and became a doctor for you! You always said how you wanted to marry a doctor! You will be mine now… one way or another…

A: I heard everything, you lying bastard! Get your hands off her!

Elementary ‐ The Office ‐ Job Interview III ( C0065)

A: Very good. Now, I have a couple of final questions.

B: I hope they’re not too hard!

A: Well, why should we hire you?

B: I think that I would be a perfect fit in this company. I have a unique combination of strong technical acumen, and outstanding soft skills; you know, I excel at building strong, long-term customer relationships. For example, when I headed the customer support department in my previous company, our team solved about seventy percent of our customers’ problems. I decided that we needed better information and technical preparation on our products, so after I implemented a series of training sessions in coordination with our technical department, we were able to solve ninety percent of our customers’ issues. Given the opportunity, I could bring this kind of success to this company.

A: Impressive! So, what would you consider to be your greatest weakness?

B: To be honest, I struggle with organization and time management. Punctuality has never been a strength of mine. I find it hard to organize my time

efficiently. I have actually addressed this weakness recently, by attending a workshop on efficient time management. It helped me a lot, by providing me with great insights on how to get organized and use my time efficiently, so I think I’m getting better now.

A: Great… Well, let me tell you that I am very pleased with this interview. We are short-listing our candidates this week, and next week we will inform our short listed candidates of the day and time for a second interview with our CEO.

B: Great, thanks a lot! I hope to hear from you! Good bye.

Elementary ‐ The Office ‐ Calling The Office ( C0066)

A: Ello-hay, Aniel-day eaking-spay, ow-hay ay-may I elp-hay ou-yay

B: Ay-hay, Aniel-day, Ulie-jay ere-hay

A: Ay-hay, Ulie-jay, ow-hay are ou-yay?

B: Actually, Im eeling-fay ite-quay ill otday-tay.

A: Im orry-say oo-tay ear-hay, at-they. ut-way is ong-wray?

B: I ink-thay Im oming-cay own-day ith-way uhthey oo-flay. I ave-hay a eadache-hay, a ore-say oat-thray and Im eeling-fay ighly-slay everishfay.

A: I ee-say. O-say oure-yay alling-cay in ick-say?

B: Es-yay, I uz-way oping-hay oo-tay ake-tay uh-they ay-day off oo-tay eecover-ray.

A: Ok, en-they. Ay-tray and et-gay ome-say est-ray.

Elementary ‐ The Weekend ‐ Soccer (C0067)

A: Welcome back, soccer fans. My name is Rick Fields and, as always, I am joined by my commentating wingman, Bob Copeland.

B: And we’re on the brink of soccer history today, as

Ecuador and Brazil are tied one-one as we begin the second half of the 2022 World Cup!

A: The ref calls the players for the kick off, and here we go! Ecuador quickly passes the ball to the midfield, but, ohhh, it’s out of bounds.

B: That will be a throw in for Brazil. Adriano has the ball and makes a long pass to Robinho, and the ref has called him offside.

A: No question about it. He was offside by a mile! We have a goal kick for Ecuador. Edison Mendez heads it to Valenica, he shoots! Deflected by the defender and we have a corner kick.

B: Delgado takes the corner. We have a foul! Oh no, Dida, the goalkeeper, has fouled the Ecuadorian player! He gets a yellow card and that will be a penalty kick!

A: This is the perfect opportunity for Ecuador to get ahead in this match and become World Champions! He gets ready for the kick. He shoots! and he…

Elementary ‐ TheOffice ‐Ground breaking Research (C068)

A: We’ve been over this a thousand times. The data is irrefutable! Look, we’ve done extensive research, built studies, and read the literature, and there is conclusive evidence to support my theory!

B: Horowitz, I beg to differ. Even in your most recent study, the investigative approach was flawed! You know as well as I do that the collection of data was not systematic, and there is a large margin of error. To draw a definitive conclusion based on that data would be misleading

A: That is preposterous!

B: You are trying to single-handedly solve one of the world’s greatest mysteries, and yet you are oblivious to the fact that you are wrong!

A: I am not wrong! The chicken came first!

B: No! The egg came first!

Elementary ‐ Daily Life ‐ How Would You Lik e Your Eggs? (C0069)

A: Wow, you’re up early today! What’s for breakfast?

B: Well, I felt like baking, so I made some muffins.

A: Smells good! I’ll make some coffee. Do you want me to make you some eggs?

B: Sure, Ill take mine, sunny side up.

A: Eww, I don’t know how you can eat your eggs like that! Ever since I was small, I’ve had eggs and soldiers.

B: You know, my dad had scrambled eggs eggs every morning for twenty years. It drove my mom crazy!

A: You know what really drives me crazy? When I ask for soft boiled eggs, and they overcook them, so they come out hard boiled! How can you dip your toast into a hard boiled egg?

B: You’re so picky sometimes.

A: Here you go, honey, fried eggs.

B: Dammit! I asked for sunny side up! How many times do I have to tell you.

Elementary ‐ AdvancedMedia ‐ Buying Underwear (F0070)

A: This sucks; I hate buying lingerie. Okay, just find something and get out of here. Alright, these are fine.

Oh, no, don’t come over here, don’t come over here.

B: You look a little lost, can I help you?

A: Um, I’m just having a look around. It’s my girlfriend’s birthday tomorrow. Im trying to find her something.

B: Well, you can’t give her granny panties. Have you thought about getting her some sleepwear? We’ve got these lovely, silky nighties. Or, how about a nice panty-and and-bra set. Look, here’s a nice satin push-up bra, and you can choose a few different styles of undies to go with it.

A: Sure that’s fine.

A: This is so awkward…what ones do I pick? What size is she?

B: Well, do you want a thong, some bikini briefs, maybe this nice pair of lacy boy shorts?

A: Just pick something and get the hell out of here.

A: Um, I’ll go with these two.

A: This is mortifying; I just want to get this over with.

She better thank me for this… Here you are, sir. I’m sure she’ll enjoy them.

B: Finally!

A: I’m sorry, sir. I’m going to have to take a look inside your bag.

Elementary ‐ The Weekend ‐ Happy Hour (C 0071)

A: Hey man, what do you have on tap?

B: Heineken and Budweiser. We have a two-for-one happy hour special.

A: Cool, gimme a pint of Heineken and half a pint of Bud.

B: Okay…A pint of Heineken and and half a pint of bud for table six! And what about some appetizers?

A: Sure! Let’s have some nachos and mozzarella sticks.

B: Okay. That’ll be 80 bucks.

A: Wait… What!

Elementary ‐ Intermediate ‐ You Are Fired! ( C0072)

A: Hi Isabel! You wanted to see me?

B: Yes Anthony, come on in. Have a seat.

A: Is everything okay? You seem a bit preoccupied.

B: Well, Anthony, this is not going to be an easy conversation. The company has made some decisions which will have a direct impact on your employment.

A: Okay…

B: I don’t want to beat around the bush so I’m just gonna come out with it. We are going to have to let you go.

A: What? Why? I mean… just like that? I’m fired?

B: I’m sorry but, to be honest, you are a terrible employee!

A: What! I resent that!

B: Anthony, you were caught making international calls from the office phone, you called in sick in eight times this month and you smell like alcohol!

Elementary ‐ Daily Life ‐ Which Finger? (C00 73)

A: …The rings please. May this ring be blessed so he who gives it and she who wears it may abide in peace, and continue in love until life’s end.

B: With this ring I thee wed. Wear it as a symbol of our love and commitment

A: Honey, that’s my pinkie. The ring goes on the ring finger!

B: This one?

A: That’s my index finger!

B: Oh, right. This one, right?

A: Umm… that’s the thumb, Nick.

B: Okay, Okay, I got it! This is the ring finger!

A: That’s my middle finger, Nick. This is my ring finger!

Elementary ‐ Daily Life ‐ What Am I Thinkin g! (C0074)

A: Miss, your salad.

B: Mmm, looks good! I’m positively famished.

A: And for you, sir…

C: Thank you.

A: Enjoy.

B,C:Thank you.

C: I can’t believe she’s on a date with me! I’m so lucky! I must be the luckiest guy in the world! I want to scream at the top of my lungs, ” I’m the luckiest dude in the world! ” Oh, shut up! Don’t be such a dumb ass. She’s so hot. Wait, I can’t say that. That’s sexist. She’s so hot, She’s making me sexist. Oh my

god! I’m such a tool. Okay, get it together. Uhh, she’s eating salad. Oh right, I have a salad. Oh, crap! Which fork do I use? Dammit! She’s going to think I’m a moron. What the hell are all these forks for? Which one did she use? Okay, chill… be cool, be cool. Just take a fork… eat your salad…

B: Um… I…

C: Yrmf? Mmmm. Sorry, you were saying?

B: You’re eating my salad.

C: Oh, yes… it’s delicious…

Elementary ‐ Daily Life ‐ Going To The Denti st (C0075)

A: Hey, Gary, great to see you again. Please have a seat. So tell me, what seems to be the problem?

B: Thanks, doc. I’ve got a really bad toothache! I can’t eat anything, and look, my face is all swollen. I think it might be my wisdom tooth.

A: Well, let’s have a look. Open wide. Hmm… this doesn’t look good. Well, it looks like you have a cavity and your crown is loose. We’ll need to put in a filling before it gets any worse, and the crown probably needs to be refitted. I’m going to order some x-rays.

B: Is it gonna hurt?

A: No, not at all! Just lay back and relax.

A: Ok, spit.

Elementary ‐ Daily Life ‐ Learning Simple Ma th (C0076)

A: Alright, children, let’s review. Tommy! Pay attention!

B: Sorry Miss Kadlec.

A: Okay, Crystal, now tell me, what’s four plus eleven?

C: Um…fifteen!

B: Miss Kadlec always asks Crystal; she’s such a teacher’s pet.

A: Okay…and what about fifty six minus sixty?

C: Um… negative four!

A: Very good… twelve times twelve?

B: Very good. Suck up.

C: One hundred and forty four!

A: Zero divided by one?

C: Zero!

A: How did you know that? Okay, smarty pants, the square root of two!

B: Bet you’re not going to get that one, know-it-all.

C: Um…one point four one four two one three five…

Elementary ‐ The Weekend ‐ F1 Racing (C00 77)

A: Welcome back racing fans! My name is Rick Fields and, as always, I am joined by my partner in crime, Bob Copeland.

B: We’re in the last stretch of this very exciting race, and Kimi Rikknen is leading the pack with only four laps to go! They are heading to turn three and Lewis

Hamilton tries to pass Rikknen! It’s a close one and, oh no! Hamilton hits the wall!

A: He came in too fast, jammed on the breaks and spun out. We have a yellow flag and the pace car is making its way onto the track.

B: The cleanup crew is towing the heavily damaged car and the green flag drops! Rikknen is still in the lead with only two laps to go!

A: Smoke is coming out of his car! He seems to be having engine trouble! He makes his way into the pit, and Fernando Alonso takes the lead!

B: How unlucky for Rikknen, and this race is over ladies and gentlemen, Alonso takes the checkered flag!

Elementary ‐ The Weekend ‐ International Workers Day (C0078)

A: Alright everyone settle down. Let’s get started. As you know, an important aspect of becoming a good citizen is understanding the genesis of our legal system. It is not enough to simply memorize our laws, it is necessary that we comprehend why and how they were formed. This brings me to our topic for today. Does anyone know what we celebrate on May first?

B: Cinco de mayo?

A: No, that’s May fifth in Spanish, James, no wonder you are failing my Spanish class. No, May first is

International Workers’ Day.

B: Do we get a day off from school then?

A: No! It is not considered to be a national holiday here in the US, but in other countries it is.

B: Aww, man!

A: In the nineteenth century, working conditions were appalling, with workers being forced to work ten, twelve, and fourteen hours a day. Support for the eight-hour work day movement was growing rapidly, despite the indifference and hostility of

many union leaders, and by April 1886, 250,000 workers were involved in the May Day movement. Previous legislative attempts to improve working conditions had failed, so labor organizers took drastic measures. They passed a resolution stating that eight hours would constitute a legal day’s work. And, on May First 1886, the resolution took effect.

B: Cool! Is that why we only work eight hours now?

A: Yes! But the happy ending came at a high price. On May third, 1886, police fired into a crowd of strikers at the McCormick Reaper Works Factory, killing four and wounding many. A mass meeting was called for the next day to protest the brutality.

B: And then what happened?

A: Well, as we say, the rest is history…

Elementary ‐ The Weekend‐ Funky Galaxy Battles (C0079)

A: They are breaking through! Set your blasters to full power!

B: Excellent job. Search the ship, she’s gotta be in here somewhere… bring her to me!

C: Lord Hater, we have a survivor here…

B: Where is she? Don’t make me destroy you, tell me where she is!

D: Not so fast! She will no longer be your prisoner!

It’s time you and I settled this once and for all!

B: You are unwise to think you can defeat me. You know nothing of the power of the obscure side!

D: We will stop you…

C: Lord Hater! We have an unidentified spacecraft taking off from the rear dock! They somehow managed to escape our tractor beam!

B: After them!

C: They are accelerating towards the speed of light We lost them, sir…

Elementary ‐ Daily Life ‐ I’m Sorry I Love Yo u VII (C0080)

A: Thank god you showed up when you did! He’s insane! Do you think we should call the police?

B: Don’t worry about it, I’ll call my friend and have him take care of it. I can’t believe he was stalking you all these years. What a nut job!

A: I know! Well… he said I’m not pregnant. I’m sorry if I got you all worked up over nothing. I want you to know that I didn’t do it on purpose…

B: Don’t apologize! From the moment I met you, not

a day has gone by when I haven’t thought of you. And now that I’m with you again, I’m… I’m just scared, Veronica. The closer I get to you, the worse it gets. The thought of not being with you, I mean, I just can’t handle it! We were made for each other, Veronica. You are my everything, my soul mate. What can I do?

A: Just hold me… I’ll always be here for you, no matter what. And together, we can tackle whatever life throws at us. I believe in us, Veronica.

B: I’m so happy to hear that! I knew we belong together. I love you so much.

Elementary ‐ Daily Life ‐ Getting A Hair Cut ( C0081)

A: Hello there! Come on in! Don’t just stand there!

Come and take a seat!

B: Um, okay. Well, I just want a trim. Nothing too fancy.

A: Oh my gosh! Your hair is amazing! So silky, so shiny! I am going to work my magic on your hair! You hear me? You are going to look like a million bucks!

B: Okay. Um… can you make sure my sideburns are even and you just take a little off the top.

A: Don’t you worry, I’ll take care of everything!

(starts cutting) Oh my god! I just love your curly hair!

It’s so fluffy and cute! You should totally let it grow out. An afro would look great on you!

B: Um… no.

A: Okay, but you are going to be my masterpiece!

Elementary ‐ Daily Life ‐ New Guy In Town V (C0082)

A: What the heck is going on! Did you see that? What was that thing?

B: I don’t know! I’m just glad we made it out! Look, there is a police car! Help! Help! Please stop!

C: Howdy man. What seems to be the problem? Is this man bothering you?

A: Officer, officer, there is, like, a witch creature back there! We tied her up but she broke free, and she was about to have us for dinner!

C: Okay, calm down, calm down. Lemme see your eyes please. Have you been drinking tonight, son?

B: We are telling the truth! She’s in there! We suspected her of being a kidnapper or rapist but it turns out she’s an alien or something.

C: Okay, calm down, calm down. Lemme see your eyes please…

B: Ugg! Seriously! Are you gonna help us or not?

C: Okay, let’s go have a look, shall we? Hello? Is anyone in here?

A: Be careful! She might be hiding!

C: It’s perfectly safe… there isn’t anyone…

Elementary ‐ Daily Life ‐ Using The ATM (C0 083)

A: Stupid girl, making me spend so much money, now I have to get it from the ATM…

B: Hello, welcome to Universal Bank. Please insert your card into the slot.

A: I know where to put my card! Stupid machine, talking to me like I’m an idiot…

B: Please input your 6 digit PIN code followed by the pound key. Thank you. Please select an option. Thank you. You have selected withdrawal.

A: Yeah, yeah, I know what I selected. Just gimme my money!

B: Please type the amount you would like to withdraw. Thank you, you want to transfer 10000 USD to the World Wildlife Foundation. If this is correct please press 1.

A: No, no! Stupid machine, what are you doing! No!

B: Confirmed. Thank you for using our bank! Please remove your card from the slot. Goodbye!

C: Danger, danger! The exits have been sealed and the doors will remain locked in until the local authorities arrive. Thank you for using our bank. Have a nice day.

A: No!

Elementary ‐ Daily Life ‐ At The Pharmacy (C 0084)

A: Hello sir, how can I help you?

B: Yes, I need this prescription please.

A: Let’s see. Okay, so 50 mg of Prozac, would you prefer this in capsule or tablet?

B: Capsules are fine.

A: Okay, you should take 1 capsule 3 times a day. Be sure not to take it on an empty stomach, and also, don’t ever mix it with alcohol!

B: Yes, I know. It’s not the first time I’m taking this! Don’t worry, I won’t overdose!

A: Okay, anything else I can get you?

B: Oh, yes, I almost forgot! Can I also get some eye

drops and um, some condoms?

A: Sure. Darn condoms aren’t registered in our system.

B: Oh, well that’s okay, I’ll get some later, thanks…

Really it’s no problem.

A: Just hang on there a sec. Can I get a price check on ” Fun Times Ribbed Condoms” please!

Elementary ‐ The Weekend ‐ Baseball (C008 5)

A: Hello baseball fans, and welcome back to today’s game! My name is Rick Fields and of course, I am here, once again, with the man that seals the deal, Bob Copeland.

B: It’s a beautiful day to see two world class teams face each other and fight for their right to be called champions.

A: Well, the national anthem has just been sung, and the umpire has started the game. It’s time to play ball!

B: Roger Vargas is up at bat. The pitcher winds up and strike one!

A: A very nice curve ball by the pitcher. The catcher gives him the sign, he winds up and Vargas gets a line drive!

B: The players are scrambling to get the ball. Vargas gets to first base and he’s still going! The outfielder throws it to second! Vargas slides! He’s safe!

A: Great play!

B: We have a runner on third and up at bat is Brian

Okami! There’s the pitch, he hits it! It’s going, going, that ball is gone!

A: Home run by Okami! That puts this team ahead by two as we are at the bottom of the fifth inning here at Richie Stadium!

Elementary ‐ Daily Life ‐Looking for an Apartment (C0086)

A: Hi! We are the Christianson’s! We are here to see the apartment.

B: Oh, hi! Sure, come on in! Well, as you can see, the place has just been renovated. The previous tenants left a huge mess here, so the landlord has redone everything.

A: It looks great. It’s so bright and airy! What great light! I really like these hardwood floors. What’s the square footage of this place?

B: Well, it’s about 120 square meters, or 1300

square feet, more or less. Oh, the landlord has also installed new kitchen appliances. There’s a new dishwasher, and a professional-grade gas range. Really, at this price, this place is an amazing deal!

A: I love it! But what are the payment terms?

B: First and last month rent as deposit and rent is due on the 1st of every month. Considering the amount of money invested into the apartment, it’s a very good deal!

A: Yes, it is! Too good to be true…

B: The living room and dinning room are quite spacious as you can see, and down this hall, here’s the master bedroom. It has a huge walk-in closet and an en suit bathroom. We can’t go in there yet as the police… I mean the clean up crew hasn’t finished.

A: What do you mean? What’s in here?

Elementary ‐ The Weekend ‐Star Trek The Lost Generation (C0087)

A: Captain, we’re under attack by an unidentified ship.

B: Damage report.

A: We’ve sustained heavy damage to the engines. We’ve lost our warp drive.

B: We’ll have to attempt to make contact. This is Captain Picard of the Starship Enterprise. We don’t wish to engage. What is the nature of this attack?

C: I am Captain Kor of the ship Klothos. Your ship attacked our search party…

B: No! You’re not doing it right! Kor doesn’t sound like that. His voice is deeper!

C: I am Captain Kor of the ship Klothos. Your sh…

B: No! If you can’t do a Klingon voice, I’ll have to find a more serious Star Trek fan actor who actually can, OK?

C: But… but… I already bought the Klingon suit! And the wig…

Elementary ‐ DailyLife ‐Will You Be My Girlfriend? (C0088)

A: Hey, you’re early! Where’s everyone?

B: Well… I told them not to come. I made a reservation just for the two of us. I thought we could have an quiet evening all to ourselves.

A: Oh… why?

B: Jennifer, there’s something I wanna ask you.

A: Sure. What is it?

B: Hmm… okay, here’s the thing. I’ve always seen you as more than just a friend, and I can’t take it any more. I know you better than anyone, I know the pros and cons of your personality, I even know what side of the bed is yours! I think we would be great together, don’t you?

A: Are you serious? We’ve been friends for years! We can’t just change that overnight!

B: I know! I never had the guts to tell you… until today. So, what do you say? Are you willing to give me a shot?

A: I… I…

Elementary ‐ Daily Life ‐ At The Airport (C00 89)

A: Next please! Hello sir, may I see your passport please?

B: Yes, here you go.

A: Will you be checking any bags.

B: Yes, I’d like to check three pieces.

A: I’m sorry, sir. Airline policy allows only two pieces of checked luggage, at twenty kilograms each, plus one piece of carry-on luggage. I will have to charge you extra for the additional suitcase.

B: What? Why! I am taking an intercontinental flight!

I’m flying sixteen thousand kms! How am I supposed to only take two, twenty kilo bags? That’s absurd!

A: I am sorry, sir, there’s nothing I can do. You cannot board the flight with that large bag either. Carry-on bags must fit in the over-head compartment or under your seat. That bag is clearly too big.

B: Now I see. You charge next to nothing for an international ticket, but when it comes to charging for any other small thing, you charge an arm and a leg! So tell me, miss, how much will I have to pay for all of this.

A: Let’s see… six hundred and twenty-five US dollars.

B: That’s more than my round-trip ticket!

Elementary ‐ Daily Life ‐ I’m Sorry I Love Yo u VIII (C0090)

A: Veronica! Veronica! Veronica! Are you OK?

B: Steven! What’s going on! Who were those guys? I didn’t know you have a gun! What’s going on!

A: I will come clean as soon as we get to safety, OK? For now, you have to trust me, please! I would never

do anything to hurt you.

B: Steven, I…

A: Okay, run! I haven’t been completely honest with you Veronica, I’m sorry. I’m not a fireman. I’m not even from the United States. I’m a spy for the Indian government.

B: What? Why didn’t you tell me before? What are you doing here?

A: When I was a young boy, I used to play cricket my father back in my hometown of Hyderabad. It was a peaceful town, and my father was a renowned chemist. One day, he was approached by members of the CIA, claiming that my father had made the discovery of the millennium in his small lab back at the university where he taught bio-chemistry. I never saw him again. I vowed to discover the whereabouts of my father and consequently joined the Indian Intelligence Bureau.

B: What does that have to do with those men shooting at us? Most importantly, why did you lie to me!

A: I’m sorry, I wasn’t supposed to meet you. I wasn’t supposed to fall in love with you, but you have to believe me when I tell you that what I feel for you is real.

B: I can’t believe this! Why are all these things happening to me! I can’t take it anymore! Let me out of the car!

Elementary ‐ The Weekend ‐ Aliens! (C0091)

A: Oh honey, this is so romantic! I have never seen so many stars before! It’s beautiful!

B: See that constellation there? That’s Orion! And the very bright star? Well, it’s not a star since it doesn’t blink. That’s actually Venus.

A: What’s that big flashy one?

B: I don’t know… I think it’s a UFO!

C: Greetings earthlings. I come from afar, from a distant galaxy known only to a few.

A: Why are you here? Where did you come from?

C: We have been observing you for the last three thousand years. We have seen the amazing capacity that humans have to create such wonders as the Taj Mahal or masterpieces such as the Haffner symphony. Unfortunately, your intelligence and creativity does not come without consequence. Your ambition and desire for more will be your downfall, and we are here to save your planet from you.

B: You think you have us figured out? What gives you the right to come and judge us? Who are you to play God with our fate?

C: Silence human! It is that belligerent attitude that has caused years of pain and anguish among yourselves! Now you will pay the price!

Elementary ‐ The Weekend ‐ 1950’s (C0092)

A: Heya, Tracy. How are you doing?

B: I’m swell, Sandy!

A: Hey listen, you wanna go to the sock hop with me this Friday? It’ll be a blast!

B: First of all it’s the Sadie Hawkins dance. The girls gotta ask the guys. Also…

A: Oh, right. So when are you gonna ask me? I’ve had my eye on you for a while.

C: Hey, buddy. Ease off my girl, man. Or do you want a knuckle-sandwich?

B: Cool it, guys.

A: Your girl? Says who?

C: Says me, pipsqueak!

Elementary ‐ Intermediate ‐ Volleyball (C00 93)

A: It’s a beautiful day here in New Zealand at the Men’s Volleyball world championship. My name is Rick Fields and I’m joined by the man with the plan,

Bob Copeland.

B: Thank you, Rick. We’ve got a very exciting encounter ahead of us today as two powerhouse teams, Brazil and China, face off against each other and try to qualify for the next round. Without a doubt, both teams are in top shape and this will prove to be a competitive match.

A: The ref signals the start of the game and here we go. Ribeiro serves and China quickly receives the ball. Chen bumps it to the setter, and… a very nice set by Chen!

B: Xu spikes it! Wow, what a great hit! The Brazilian blockers anticipated the play and tried to block him but he managed to get the ball in! Great play.

A: It’s China’s service now. What a superb jump serve by Li, oh, and we have a let serve. The ball was coming in fast and almost made it over the net.

B: Brazil calls for a time out and we’ll be right back, after a short commercial break.

Elementary ‐ Global View ‐ Big Bang Theory (C0094)

A: What’s up? You don’t look too good.

B: Yeah, my head hurts, that’s all. I’ve been in physics class all day. It’s killer!

A: I liked physics. It’s all math, really; arcs, curves, velocity, cool stuff.

B: Yeah, yeah, but today’s lesson was all about the creation of the universe.

A: A physics class about the creation of the universe?

That’s some pretty unscientific language there.

Sounds more religious to me.

B: It’s all religion. Take the theory of the Big Bang. How is it possible that all of the stuff in the universe comes from an explosion? That’s no better than Atlas carrying the globe on his back or African myths about turtles and stuff.

A: Turtles? Whatever… Look, all that’s required for the creation of matter an imbalance of particles and anti-particles. At least, that’s what the math says.

B: Math, shmath. What’s the evidence?

A: There is evidence! You know Edwin Hubble? He’s the guy who in the early twentieth century was the first scientist to measure the drift of matter in the universe, thus advancing notions of an expanding universe. What would it be expanding from? Well, the Big Bang… DUH!

B: Anyway, it’s just a theory. Why do people go around touting theories? Where’s the scientific rigor in that?

A: Dude, don’t equivocate. A theory only becomes a theory after withstanding rigorous testing. You slept through class, didn’t you?

B: Agh! You’re making my head hurt again! Quit with the questions!

Elementary ‐ Daily Life ‐ Talking About a Past Event (C0095)

A: Mike! Hey, how are you, man! Long time no see!

B: Hey, Pat! Yeah, I haven’t seen you in ages! How are you?

A: I’m doing great! It’s funny running into you like this. Just last week I ran into Matt as well.

B: Yeah? How’s he doing?

A: He’s doing well. We went out for a couple of beers and the funniest thing happened.

B: Oh yeah?

A: Well, we were talking and catching up on what

we’ve been doing, talking about work and family, when all of a sudden, Matt saw a mouse run under his chair and he completely lost it! He started freaking out, and screaming…

B: Ha ha, really?

A: Yeah, and the funniest thing was, that he jumped on to his chair and started shrieking like a girl. You had to be there! Everyone was staring and laughing…

it was hilarious!

Elementary ‐ The Weekend ‐ 1960’s English (C0096)

A: Hey man… I really like your pad. Those lava lamps are far out! Thanks for letting me crash here tonight.

B: It’s no problem, brother! I wanted a pad where people could come, listen to music and just hang loose, you dig what I’m saying?

A: I dig it man! We could throw a bash here and make it a really happening scene!

B: Yeah man, that would be groovy! Hey, I gotta split for a while, are you OK here by yourself?

A: Don’t worry about me brother… You go take care of business.

B: Alright, peace out.

Elementary ‐ Daily Life ‐ Weather Forecast ( C0097)

A: …And now, let’s go to Kenny Williams for today’s weather forecast.

B: Thank you Bill, and good morning Salt Lake City!

A: What’s the weather looking like today, Kenny?

B: Well, it’s a bit of a mixed bag in Utah today; we’ve got heavy cloud cover here in Northern Utah, and we’re calling for scattered showers throughout the day, with a day-time high of forty-five degrees. Now, if we move down to the south of the state, we can see that a cold front is moving in. We can expect clear skies, but it will be quite cold, with temperatures hovering around the thirty degree mark.

A: It’s a chilly day folks, so don’t forget your coats!

What about tomorrow Kenny? Do you have good news for us?

B: Well, it’ll be a rainy day for Northern Utah; we can expect some isolated downpours in the morning. Winds will be coming in from the North East, with gusts reaching twenty-three miles per hour. Salt

Lake City can expect the rain to turn to sleet in the evening. Things are looking a bit better for the South; we’ll see cloudy skies with a chance of showers. Later in the day, we can expect partly cloudy skies, with a forecast high of thirty-eight degrees.

A: You heard it folks! It’s gonna be a cold one!

B: That’s right Bill. We will have more later on today on the six o’clock news. That’s the weather forecast for this morning.

Elementary ‐ Daily Life ‐ Flattering (C0098)

A: Valerie! Hi! Wow how are you? It’s been such a long time!

B: Darlene! Indeed, it’s been a while! How have you been? Wow, you look amazing! I love what you’ve done with your hair!

A: Really? Thanks! I went to that hair salon that you told me about, but enough about me! Look at you!

You haven’t aged a day since the last time I saw you!

What is your secret!

B: Ha ha, come on! Well, I’ve been watching what I eat, and working out three times a week. By the way, I heard your son recently graduated!

A: Yes, my little Paul is finally a doctor. They grow up so fast you know.

B: He is such a handsome guy. He gets his looks from his mother of course!

A: Thank you! What about your daughter, Pamela? I heard she has passed the bar exam and married recently.

B: Oh yes. She had a beautiful wedding in Cozumel Mexico and we all attended.

A: Such a lovely girl. I hope my Paul is lucky enough to find a girl like that someday!

B: But of course! Well, it’s been great talking to you, but I have to get going.

A: Same here! We will catch up soon, maybe over coffee!

B: That would be great! Give me a call!

A: See you soon! Bye! Ugg… I can’t stand that woman or her obnoxious son.

Elementary ‐ Global View ‐ Movie Review (C 0099)

A: Welcome back movie lovers to another ” Premier Movie Review”. My name is Richard Clarke and I am joined today by the very erudite DavidWatson.

B: Thank you Dick. Today we are going to talk about

the movie ” Lion King”. Tell me Dave, what is your impression of this film?

A: Well, I think this film is simply a fable, depicting man’s eternal greed for power, and in my opinion, it’s a very fine film. Even despite the accusations of plagiarism traditional folk tales from other countries. The musical score was amazing, the animation was very well done, and the story was simply enchanting.

B: I think otherwise. Even though the animation was technically strong, and as you say, the score and songs performed by Elton John were great, the film lacks a certain originality; it lacked heart. And I would dare to say, it was too predictable.

A: Predictable! How! Come on Dick, It’s a G-rated movie! It’s for the kids! It’s not a thriller!

B: Well, that’s just it. It did have some very dramatic and intense scenes. For example when Mufasa dies, or the dark, grim portrayal of Scar. Even so, the film is linear. Mufasa dies, Simba runs away thinking it’s his fault. Falls in love and returns to retake what is rightfully his. It’s just too cliché.

A: How can it be cliché? It’s a fable! It’s telling a time-honoured story! The movie make a point of how the hunger for power leads to corruption, and teaches children the value of respect, life and love.

B: You have always been so soft, Dave!

A: Open your heart Dick. Don’t shut us out.

B: Anyway… That’s all for today folks! Join us next time as we talk about "How to lose a guy in 10 days" I’m sure you’ll love that one Dave!

Elementary ‐ Daily Life ‐ Where are you fro m? (C0100)

A: Where to, miss?

B: Hi! Crenshaw and Hawthorne, at the Holiday Inn that is on that corner.

A: Sure thing. So, where are you flying in from?

B: From China.

A: Really? You don’t look very Chinese to me, if you don’t mind me saying so.

B: It’s fine. I am actually from Mexico. I was in China on a business trip, visiting some local companies that manufacture bathroom products.

A: Wow sounds interesting! Excuse me if I am being a bit nosy but, how old are you?

B: Don’t you know it’s rude to ask a lady her age?

A: Don’t get me wrong! It’s just that you seem so young and already doing business overseas!

B: Well thank you! In that case, I am 26 years old,

and what about yourself?

A: I am 40 years old and was born and raised here in the good old U.S of A, although I have some Colombian heritage.

B: Really? That’s great! Do you speak some Spanish?

A: Uh… yeah.. of course!

B: Que bien! Entonces podemos hablar en espanol!

Elementary ‐ The Weekend ‐ 1970’s (C0101)

A: Hey man! How’s it hanging?

B: Hey man! Everything is just groovy baby!

A: Did you go to the roller rink on Saturday? I heard it was far out, man!

B: I wanted to, but I ran into this foxy lady that just moved to my block! I was chatting her up a bit and then we mellowed out at her place.

A: Right on, right on! Well, Jim went to the rink with Sherry and he said it was dy-no-mite! He was low on bread, but Sherry paid for everything.

B: Gravy! Jim is such a jive turkey man. He is always hitting me up for cash. Anyway, you wanna book and go grab some grub?

A: Yeah man, I’m starving!

Elementary ‐ Global View ‐ Global Warming (C0102)

A: And therefore, global warming is the greatest deception of the early 21st century. Questions?

B: Uh& yeah. In the lecture you said theres more evidence in the scientific record supporting global cooling?

A: Well, yes, essentially, the historical record supports a theory of climate cycles. Warming and cooling are cooperating processes in the planetary eco-system.

B: If thats true and the planet is getting cooler, what explains the rapid melting of the polar ice caps and the dramatic rise in the global average temperatures?

A: But are global temperatures rising? If you look at the data from nineteen seventy-five youll&

B: Youll be misled. If you were serious, you would look at the record starting in the 1880s. Then you would see how dramatically the earths temperature has changed.

A: Young lady, I beg to differ. Look, the point of the lecture was to emphasize that there is evidence for

both sides, and I’m putting forth the argument that there’s greater evidence in support of the global cooling hypothesis. Look, it’s an indisputable fact that the public is being manipulated and scared into believing theres some kind of climate crisis; this scaremongering is done, quite simply, for political reasons.

B: But even without the uncomfortable reality that greenhouse gases like carbon dioxide contribute to global warming, isnt the topic appropriate for politicians to discuss?

A: Not if they want to use your tax dollars and mine to fund completely unnecessary initiatives.

B: Yeah, like conservation, protecting endangered species and investing in renewable energy. At the very least, you have to concede that this debate has the potential to end our dependence on foreign oil. Buying oil supports autocratic countries that use these revenues to devastating ends.

A: Why, Ive never been so disrespected in all of my days. I’m a professor, a scientist and researcher of high regard.

B: Yeah, and a duplicitous one at that. Everyone knows youre in the pocket of the oil lobby. Why should we trust your so-called findings more than tobacco institute studies which say smoking doesnt harm health? Youre full of it.

A: Some people just cannot handle civil debate!

Elementary ‐ Daily Life ‐ Baby, I’m Sorry (C0 103)

A: Can we talk?

B: Sure, honey, we’re talking now, aren’t we?

A: You know what I mean.

B: Yeah. I know.

A: I want to know where this relationship is going.

I’m in love with you and I need to know…

B: You know, I think you’re awesome.

A: I’m awesome. Well, I guess that’s my answer, isn’t it.

B: Honey…

A: Look, if you don’t love me, it’s not a thing, alright, we’ve had our laughs, but I don’t appreciate…

maybe it’s just time we…

B: Baby, I love you so much.

A: You do?

B: I love you. And I think you’re awesome.

A: Oh, I love you too!

B: Come on. Put the gun down.

A: Oh baby, I’m so sorry.

Elementary ‐ The Weekend ‐ Skiing (C0104)

A: Welcome ski lovers of all ages! My name is Rick Fields and here with me is the man that needs no introduction, Bob Copeland.

B: Thank you, Rick! What a beautiful day here in Aspen, Colorado where the sun is shinning, and we’ve got twelve inches of fresh powder. It doesn’t get much better than this.

A: That’s right, Bob, but today we have a special treat for our viewers. We’re joined here by Ian

Roussy, the four-time giant slalom champion. And on this

special edition of the show, Ian is going to teach us the basics of skiing! So, let’s hit the slopes!

C: Well, first off, let’s get those boots on. You’re going

to want to make sure your boots fit snugly.

That’s right; now snap them into your bindings. And you’re also going to want a good pair of goggles to protect your eyes. It’s a bright day today,

so there’s going to be a lot of glare out there on the slopes. We don’t want you hitting any of thosemoguls!

A: Bob, since you’re a beginner skier and might take a few spills, it is a good idea to have a good warm pair of dry ski gloves.

C: Easy there, Rick! Well, let’s head on over to the chairlift, and test your skills! All right, we’re up here on the bunny hill, so, Bob, why don’t you do a few snow-plow turns. Gnarly run, Rick! Nice carving!

You’ve got some mad skills! That was sick!

A: You wanna see gnarley? Well, see that bump over there, I’m going to catch some major air.

C: Butt plant!

B: Ha ha ha! He lost his skis! Yard sale!!!

A: Ahem, well. Thanks for joining us here today, I think that about does it. Bob, Ian, time for some après-ski?

C: No way, man! We’re off to grab some freshies!!!

Elementary ‐ The Office ‐ Job Well Done (C0 105)

A: And so, that concludes my outline for our marketing strategy next year. Thank you very much for your time.

B: Hey, that was quite the Presentation! Honestly, I

was completely blown away by your strategy outline.

I’ve gotta say, Alex, you really wowed me today.

A: Aw, come on; it was nothing. Im just doing my job.

B: No, I think you deserve some recognition here; I mean, if I look back on your previous Presentations, this is a huge improvement.

A: Well, Kristin did give me a hand with the slides. Shes a real wiz on PowerPoint.

B: And I saw that you took on board my feedback about pricing strategies. I really appreciate you taking the time to think though my suggestions.

A: Yeah, well, that was some good advice. You made some really good points.

B: Well, I just wanted to say well done. Really you did a great job.

Elementary ‐ Daily Life ‐ Mobile Phone Plan (C0106)

B: Yeah, I’ve just moved here, and I’d like to activate my cell phone, and I’m not sure if I should go with a prepaid plan, or a monthly rate plan.

A: I see. Well, can I have a look at your phone?

Unfortunately, this phone can’t be used in the US; it’s not compatible with our 3G network.

B: What? Really? I don’t really want to have to buy a new phone.

A: Well, you’re in luck! You see, if you sign up for our three-year plan, we’ll throw in a handset for free.

B: Really? What’s the catch?

A: There’s no catch! You just choose a plan, sign a three-year contract and, that’s it! Actually, we’re running a special promotion right now, and we’re giving away a Blackberry Curve with our special Mega Value forty dollar plan.

B: So what does this plan include?

A: Well, you get nine hundred anytime minutes, and you can also enjoy free mobile to mobile calling to other Tel-Mobile clients, one thousand text messages per month, and unlimited evening and weekend minutes. Oh, and we also offer a rollover option.

B: Wow, all this for forty dollars per month?

A: That’s right, plus the activation fee, the emergancy services fee, the monthly service fee, oh, and any charges for extra minutes, and…

Elementary ‐ DailyLifeComplainingat aRestaurant (C0107)

A: Excuse me, waiter? Waiter!

B: Yes, sir? What can I do for you?

A: I’ve been sitting here for the past twenty minutes and no one has offered me a glass of water, brought any bread to the table and our appetizers haven’t been served yet! You know, in this kind of establishment, I’d expect much better service.

B: I am sorry, sir. I’ll check on your order right away.

C: Relax honey, the place is busy tonight, but I’ve heard the food is amazing. Anyway…

B: Here you are, sir. The foie gras for the lady, and a mushroom soup for you.

A: Waiter, I ordered a cream of mushroom soup with asparagus. This soup is obviously too runny, and it’s over-seasoned. It’s completely inedible!

B: Okay, I do apologize for that. Can I bring you another soup, or would you like to order something else?

A: Take this foie gras back as well, it’s rubbery and completely overcooked. And look at the portion size! How can you charge twenty-five dollars for a sliver of duck liver?

B: Right away… sir.

C: Honey come on! The foie gras was fine, why are you making such a big deal? Are you trying to get our meal comped again?

A: What do you mean? We are paying for this. If I’m shelling out my hard earned bucks, I expect value for money!

B: Here you are, sir. I hope it is alright now. The chef has prepared it specially for you.

A: Yes, fine.

C: Honey, are you alright?

Elementary ‐ The Office ‐ Bad news, boss. (C 0108)

A: … Now that we have been over the gory details of our disastrous first quarter, Ed! Give us some good news. How are things looking for us in terms of sales this month?

B: Uh well…would you like the bad news first or the really bad news?

A: What? Ed, don’t tell me you only have bad news!

B: Well sir, our sales have dropped, no plunged, fifty percent in the past month alone. We are currently overstocked and overstaffed and our profits are falling fast. The market is in recession and we have no way of moving our inventory, or getting rid of our staff. If we consider redundancies, it would cost us a

fortune because of the new regulations governing compensation packages. It’s a real mess.

A: For crying out loud… How fast are we losing money?

B: Um…how can I put this? Let’s just say that at this pace, we will be filing for Chapter eleven in less than three months.

A: What! Geez! How could this have happened? So what’s the bad news?

B: Oh, that’s the really bad news. Our supplier suffered QC problems and, well, half of our production is faulty. We’re going to have to recall all items sold in the last quarter. And the worst part?

We’re going to have to shoulder this cost.

A: Are you joking? Get the supplier on the line now! They have to assume the costs of this mess!

B: We tried that, sir. The factory has gone under and the owner apparently has fled the country.

A: We’re doomed!

B: There is some really good news though!

A: Really? What!

B: I got offered a new job!

Elementary ‐ The Weekend ‐ Breaking Up (C 0109)

A: Honey, do you have a second?

B: Sure! Are you okay? You seem a bit worried.

What’s on your mind?

A: We need to talk.

B: Okay…

A: I’ve been thinking, and well, I think we need to start seeing other people.

B: What? Why? I mean, we’ve had our ups and downs, and we have the occasional disagreement, but we’re happy together, aren’t we?

A: That’s just it, I’m not happy anymore, Tim. It’s not you, it’s me. I know that I can be hard to deal with, and you are a great guy! You are the type of guy that any woman would kill for!

B: So, what are you saying? You’re breaking up with me because I’m perfect?

A: Tim, you are too good for me. You deserve someone who can make you smile and make you happy the way that you made me happy. Oh, I could say that I’ll be all you need, but that would be a lie. I know I’d only hurt you, I know I’d only make you cry.

B: Baby, come on. Don’t do this to me! Whatever it is, we can work it out. Just give me another chance! I know that we can get through this, but we gotta stick

together! Don’t leave me.

A: I can’t, Tim. I hope someday you can find some way to understand I’m only doing this for you. I don’t really wanna go but, deep in my heart I know this is the kindest thing to do.

B: Laura…

A: Here are your keys. I’ll send my sister to pick up the rest of my things next week. I’m sorry, Tim. I wish you all the best, and I hope that one day we can meet again. I’ll always love you. Goodbye.

Elementary ‐ Daily Life ‐Registering for University (C0110)

A: Excuse me? Is this where I register? I’d like to sign up for my courses for next semester.

B: Yes, of course. I need your student ID please.

A: Here you are.

B: Okay, Susan. It says here that you are a business major and you are in your second year. Is this information correct?

A: Yes. I do want to take some additional credits this year to get a minor in psychology.

B: Sure. That’s not a problem. Do you have the list of courses you want to take this semester?

A: Yeah. Here’s my list. I’m not sure if the class schedule will allow me to take all of them though.

B: Yeah, that’s perfect. What about the subjects for your minor?

A: Oh yeah! Almost forgot! I need to take fundamental linguistics, consumer psychology and neuroanatomy.

B: Wow, you are going to be busy this semester!

Okay, here you go. You are registered now; you’ll have to make your first tuition payment before classes start.

Elementary ‐ The Weekend ‐ Golf (C0111)

A: Good morning golf aficionados! My name is Rick Fields, and you guessed it, I am here with my main man, Bob Copeland.

B: Thank you, Rick! As you can see, ladies and gentleman, we are here in beautiful Pebble Beach where the top golfers in the world are trying to win the grand prize of one million dollars!

A: Whoa, that’s a lot of cash! Let’s go to the course and see how Tiger Woods is doing.

B: All right, were’re here at the eighth hole. It’s a par four, and has some very difficult hazards which many

golfers find difficult to avoid. Although, I did see Jack Nicklaus hit a hole in one on this very same hole!

A: Tiger Woods is about to tee off, and let’s see if he has the same luck as Jack. Tiger is asking his caddie for his driver and, he seems to be very nervous.

B: Oh no! Not a good swing at all! It’s definitely not his day today. On the seventh hole he got a bogey and before that he barely made par. He will definitely not get a birdie on this shot.

A: It seems that his ball has flown somewhere deep in the trees. He is having a hard time finding it and even his caddie has climbed a tree to try and spot it.

B: Oh no! A bear! Run, Tiger, run! Somebody call animal control!

Elementary ‐ Daily Life ‐ Dr. Plumber (C0112 )

A: Good afternoon! Did you call for a plumber?

B: Yes, yes I did. Please come in! I’m so glad you came! This old house is falling apart! Come on into the bathroom. See, here, there’s water leaking everywhere!

A: I see. Let me have a look. It seems that your toilet is clogged, and that’s why it won’t flush. Let me just get my plunger. No, that’s not working either. I suspect that there’s some sort of foreign object in the pipes that’s causing a blockage. That’s what’s making your toilet overflow.

B: Oh, that must be because of my four-year-old daughter. She is always flushing things down the toilet. You know how kids are.

A: Yeah, I have a little one myself. Anyway, these water pipes are really rusty, so they also should be changed. That could be causing water to not drain completely; that might lead to more problems in the future. I would also suggest fixing this faucet that isn’t shutting off properly. I could have it all finished by today if it’s urgent.

B: That would be great! Is it expensive?

A: Let’s see… I would say about eight hundred dollars.

B: What? That’s more than I make in a day and I’m a heart surgeon!

Elementary ‐ The Office ‐ Sorry I’m Late (C0 113)

A: Where is everyone? We were supposed to start fifteen minutes ago!

B: Jo called and said she’d be here in a sec. She said she got tied up with a client.

C: Sorry I’m late everyone. There was a huge traffic jam on the highway this morning.

D: Morning everyone! Were you stuck in traffic as well, Jess? There was a huge pileup on the highway and traffic was backed up for miles.

B: Scott just called and said that he’s running late. His last meeting ran over, but he’s on his way now.

A: Guys, this is not acceptable. If I say the meeting starts at ten, the meeting starts at ten. Not tenoh-one! And definitely not ten-ten! All right. Let’s get started. So the first thing I want to talk about is our…

E: I’m really sorry, everyone! I know I’m late. But really, it’s not my fault. I was getting a coffee at

Starbucks, and the line was way too long. I was waiting for twenty minutes to get my coffee!

Elementary ‐ The Weekend ‐ 1980’s (C0114)

A: Jim! What’s up man!

B: Charlie! Is that your ride? It’s butt ugly, dude!

A: Don’t be a airhead! This is a nineteen sixty-nine Chevy Impala! I just need to fix it up a bit. In a couple of months, this baby is gonna be wicked!

B: Not even! Check it out! Now that’s a fresh ride!

A: Too bad the driver is a major dweeb. Anyone can have a car like that if their daddy is loaded like his.

B: He’s coming this way, be cool.

C: Hey guys! What do you think of my automobile?

Isn’t it bad to the bone?

A: Word! The ladies are gonna be lining up to get with you when they see you driving around in that car.

C: You really think so?

B: For sure!

C: Awesome!

A: Psych! haha.. you totally fell for it.

C: You are a real scumbag, Charlie. When I do the nasty with the prom queen, we’ll see who has the last laugh.

B: Dude, don’t have a cow!

Elementary ‐ Daily Life ‐ I Don’t Feel So Goo d (C0115)

A: Are you okay, man? You don’t look very well.

B: Ugh, I feel terrible. I went out last night with

Trevor and things got a little out of hand.

A: Nice! So, where did you guys go?

B: We hit a couple of local bars, and met up with some friends. Everything was cool until Mike came along, and it turned out that it was his birthday yesterday!

A: Oh no! Mike’s birthday is a drinkfest for sure!

B: Tell me about it! We drank everything in the bar!

A: Is that why you missed work today?

B: Yeah. I woke up this morning feeling really nauseous. I threw up like five times.

A: Eww!

B: I was so dehydrated that I drank like a gallon of water, and my head has been pounding all day. I swear, I’m never gonna drink again!

A: Too bad man, tonight is Tracy’s going away party and she asked if you were gonna go.

B: Oh, yeah. I’m there!

Elementary ‐ The Office ‐You MissedTheDeadline! (C0116)

A: And so, I just wanted to check in with you and find out where we are with this project. As you know, you’ve missed a fairly significant deadline last week, and this will negativity impact the team’s ability to move forward with the next stages of this project.

B: I know, I’m really sorry that I missed the deadline. But really, it wasn’t my fault. You see, we had all of these unexpected technical problems at the last minute, and that I couldn’t get into the database and extract the kind of information that I needed for the data analyis. You know, if the tech guys would have done their job and kept the CRM stable, then I wouldn’t have missed my deadline.

A: Oh, come on! An excuse like that is tantamount to lying. You’re essentially blaming the tech team for your time management issues, rather than accepting responsibility for the fact that you were procrastinating for the past two weeks.

B: No, I’m not trying to pass the buck here; I know that it was me who is ultimately responsible for getting this done. But the thing is, I could have finished on time if the system hadn’t gone down. And you know, with everything I’ve got going on now, I can’t afford to waste time dealing with technical problems. I’ve got a lot on my plate and there are only twenty-four hours in a day…

A: I’m not going to accept this excuse. You’re using these small technical glitches as a crutch and trying

to rationalize the fact that you’ve missed your deadline. Look, we have standards and I expect you to live up to those standards. No more phoney excuses. If you’re in over your head, you tell me. No more missed deadlines. Now, I want that data on my desk by nine am!

Elementary ‐ TheWeekend‐ I’m Sorry I Love You IX(C0117)

Steven: Veronica wait! Come on honey, get back in the car. Let’s talk it over, okay?

Veronica: No! I’m tired of your lies! I don’t know who you are anymore!

Steven: Veronica. It’s me, the man that has and always will love you. I’m sorry that I’ve lied to you. Believe me, it’s been so hard for me as well, and time and again, I’ve thought of coming clean. But, I couldn’t put you, or my mission at risk. It’s all over now. My assignment is complete and now I have to go back to India.

Veronica: What? Are you kidding? Is there anything else I should know before I never see you again? How could you deceive me like that?

Steven: Yes… Veronica… I know that this isn’t the best time and that you probably hate me right now but, I want to be completely forthright with you. I know deep in my heart that you are the best thing that has ever happened to me. Veronica… will you marry me? Come with me to India baby, I can’t make up for everything that’s happened, but I can promise you my undying love. I will be

the most devoted husband, and I will cherish you always.

Veronica: Steven… I can’t just leave everything at the drop of a hat! With everything that has happened between us, I just don’t know you any more. I just can’t build a relationship on a foundation of lies. I do love you but… I can’t go with you. I’m sorry… I love you…

AIRPORT:This is the last call for flight eight one five from Los Angeles to Hyderabad.

Airline worker: I’m sorry sir we can’t wait any longer you must board the plane. Are you waiting for someone?

Steven: I was but, I don’t think she is coming…

Elementary ‐ Daily Life ‐ Baby Talk (C0118)

A: Honey, the baby is up again.

B: It’s your turn! I went last night.

A: Fine! Hello widdle baby! Why are you crying widdle baby? Oh, I see, you made a doo-doo!

B: What’s going on hun? Why is the baby crying?

A: The widdle baby made a doo -doo!

B: What a good boy! Lets get this icky diaper off you.

A: Looky what I have here! Mickey Mouse jammies! oopsie-daisy! Did the widdle baby just tinkle all over daddy?

B: Yes he did! Yes he did! You just made a wee wee all over daddy!

A: Hold still while I change this yucky diaper.

C: What going on in here?

A: Oh look it’s nana! Say hi to nana!

C: He’s so adorable! I could just eat him up!

A: Ok, say bye to nana! Time to go beddy - bye!

Elementary ‐ The Weekend ‐ Being Scared ( C0119)

Shabby: Eddie, why are we at this scary looking mansion? It’s like, ultra spooky!

Eddie: I told you already Shabby, the owner of the house says there is a ghost haunting his house so we have to go in and investigate.

Scruy puypoo: I don’t like this!

Wilma: Come on guys, stop being such cowards. It’s a mystery and an adventure!

Shabby: This place gives me the creeps! Seriously guys, let’s get out of here! I’m getting goosebumps just being here!

Scruy: Shabby is a scaredy cat!

Wilma: That laugh came from this room. Let’s go and check it out.

Eddie: Look! A ghost! Run!

Elementary ‐ The Weekend ‐ Boxing (C0120 )

A: Welcome back, boxing fans! My name is Rick Fields, and here with me is the man with an iron jaw, Bob Copeland.

B: Thank you, Rick! We are coming to you live from

Las Vegas! We’re in the beautiful MGM Grand Hotel and Casino where the world heavyweight championship is about to get under way!

A: That’s right Bob! We are about to witness the legendary Italian Stallion himself, Rocky Balboa, square off against his lifetime rival, Apollo Creed! This will be a gruesome match for sure.

B: Both fighters are in the ring, and we are about to begin.

C: In the blue corner, weighing in at two hundred and twenty pounds, the former heavyweight champion of the world, ”The Master of Disaster”, the one and only, Apollo Creed! In the red corner, weighing two hundred and eighteen pounds and with a record of forty-seven wins and thirty-seven

knockouts, the undefeated, undisputed, heavyweight champion of the world, the ”Italian Stallion”, Rocky Balboa!

A: There is the bell and this fight is underway! Apollo quickly attacks Rocky with quick strong jabs! Rocky dodges successfully and counterattacks with a strong right hook!

B: Apollo is cut! Rocky landed a strong blow to his right eyebrow and cut him!

A: This is his chance! Rocky quickly throws a left, right, another left! Apollo is getting pounded!

B: Apollo recovers with a powerful haymaker and catches Rocky off guard! He’s down! the ref starts the count!

C: 1,2,3,4,5,…..

Elementary ‐ Global View ‐ Presidential Spee ch (C0121)

A: Good evening, my fellow Americans. Three days from now, after a half-century of service of our country, I shall lay down the responsibilities of office as, in a traditional and solemn ceremony, the authority of the Presidency is vested in my successor. This evening I come to you with a message of leave-taking and farewell, and to share a few final thoughts with you, my countrymen.

A: Like every other citizen, I wish the new President, and all who will labor with him, Godspeed. I pray that the coming years will be blessed with peace and prosperity for all.

A: Our people expect their President and the Congress to find essential agreement on questions of great importance, the wise resolution of which will better shape the future of our great nation. My own relations with Congress began on a remote and tenuous basis when, long ago, a member of the Senate appointed me to West Point. I then had the pleasure of building more intimate relationship with Congress during the war and immediate post-war period. Finally, we have progressed to the mutually interdependent relationship we’ve had during these

past eight years.

Elementary ‐ Daily Life ‐ Supermarket Cashi er (C0122)

A: Excuse me sir, this is the express check-out lane for people that have fifteen items or fewer. It looks like you have more than fifteen items there.

B: Oh, come on! I have sixteen items! Cut me some slack, will ya?

A: Fine! Please place your items on the belt and push your shopping cart through. Do you prefer paper or plastic?

B: Plastic. I also have a couple of coupons.

A: No problem, I’ll take those. Sir, these coupons expired yesterday.

B: Darn! Oh, well. I guess it’s just not my day.

Thanks anyway.

A: Do you have a club card or will it be cash?

B: Yeah I got a club card. Here you go.

A: Will this be debit or credit?

B: Debit please. Also, could I get cash back? Fifty dollars would be great.

A: Yeah, sure. Your total is seventy-eight dollars and thirty-three cents. Here is your receipt. Have a nice day.

Elementary ‐ The Weekend ‐ 1990’s (C0123)

A: Hey four-eyes! What’s up man, how have you been?

B: Not bad, just went to the mall and picked up some junk. Check out my new Adidas!

A: Those are dope! You are gonna be getting mad props from the gang, man. Anyways, have you seen Betty lately?

B: Dude, don’t even go there. That girl started trippin’ cuz I went to the movies with Veronica the other day. I was like ”look, you knew how I was before you got with me”.

A: That’s right! Your such a playa, man. Dude, there’s Mad Max. Let’s go say hi.

B: Max! Whassup! Are you okay? You look like you just saw a ghost.

C: I got an F in English class. My life is over…

A: Dude, get over it! You need to lay off the books for a while and have some fun! Come on, let’s bounce.

C: Where are we going? Oh, crap. My dad is gonna go postal when he finds out about this.

A: I’m gonna open a can of whopass on you if you don’t come with me now!

C: Okay, okay. Geez…

Elementary ‐ Daily Life ‐ Tools (C0124)

A: Alright, ladies and gentlemen. We’ve been hired to build a deck on this here house, and turn this boring and drab lawn into a backyard oasis. There is one catch, though. We’ve only got one day to finish this, so I’m gonna need everyone to give one hundred and ten percent today. It’s going to be tough, but we’ve got a great team here, and I know that together we can tackle this project. That being said, let’s get to work!

B: That’s right. Now, remember, we’ve been over the plans, but we really need to make sure that everything is up to code. The home inspectors here are pretty thorough, so please make sure you follow the plans exactly. And remember the carpenter’s rule of thumb: measure twice and cut once.

A: Okay, guys. Let’s get at it. Bob! Pass me that hammer! The nails won’t go in; the wood is too hard. I think I’m gonna need the nail gun. That did it!

C: Do me a favor and help me cut this two-by-four, will ya? Pass me the circular saw, and grab hold of the end of the board. Now help me drill some holes in it so we can place the bolts.

B: I think you should sand the edges. Look at all these splinters, someone could get hurt. Geez…you gotta take pride in your work!

C: Yeah, you’re right. Pass me the sander and I’ll take care of it.

A: Julia! Get over here with the level, measuring tape and that box of screws!

C: Oh, no! Look out below!

Elementary ‐ Daily Life ‐ No Smoking! (C012 5)

A: It smells like an ashtray in here!

B: Hi honey! What’s wrong? Why do you have that look on your face?

A: What’s wrong? I thought we agreed that you were gonna quit smoking.

B: No! I said I was going to cut down which is very different. You can’t just expect me to go cold turkey overnight!

A: Look, there are other ways to quit. You can try the nicotine patch, or nicotine chewing gum. We spend a

fortune on cigarettes every month and now laws are cracking down and not allowing smoking in any public place. It’s not like you can just light up like before.

B: I know, I know. I am trying but, I don’t have the willpower to just quit. I can’t fight with the urge to reach for my pack of smokes in the morning with coffee or after lunch! Please understand?

A: Fine! I want a divorce!

Elementary ‐ The Weekend ‐ That’s Funny! ( C0126)

AnnoHuenclleor:everyone, and welcome to open mic night! You’re in for a real treat as we’ve got a lot of great comics here with us tonight. First up, we have a very funny man coming straight from the state of Montana, Robert Hicks!

A: Thank you, everyone! Well, what a lovely crowd.

You know, there’s nothing I love better than standup comedy! You know, I’ve been working on my routine for months now, and I’ve got some real zingers for you tonight. Let’s start out with some short jokes, how bout that? Where do you find a one legged dog? Where you left it.

A: Get it? mmm Anyways… What do you call a sheep with no legs? A cloud !

A: Tough crowd… Alright, now you’re going to love this joke. It’s hilarious! What do cows do for entertainment? They rent moooovies ! moooovies

A: Okay, Okay, we’ve got a few hecklers in the audience, but this one is good! What does a fish say when it runs into a wall? DAM!

A: Okay, Last one! Why do gorillas have big nostrils? Coz they got big fingers!!!! CrowGd:et off the stage! You suck!

A: Thanks everyone that was my time.

Elementary ‐ The Weekend ‐ I Love That Son g! (C0127)

Host: Welcome back, music lovers, to ”I Love That

Song”! The game show where we test your

musical knowledge to the extreme! Let’s get started!

Team A… Guess this tune:

Team A: Carrying Your Love With Me by George Straight! The genre is country music!

Host: You are right! one hundred points to team A! Now, for our next cut.

Team B: Thong Song by Sisqo! I believe the genre is


Host: One hundred big points for team B! For all our viewers the acronym R&B stands for Rhythm and Blues. On that note, DJ, play our next song! Team B: Superstar by The Carpenters!

Host: And the genre?

Team B: Um… Um… Adult Contemporary?

Host: That’s right! A hundred points! Uh oh! That sound means it’s double or nothing! The songs are more difficult and the points are doubled! Let’s hear our next song!

Team A: Too easy! That song is Kinslayer by the Finnish power metal group, Nightwish!

Host: You are correct! Very impressive team A! And

it seems we have a tie! It’s time now for the

tie-breaker round! Each team will be played three

songs and they must tell us the genre of each song in

less than five seconds!

Team A, are you ready?

Team A: Ready!

Host: Let’s hear it!

Team A: Hip Hop, Classical and Gothic metal! Host: You are right! Team B, the pressure is on, if you get all of them right, we will move on to sudden death. If you miss one, you lose! DJ, Let’s hear it!

Team B: Rap, Disco and… and…

Elementary ‐ Daily Life ‐ I’m Sorry I Love Yo u X (C0128)

Gulam: Steven! Good to see you brother! How are you? How was your trip?

Steven: It was fine. I’ve been better but, it’s great to be home, I’ve missed you all! How’s mom?

Gulam: She’s great! All she ever does is talk about you -her little boy that went to the United States. You’re her pride and joy, you know that?

Steven: Can’t wait to see her. And you? What’s new with you?

Gulam: Well, Nisha and I are expecting! You’ll have another nephew or niece soon!

Steven: That’s great! Wow! Congrats! You two are great together, ya know. You have such a beautiful family. I hope one day I can have that.

Gulam: Of course, man! Come on! I mean, everything was set here for you to marry Shalini! You know, she’s still pining after you. I don’t think she’ll ever get over you. Steven: What are you talking about? I hardly knew her! How could she be in love with me? I couldn’t go through with it even though


is a great woman. No, I left my heart in the United States. I just hope Veronica is happy.

Gulam: Get over it! You’re home now. Everyone here thinks so highly of you; there’ll be girls throwing themselves at you. You can marry anyone you want! Steven: I don’t want to marry anyone! I want to marry her! Don’t you understand?

Gulam: You are incorrigible.

Liliana: Steven! My baby how are you! I’ve missed you so much!

Steven: Hey, mom! Great to see you!

Liliana: You look so thin! Didn’t those Americans feed you? Come come, let’s have some chai. By the way… There is a girl here waiting for you.

Veronica: Hi Steven.

Steven: Veronica! How did you get here? How did you know where I live? I waited for you at the airport but you never showed…

Veronica: I also have some little secrets that I haven’t told you about, but we can discuss that later. I realized that I was just scared. Scared of how much I love you and of the commitment that marriage requires. I’m here now. Now there is something I wanna ask you. Steven, will you marry me?

Priest: I now declare you, husband and wife. You may kiss the bride.

Elementary‐ Global View ‐ Presidential Speech II (C012

A: We now stand ten years past the midpoint of a century that has witnessed four major wars among great nations. Three of these involved our own country. Despite the carnage of these conflicts, America is today the strongest, the most influential and most productive nation in the world. We are understandably proud of this preeminence, yet we realize that America’s leadership and prestige depend, not merely upon our unmatched material progress, riches and military strength, but on how we use our power in the interests of world peace and human betterment.

A: Throughout America’s adventure in free government, such basic purposes have been to keep the peace; to foster progress in human achievement, and to enhance liberty, dignity and integrity among peoples and among nations.

A: We pray that peoples of all faiths, all races, all

nations, may have their great human needs satisfied; that those now denied opportunity shall come to enjoy it to the full; that all who yearn for freedom may experience its spiritual blessings; that those who have freedom will understand, also, its heavy responsibilities; that all who are insensitive to the needs of others will learn charity; that the scourges of poverty, disease and ignorance will be made to disappear from the earth, and that, in the goodness of time, all peoples will come to live together in a peace guaranteed by the binding force of mutual respect and love.

A: Now, on Friday noon, I am to become a private citizen. I am proud to do so. I look forward to it. Thank you, and good night.

Elementary ‐ Daily Life ‐ Going To The Gym ( C0130)

A: Hey there, you look a little lost. Are you new here?

B: Yeah how’d you know?

A: You can always spot the newbies. I can give you a few pointers if you want. Were you trying to use this machine here?

B: Yeah! I just started my training today and I’m not really sure where to begin.

A: It’s ok, I know how it is. This machine here will work out your upper body, mainly your triceps and biceps. Are you looking to develop strength or muscle tone and definition?

B: Well, I don’t want to be ripped like you! I just want a good physique with weights and cardio.

A: In that case you want to work with less weight. You can start off by working ten to fifteen reps in four sets. Five kilo weights should be enough. Now it’s very important that you stretch before pumping iron or you might pull a muscle.

B: Got it! Wow is that the weight you are lifting? My goodness that’s a lot of weight!

A: It’s not that much. Just watch… I’m ok…

Elementary ‐ Daily Life ‐ What if? Part 1 (C0 131)

A: Okay, next question. If Eric asked you out on a date, what would you say?

B: Duh! I would say yes! Eric is the most popular kid in school! Okay, my turn. What would you do if you won the lottery?

A: Let’s see…. If I won the lottery, I would buy two

tickets for a trip around the world.

B: If you buy me a ticket I will go with you for sure!

A: My dad will freak out if I even mention a trip like that!

B: Alright this is a good one. What would your mom say if you told her you are going to get married?

A: If I told her that, she would faint and have me committed!

Elementary ‐ Daily Life ‐ Mechanic (C0132)

A: Howdy! Nice car! What seems to be the problem?

B: I don’t know! This stupid old car started spewing white smoke and it just died on me. Luckily, I managed to start it up and drive it here. What do you think it is?

A: Not sure yet. How about you pop the hood and we can take a look. Hmmm, it doesn’t look good.

B: What do you mean? My daddy gave me this car for my birthday last month. It’s brand new!

A: Well missy, the white smoke that you saw is steam from the radiator. You overheated your engine so now the pistons are busted and so is your transmission. You should have called us and we could have towed you over here when your car died.

B: Ugh… So how long is this going to take? An hour?

A: I’m afraid a bit more than that. We need to order the spare parts, take apart your electrical system, fuel pump and engine and then put it back together again. You are going to have to leave it here for at least two weeks.

B: What! How am I supposed to get to school or go shopping? This is not happening!

Elementary ‐ Daily Life ‐ Doing Laundry (C0 133)

A: Ok, let’s go through this one more time. I don’t want anymore ruined or dyed blouses!

B: I know, I know. OK, so I have to separate the colors from the whites and put them in this strange looking contraption so called washing machine.

A: Right. You have to turn it on and program it depending on what type of clothes you are washing. For example for delicates, you should set a shorter washing cycle. Also, be sure to use fabric softener and this detergent when washing.

B: So complicated! Ok, what about this red wine stain? How do I get it out?

A: Since this is a white t-shirt, you can just pour a

little bit of bleach on it and it will do the trick.

B: Cool. Then I can just throw everything in the dryer for an hour and its all set right?

A: No! Since you are washing delicates and cotton, you should set the dryer to medium heat and for twenty minutes.

B: You know what? I’ll just have everything dry cleaned.

Elementary ‐ Daily Life ‐ Buying a TV (C0134 )

A: Seriously, I don’t know why we need to get a new


B: Honey I told you already. I can’t appreciate the graphics level and detail of the games on my Playstation 3 on our old TV.

C: Good afternoon folks! How can I be of service today?

B: I’m looking to upgrade to a newer, bigger television set.

C: You’ve come to the right place! What size are you looking for?

A: Just a normal sized TV for our living room.

C: I see. Well this set here is on sale. It’s a forty six inch HDTV screen and has all the works. Three HDMI connectors, USB, VGA and S - Video ports. It even has a DVI port so you can hook up your PC or laptop! This is without a doubt the complete home theater experience!

B: This is exactly what I need! Can you imagine watching movies or playing video games on this thing?

A: Honey, I think it’s a bit too big. I don’t even think it will fit in our living room.

C: Not to worry, we will deliver and install it in your home. It comes with a wall mount so you can just hang it on the wall like a picture!

B: This is great! How much will this set me back?

C: Lucky for you, this is the last one we have in stock so it’s half off!

B: I’ll take it!

Elementary ‐ Daily Life ‐ Cheer Up (C0135)

A: Ok… I’ll talk to you later. Bye

B: Carrie, are you ok? You seem a bit down.

A: I just got off the phone with my boyfriend. He is always getting upset and losing his temper over nothing. It’s so hard to talk to him at times.

B: Maybe it’s just that he is stressed out from work or something. He does have a pretty nerve wracking job you know.

A: Yeah but, he is always in a really foul mood. I try to find out what’s bothering him or get him to talk about his day but, he always shuts down and brushes me off.

B: Men are like that you know. They can feel nervous, anxious or on edge and the only way they can express it is by trying to hide it through aggressiveness.

A: I guess you are right. What do you think I should do? He wasn’t always this grouchy you know…

B: Talk to him, try to cheer him up when he is down and if that doesn’t work, I say get rid of him and get a new one!

A: You are something else you know that?

Elementary ‐ Global View ‐ Gambling (C0136 )

A: Did you hear? The state is thinking of legalizing gambling in our city! Soon we are gonna have amazing hotels and casinos here which will be good for our business!

B: Are you serious? Gambling is a vice industry built on deception and fed by the intentional exploitation of human weakness for the sole purpose of monetary gain! It disgusts me.

A: What are you talking about? How does it exploit people?

B: Well, to begin with, Gambling is addictive, ruins marriages, destroys families and bankrupts communities. Once you are addicted it is very difficult to stop. People have lost their houses, cars and been left out on the street after becoming addicted. Secondly, it exploits because men become addicted to gambling most often because of the action and risk. Women gamble to escape, and senior citizens will start gambling for the social interaction. Underage gamblers often start gambling on sports with friends and then illegal bookies.

A: Geez! Now that I think about it, maybe legalizing gambling isn’t such a good idea! Although, I have been to Las Vegas, and I didn’t become addicted or anything like that.

B: You cannot predict who will become addicted to gambling. Now excuse me, I have a protest rally to organize!

Elementary ‐ Daily Life ‐ Getting Internet Se rvice (C0137)

A: Welcome to Galanet. How can I help you?

B: Hi. I would like to get an internet plan for my house.

A: Of course. We have three different plans with different prices you can choose from. The first one is the cheapest but most basic plan which is thirty dollars a month. This is for broadband internet with a download speed of five hundred and twelve kbps.

B: I have no idea what kbps means. I just want to be able to get online, play games and chat with my friends. Oh, and watch movies online as well.

A: Well, this connection might be a bit too slow for your needs. I suggest you get the premium package for fifty dollars a month which includes a connection speed of two megabytes. That way you can play games online without any lag. This package also includes a wireless router and a personal firewall absolutely free!

B: Do I have to pay an installation fee?

A: Lucky for you, this month we aren’t charging our normal installation fee. You are saving yourself 100 bucks right there! And we’ll throw in this pen drive!

B: Awesome!

Elementary ‐ Daily Life ‐ Renting A Car (C01 38)

Man: Hi, I made a reservation for a mid-size vehicle.

The name is Jimmy Fox.

Agent: I’m sorry, we have no mid-size available at the moment.

Man: I don’t understand, I made a reservation, do you have my reservation?

Agent: Yes, we do, unfortunately we ran out of cars.

Man: But the reservation keeps the car here. That’s why you have the reservation.

Agent: I know why we have reservations.

Man: I don’t think you do. If you did, I’d have a car. See, you know how to take the reservation, you just don’t know how to hold the reservation and that’s really the most important part of the reservation, the holding. Anybody can just take them.

Agent: But we do have a compact or an SUV if you’d


Man: Fine. I’ll take the compact.

Agent: Alright. We have a blue Ford Focus for you Mr. Fox. Would you like insurance?

Man: Yeah, you better give me the insurance, because I am gonna beat the hell out of this car.

Elementary ‐ The Weekend ‐ Playing Chess ( C0139)

Daddy: Bobby! Come here, look what I got you!

Bobby: What is that?

Daddy: A chess board! Daddy is going to teach you how to play!

Bobby: Cool!

Daddy: Ok, each player gets 16 pieces. You can be the white ones and I’ll play with the black pieces. Now in the front, you set up the pawns. Those are the least valuable pieces and can only move one space forward. When you are about to capture another piece, it can move one space diagonally. Bobby: What about all these other pieces?

Daddy: See this one that looks like a tower? It’s called the rook. The one with the tall hat is called the bishop. See this little horsey? This is called the knight, it’s a very important piece so it’s best to not let your opponent capture it.

Bobby: And these two? They are husband and wife?

Daddy: That’s right! That’s the queen and that’s the king. If the other player captures your king, he will say ”Check Mate” and the game is over! Doesn’t this sound fun?

Bobby: Nah! This is boring! I’m gonna go play Killer Zombies on my PlayStation!

Elementary ‐ Daily Life ‐ Buying a Computer (C0140)

Customer: So can you fix it?

Sales Clerk: I’m sorry sir. This computer is not broken or damaged. It’s simply just too old! That’s why your programs and applications are running slow. There really isn’t much I can do.

Customer: What do you mean? I bought this computer just three years ago!

Sales Clerk: Yes, but technology is ever changing and technology is becoming obsolete faster and faster!

Customer: Ok, I know where this is going. How much will it cost me to get a new computer?

Sales Clerk: Well, this desktop over here is our latest model. It has a four gigahertz processor with sixteen gigabytes in RAM and a hard disk with one terabyte. Of course, it includes a mouse, keyboard

and desk speakers.

Customer: I have no idea what you are talking about. I just want to know if it’s good and if I will be able to play solitaire without the computer crashing or freezing all the time!

Sales Clerk: This PC is top of the line and I guarantee it will never freeze! If it does, we’ll give you your money back!

Elementary ‐ Daily Life ‐ What If? Part 2 (C0 141)

A: This is the good life! We have it good don’t you think?

B: Yeah of course! Although, don’t you ever wonder what ”could have been”?

A: What do you mean?

B: Well, sometimes I think of how things could have turned out if I had done things a little differently.

A: For example?

B: Like for example, if I hadn’t studied architecture,

I would have become an artist like I wanted to.

A: I see. Yeah now that I think of it, I wouldn’t have gotten married if I hadn’t moved to this town and met Sally.

B: You see! Everything happens for a reason! We wouldn’t even have met if I hadn’t been in that car accident ten years ago!

A: Well, I have no regrets!

B: I’ll drink to that!

Elementary ‐ The Weekend ‐ What Do I Wea r? (C0142)

A: Honey come on! We are going to be late! Honestly, you take longer getting ready than I do!

B: I was drying my hair and ironing my shirt! Can you come here for a sec? I need your help.

A: What is it? Why are all these clothes on the bed?

B: I don’t know what to wear! Ok, give me your opinion. Do you like the way this looks? The striped short sleeved shirt with this checkered sweater and my lucky sandals. I like the cut and hemline of these shorts so I think I’ll wear these as well.

A: Are you joking? What am I going to do with you? We are going to a dinner party not the beach! Wear the shirt with the silk tie I bought you and these corduroy pants. It’s chilly outside so you can wear this coat.

B: Thanks honey! You have such great fashion sense.

Now, what am I going to do with my hair?

Elementary ‐ Daily Life ‐ The Butcher (C014 3)

Butcher: Hi. What can I get for you?

Gina: Id like a half a pound of ground beef, please. Butcher: Good choice! Our ground beef is extra lean, if you know what I mean.

Gina: Could I also have half a dozen pork chops and two pounds of boneless chicken breasts?

Butcher: No, no no no chicken breasts at the moment, but we have some nice chicken thighs. Gina: No, that won’t do. I’ll take this smoked ham you have here.

Butcher: Okay, is there anything else?

Gina: Do you have any other cold cuts? Is this salami and bologna you have here?

Butcher: Yes! It’s very fine meat! Made it myself…

Gina: Sounds good. Okay, that’s it.

Butcher: Wait! We have T-bone, rib eye, and sirloin steaks. They are very fresh! Just came from the slaughter house…

Gina: Mmm… No that’s okay, really. I think that’s all for today.

Butcher: Okay. That will be thirty-four dollars and fifty cents.

Elementary ‐ Global View ‐ Capital Punishme nt (C0144)

ProfeTsshoar:t’s all for today’s class. We will continue our lecture on crime and punishment tomorrow.

A: Do you think we should be tougher on crime?

B: Well, it depends on what you mean.

A: For example, we could bring back the death penalty for murder, give longer prison sentences for lesser offences and lock up juvenile offenders.

B: Those really sound like Draconian measures. Firstly, what do you do about miscarriages of justice if you’ve already put innocent people to death?

A: You’d only use capital punishment if you were absolutely sure that you’d convicted the right person.

B: But, there’ve been many cases of wrongful conviction where people have been imprisoned for many years. The authorities were sure at the time, but later it was shown that the evidence was unreliable. In some cases, it’d been fabricated by the


A: Well, no system of justice can be perfect, but surely there’s a good case for longer prison sentences to deter serious crime.

B: I doubt whether they could act as an effective deterrent while the detection rate is so low. The best way to prevent crime is to convince people who commit it that they’re going to be caught. It doesn’t make sense to divert all your resources into the prison system.

A: But if you detect more crimes, you’ll still need prisons. In my reckoning, if we could lock up more juvenile criminals, they’d learn that they couldn’t get away with it. Soft sentences will merely encourage them to do it again.

B: Yes, but remember that prisons are often schools for criminals. To remove crime from society, you really have to tackle its causes.

A: Well, if I were president, I would impose tougher laws and punishment. I would have a peaceful society based on fear of punishment, not consciousness of doing the right thing.

B: You sound like a dictator!

A: Well if it works, why not?

Elementary ‐ Daily Life ‐ Chicken Pox (C014 5)

A: What’s wrong with you? Why are you scratching so much?

B: I feel itchy! I can’t stand it anymore! I think I may be coming down with something. I feel lightheaded and weak.

A: Let me have a look. Whoa! Get away from me!

B: What’s wrong?

A: I think you have chicken pox! You are contagious!

Get away! Don’t breathe on me!

B: Maybe it’s just a rash or an allergy! We can’t be sure until I see a doctor.

A: Well in the meantime you are a biohazard! I didn’t get it when I was a kid and I’ve heard that you can even die if you get it as an adult!

B: Are you serious? You always blow things out of proportion. In any case, I think I’ll go take an oatmeal bath.

A: Ewww!

Elementary ‐ Global View ‐ Animal Rights (C 0146)

A: You should have seen the T.V. show that was on last night, the topic it covered was really interesting; animal rights.

B: Do you really believe in that? If they are going to focus on something, they should do it on civil rights.

A: Yes, but we cant deny that animals are vulnerable, defenseless, and are completely at the mercy of human beings.

B: I understand your point, but we continue to have transgressions against human rights. If so much attention weren’t devoted to the topic of animals, we would then concentrate more on saving a human being instead of protecting a koala.

A: You can’t compare apples and oranges; I believe that both topics are important and that we can’t ignore them, the mistreatment of animals can cause a great environmental imbalance. I believe that governments should prohibit activities like poaching.

B: Well, you are right on that point. This is the reason that I don’t buy leather and I try to buy synthetic products.

B: At least youre doing your part. My contribution is to have a pet in the house that I treat like a member of the family.

A: As long as you dont treat it better than your wife, its fine.

Elementary ‐ Daily Life ‐ The Argument (C01 47)

A: Wow, that terrible movie is finally over. Next time

I’m picking the film, because I don’t want to end up seeing a chick flick.

B: Well you should have picked, in the end you always complain about everything.

A: Not everything, just this film. Even the title is ridiculous; and it’s so long, those are the two and a half most wasted hours of my life, so much so that

I’m thinking about asking them to give me my money back.

B: I’m thinking of taking you back home. I thought we could have a nice evening, but you’re always so negative.

A: I’m only complaining about a movie that I could have rented or bought and then thrown in the garbage.

B: You see, that’s what I’m talking about, I can’t stand your sarcastic jokes anymore

A: Next time, go with your gay friend who is more in touch with his feelings.

B: Well he’s more of a man than you are; at least he appreciates love stories.

A: Love? More like one-night-stands.

B: Don’t criticize Mario or else I’ll start on those fat, drunk friends of yours; they’re no saints.

A: My friends? Fat? What about those whales you call friends?

B: You’re unbearable; you can walk home, I’m leaving.

Elementary ‐ Daily Life ‐ Paranoid (C0148)

A: Dan, Dan dude. You have to come over to my house right now!

B: Is everything Ok?

A: Just get over here!

A: Come in! Quickly!

B: So, since when is your house a bank?

A: What do you mean?

B: I mean, what’s up with the and locks and iron bars on your windows.

A: Security Dan, security! You can never be too safe you know! A lot of sickos out there. Just the other day they caught that peeping tom red handed! Had a high power telescope and binoculars by his window.

B: Whats the matter with you? Why are you acting all paranoid?

A: Paranoid? I’m not paranoid! I’m cautious! You see

Dan, we have to be on guard at all time! People just invade your privacy as if they knew you! Telemarketers, solicitors, even your bank! They have way too much information! I like to keep everything on a need to know basis

B: OK, well, what did you want to see me about?

A: You are being watched! Be careful Dan! Be careful!

Elementary ‐ Daily Life ‐ Moving (C0149)

A: Ok, that’s fine. Bye.

B: What happened?

A: That’s it, my lease is up. I have to move.

B: What? Why? Can’t you renew it?

A: The owner apparently is selling this place to make way for the construction of a parking lot

B: Well, I can help you pack. We should start looking for a new place for you ASAP.

A: I think I might move in with my parents for a couple of months until I can find something. You know how hard it is to find a decent place around

here. I’m gonna have to put most of my stuff in storage for a while.

B: Well, let me know if there’s anything I can do to help out.

A: Actually, would you mind looking after my pet tarantula and snake for a couple of weeks?

B: hehe.. sure

Elementary ‐ The Weekend ‐ Bug Spray (C01 50)

A: The mosquitos are biting me!

B: Me too, I can’t stop scratching. They are everywhere! Sneaky little jerks.

A: Do you have any bug spray?

B: No, I forgot to buy some.

A: Then we’ll have to put up with it.

B: We can cover ourselves with beer! That way if they bite us, they’ll get drunk and fall asleep

A: That’s without a doubt, the best idea youve had!

Lets do it!

B: Run! They are thirsty for more!

Elementary ‐ Advanced ‐ Darwin’s Theory Of Evolution (E0151)

A: It’s been a long time since I last saw you. Where have you been?

B: The exams and plans I have to turn in in are driving me crazy, I don’t even have time to sleep.

A: It’s the same for me. I’m up to my neck in work, but at least finals are coming soon and we’ll have a vacation. Where are you going now?

B: I’m going to Anthropology class and now with the year anniversary of Darwin, it’s the only thing we study. Frankly, I’m sick and tired and tired of hearing about this guy.

A: What? Why? How can you not like Darwin? I mean the man changed the entire perception of how things came to and his theory is backed by pretty solid evidence!

B: I don’t like him. His theory of human evolution and natural selection is full of holes. It lacks the solid evidence of which you speak of.

A: That statement puts you at odds with half of the academy. Not to mention your professors! Furthermore, the explanation proposed by Darwin about the origin of species and the mechanism of natural selection constitutes a grand step toward a coherent understanding of the world and evolutionist


B: I’m not minimizing his grand contributions, it’s just that his theory reminds of the conundrum of the chicken and the egg.

A: What are you talking about?

B: The question is, which was first? The chicken or the egg? I feel the same regarding his theory. How does the first cell of life come to be?

A: Interesting. I think that question is better suited for my philosophy class. In the meantime, how about we settle this… with a due!

Elementary ‐ The Office ‐ Cut It Out (C0152)

Ed: Hey, Mary, can you cut that out?

Mary: Cut what out I’m not doing anything.

Ed: The tapping of your pen on your desk. It’s driving me crazy.

Mary: Fine! By the way would you mind not slurping your coffee every time you have a cup!

Ed: I don’t slurp my coffee. And plus, how can you hear it when you’re shouting into your phone all the time?

Mary: You ’ve got to be kidding me! You’re complaining about me talking on the phone when you go out for a cigarette break ten times a day to shoot the breeze?

Ed: Look, we have a lot of accumulated anger from working in these conditions, and it’s probably okay to let off steam once in a while But, it’s probably not a good idea to keep it up I’m willing to forgive and forget and if you are.

Mary: Fine. Let’s call a truce. I’ll try to more considerate and to keep the noise down

Ed: Yeah, I’ll try to do the same. So, I was wondering you wanna go out to dinner Friday night?

Elementary ‐ Daily Life ‐ Homesick (C0153)

Sarah: Tom! How are you? We missed you at the party last night. Are you ok?

Tom: I don’t know. I didn’t really feel like going out.

I guess I’m feeling a little homesick.

Sarah: Come on We’ve been through this already! Look, I know the adjustment was hard when you first got here, but we agreed that you were gonna try and deal with it.

Tom: I was. It’s just that the holidays are coming up and I won’t be able to home because I can’t afford

the airfare. I’m just longing for some of the comforts of home, like my mom’s cooking and being around my family.

Sarah: Yeah, it can get pretty lonely over the holidays. When I first got here, I’d get depressed and nostalgic for anything that reminded me of home. I almost let it get to me, but then I started going out, keeping myself busy and before I knew it, I was used to to it.

Tom: I see what you mean, but I ’m still bummed out.

Sarah: Ok how does this sound: let’s get you suited up and hit the dance club tonight. I hear that an awesome DJ is playing and there will be a lot of pretty single girls there!

Tom: You know, I could really go for that. You don’t mind being my wingman for tonight?

Sarah: Not at all! It be fun! It will be like a boys night out… well kinda…

Tom: Great! I must warn you though, whatever happens, don’t let me go on a drinking binge. Trust me, it’s not a pretty picture!

Elementary ‐ The Weekend ‐ Rock Band (C0 154)

A: I’m forming a music band.

B: Do you already know how to play an instrument?

A: Uh… Yeah! I’ve told you a thousand times that I’m learning to play the drums. Now that I know how to play well, I would like to form a rock band.

B: Aside from yourself, who are the other members of the band?

A: We have a guy who plays guitar, and another who plays bass. Although we still haven’t found anyone to be our singer. You told me that you had some musical talent, right?

B: Yes, I’m a singer.

A: Perfect. So you can audition this weekend here at my house.

B: Great! Wait here? You don’t have enough room for the amplifiers, microphones or even your drums! By the way where do you keep them or practice?

A: Dude? What are you talking about? It’s right here!

All we need is my Nintendo Wii and we are set!

Elementary ‐ The Weekend ‐ Bachelor Party (C0155)

A: Hi honey! You’ll never guess what! My friends

Julie and Alex are getting married!

B: Wow that’s great news! They’re a great couple!

A: I know! Anyways I just talked to Alex’s best man and he is organizing the bachelor party It’s gonna be gonna be so much fun! All the groomsmen are thinking up all the wacky and crazythings we are going to do that night.

B: You aren’t going to a strip club are you? I don’t want you getting a lap dance from some stripper with the excuse that it’s your friends party.

A: Aw come on! It’s just some innocent fun! You know how these things are! We are gonna play drinking games, get him some gag gifts and just have a good time. Nothing too over the top .

B: Well, I don’t know.

A: Come on! If one of your friends was getting married I wouldn’t mind you going to her bachelorette party!

B: Good,because my friend Wendy is getting married and I’m organizing her party!

A: What!

Elementary ‐ The Weekend ‐ Scary Story (C0 156)

A: Oh no! The lights went out! Honey can you light a candle?

B: Sure. What do we do now?

A: Well, we can just talk, you know, like we used to. Hmm… I know! I’ll tell you a scary story! It happened to me and my dad when I was a teenager…

(fade out - fade in new scene) I was living with my father at the time, when he received a phone call.

B: Hmm… I know! I’ll tell you a scary story! It happened to me and my dad when I was a teenager…I was living with my father at the time, when he received a phone call. I was living with my father at the time, when he received a phone call.

FatheHr:ello? Yes this is him. I see, I’m sorry to hear that. Ok no problem. I’ll be there shortly. Pack some clothes Tony, my great aunt is very ill and no one in the family wants to take care of her. We are going to stay at her house for a few days.

Kid: Aunt? What aunt? I never knew you had a great aunt!

FatheWr:ell, the family doesn’t talk about her or get near her, for that matter.

Kid: Why is that?

FatheCr:ome on, we have to go.

B: So we arrived at this old house on the outskirts of

our town. There was almost no one around and the house had an eerie look to it. Once inside the house, we walked to her room and I was surprised to find my dad’s great aunt in a wheelchair, yelling at someone, but we were alone in the room. FatheHr:i, aunt Ursula! This is my son Tony.

UrsulWa:hy have you come? Why are you here? Don’t you know it isn’t safe? My time is near, he is coming for me.

Kid: Who is coming for you?

UrsulTah: e prince of darkness! The lord of the underworld, the tempter, the old serpent. FatheCr:ome on, aunt Ursula let’s lay you down. You need to get some rest. Tony, help me lay her down.

B: That night, we slept in one of the 12 rooms of that big old mansion. The trees outside seemed to come alive and their shadows formed ghoulish shapes on my bed. All of a sudden, we heard screaming.

UrsulAah: hh! Get off me beast! I won’t let you take me! Ahhh!

Kid: Dad! Dad! Something is attacking aunt Ursula!

UrsulUa:rsula: Take your claws off me! Go back to the underworld you demon! I shall be judged before you can take me!

FatheTrh: e door is jammed! Stand back! Aunt Ursula! Where are you?

Kid: Over here!

B: And as we approached her, she was lying on the floor, with her hands and feet open like the Vitruvian Man, breathing heavily with bloody marks and scratches on her arms, legs and face. Remember how I mentioned that she was in a wheel chair? My aunt had been paralyzed from the neck down for just over a year. After this incident, strange things would happen in the house and my aunt would yell and scream, according to her, warding off the evil that had come to get her. As the days passed, she became very weak and eventually was unable to talk. My dad had to work during the day, so I was left to care for her. When she lost her voice and laid on her death bed, I would hear her breathe, in and out.

B: Until finally one day, she breathed in… and never exhaled. That night, I felt relieved that it was finally over, but it wasn’t.

B: I was so terrified of what I was hearing, that I didn’t sleep all night. The following morning, I went to the bathroom, expecting to find a mess and everything torn up, but I found everything exactly as it was before. The movers came that same day and

as we were cleaning out her drawers and personal items, we found strange notebooks with names and amounts of money written next to them. We found pictures with people’s faces sewn with black or red string. And you want to know what the strangest thing was? There was a small doll, filled with dead ants, with a strand of hair tied around it’s waist, and on the doll’s face, there was a picture of me with the numbers: ”311009”. You know what date it is today? October 31st, 2009….

Elementary ‐ The Weekend ‐ Trick Or Treat ( C0157)

A: Trick - or -treat

B: Tom, aren’t you a littletoo old to be trick-or - treating?

A: What are you talking about? Where is your Halloween spirit?

Didn’t you ever dress up in a costume and go around the neighborhood trick-or treating with your friends?

B: Of course I did, but when I was ten! Trick –or treating is for kids, plus, I ’m sure people will think you’re a kidnapper or something, running around with kids NCP at night.

A: Whatever, I’m going next door, I heard Mrs. Robinson is giving out big bags of M&Ms!

Elementary ‐ Global View ‐ All Saints Day (C 0158)

C: The Day of the Dead has arrived All Soul’s Dayand All Saint’s Day!

A: Your neighbor is crazy. Why is he screaming that?

B: Because today is the first of November the Day of the Dead

A: Oh, that’s right.

B: This is a very special day among many cultures around the world especially in Latin America

A: Seriously? I thought it was just like any other day, except for the fact that people visit the cemetery and remember their loved ones.

B: Well, that’s just part of it People across the world celebrate in different ways. In Mexcio for example it’s Common to see people building private altars honoring the deceasedusing sugar skulls, preparing the favorite foods and beverages of the departed and visiting graves with these as gifts. In the Philippines , the tombs are cleaned or repainted, candles are lit and flowers are offered Entire families camp out in

cemeteries .and sometimes spend a night or two near their relatives’ tombs!

A: Whoa! That’s scary! I don’t know if I could do that!

B: Why? We should fear the living, not the dead .

Elementary ‐ Daily Life ‐ Getting Flowers (C 0159)

A: Hello sir, how may I help you?

B: I would like to buy some flowers, please. Something really nice.

A: I see, may I ask whatthe occasion is?

B: It’s not really an occasion, it’s more like I’m sorry.

A: Very well. This arrangement here is very popular among regretful husb ands and boyfriends. It has a dozenlong stem red roses with a couple of sunflowers and a single orchid that stands out. It includes a small teddy bear to achievethe effect of immediate forgiveness.

B: I think I’m gonna need more than just a dozen red roses and a bear. What else do you recommend?

A: Mmm, well this is our ” I’m sorry I cheated on you” package. Two dozen red roses lined with tulips, carnati ons and lilies. The fragrance and beauty of this flower arrangement is sure to make her forgive you.

B: I don’t think that’s gonna cut it. I need something bigger and better!

A: I’m sorry sir but, what exactly did you do?

B: Well, I may have accidentally insinuated that she is getting chubbier .

A: Get out of my store you jerk!

Elementary ‐ Global View ‐ Health Insurance (C0160)

A: Hey honey, how was your day?

B: It was alright. I ran into Bill and we got to talking for a while. He’s in a bit of a jam.

A: Why? What happened?

B: Well, his son had an accident and Bill doesn’t have health insurance. This really got me thinking, and I wondered if we shouldn’t look into a couple of different HMO’s.

A: Yeah, you’re right. We aren’t getting any younger and our kids are getting older.

B: Exactly! I searched on the web and found a couple of HMO’s with low co pays and good coverage. The deductibles are low, too.

A: Sounds good, although, do you think we can

qualify for insurance? Those insurance companies are real pirates when it comes to money.

B: Well, we don’t have any pre-existing illnesses or conditions, so we should be fine.

A: I wish our company or country provided us with healthcare.

B: Not in a million years!

Elementary ‐ Daily Life ‐ Computer Games ( C0161)

A: Mark, Where have you been? I’ve been calling you all morning.

B: I’ve been playing computer games.

A: What? So you blew me off yesterday and today over a stupid video game? What game is so important that you have no time for me anymore? What are you playing?

B: It’s called Counter Strike It’s a first person shooter game. It’s awesome. It’s a multi player game where you can go online and compete against players from all over the world.

A: You’ve been wasting your time on this? I can’t believe it! It doesn’t even look fun or challenging!

B: My laptop is on my bed. If you think it’s so easy then get onlineand try to beat me.

A: Fine!

B: Damm it! How are you killing me with a single shot? It’s not fair! I don’t want to play anymore! Let’s go get something to eat.

A: Can you bring me something? I am totally hooked on this game!

Elementary ‐ Global View ‐ Veteran’s Day (C 0162)

A: Do you have any plans for Veteran’s Day

B: You mean Armistice Day

A: Well, as you know, on November 11th allies signed a peace treaty with the Germans, also known as the Armistice Treaty This marked the end of WWI and many countries around the world commemorate this date under names such as day. In Poland it’s their independence day! There’s a lot going on around the world on this day.

B: Wow, I didn’t know! Probably because I flunked history in school.

Elementary ‐ Global View ‐ Social Security ( C0163)

A: Well that was an interesting documentary!

B: For sure! I didn’t really understand some of the technical jargon they used in the film when they talked about social security in the US.

A: Like what?

B: Well, they mentioned how people put away money in something called a 401K?

A: Yeah, I know it sounds weird, but a 401k is a type of retirement plan that allows employees to save and invest for their own retirement Through a you can authorize your employer to deduct a certain amount of money from your paycheck and invest it in the plan Everyone tries to contribute as much as possible so that when you retire, you can rest peacefully on your nest egg.

B: That’s interesting and logical I guess. In my country, we also have to contribute to a government run retirement fund, but most people don’t really trust it so they just invest in properties or things like that.

A: That seems a bit unstable don’t you think?

B: Yeah, but corrupt governments inthe past have created distrust among banks and financial institutions, so now people prefer to have money hidden in a jar or a piggy bank.

A: I’ve been thinking of doing that lately! I don’t want some banker to run off with my money!

Elementary ‐ Daily Life ‐ Apology Letter (C0 164)

A: Dear Mary, I come here today, in this way, because I need to apologize to you. I failed you. Although I did not lie to you in words, I lied to you with faces that did not belong to me. I never meant to ruin the friendship that meant the world to me. You mean the world to me and now I come to you asking for forgiveness. If in your heart you find you can’t, then I will understand and learn from this experience.

A: You came into my life at a time when I needed you the most. We talked about so many things that I started to realize my heart and my soul could actually

feel something other than hurt. You placed comfort where there was fear, confidence where there was doubt, a shoulder where tears could fall and completeness where there was emptiness. I wanted to hold onto to this so badly that I did whatever it took for you to notice. What I didn’t realize was that

I could lose my entire being, all of who I was and all that I had placed in you.

A: I wanted to be the one who would be there when you needed to talk. I wanted to be the comfort for your soul when the world was too much to handle. I wanted to be strong for you when everything else seemed impossible. I wanted to love you in only the way you deserved to be loved, never realizing that I was destroying myself and you. Somehow I needed you to be a part of my life. The only problem was that I was willing to jeopardize everything to get that done.

A: All the things that I told you about how I felt and how you make me feel were true. Nothing else mattered to me except hearing the laughter in your voice when you were happy. You made my days easy to get through and my nights peaceful; you helped me look forward to another day. Even though distance separated us, just being was enough.

A: I’m sorry for hurting you and if I had to do all over again I would have been 100% with you. Forgive me please,

Elementary ‐ Daily Life ‐ Asking For A Loan ( C0165)

B: Hello Sir may I help you?

A: Yes. I would like some information for requesting a loan.

B: Very well, here are the general terms of our loan policies. We pride ourselves in having the lowest interest rate in the country for personal loans.

A: I see. So let me get this straight. If I borrow let’s say, ten thousand dollars, how much will I have to pay each month?

B: It depends on how long you take to pay it back. If we lend you ten thousand dollars at an annual interest rate of ten percent for forty eight months, you would have to pay each month a portion of the loan which is called the principal and another small portion of the annual interest rate. This of course is considering that you don’t default on a payment!

A: It sounds good but, there is just one problem. I have a terrible credit score.

B: That is a very serious problem you see, the bank must assess your personal information, past loans, assets and any other relevant information such as your credit score in order to approve your loan.

A: You know what? I don’t really need the money.

Thanks anyways!

Elementary ‐ Daily Life ‐ Dr. Botox (C0166)

A: What are you doing?

B: Look at me. I look so old! I look as if I were thirty.

A: Come on! Stop being so vain. You look great! You are beautiful!

B: Yes, I am, but I think it’s time for some plastic surgery I’m tired of these wrinkles and sagging skin. See?

A: I don’t see any wrinkles or sagging skin! You are stop beings ridiculous. Besides, I think that people who get Botox, have facelifts, or tummy tucks look weird. It doesn’t look natural.

B: Whatever, I think I’m gonna get liposuction and a nose job and some breast implants as well.

A: I think you need to get brain surgery. I honestly don’t think you need cosmetic surgery. You look amazing.

B: I thought you were my friend and would support me on this! I just want to feel better about myself and feel more attractive.

A: You don’t need plastic surgery to do that. You are fine the way you are and you have guys drooling all over you! Plus, plastic surgery hurts!

B: Really?

A: Yeah! When I got my nose job I was black and blue for a week!

Elementary ‐ Daily Life ‐ Learning How To Dr ive (C0167)

A: Ok! I’m ready for my driving lesson! Should I start the car?

B: Hold on there Fittipaldi, first let’s go over things one more time. Now before you even think of starting the car, make sure your seat is at a comfortable position and you can grip the steering wheel firmly. Next check your rear view mirrors to make sure you can see properly.

A: We have been through this a million times! Let’s get going already! I’m ready!

B: Fine start the car. now gently step on the clutch and shift to 1st gear. Good, now accelerate gently and let go of the clutch as u do it. There we gogood!

A: I’m doing it! I’m driving! This is awesome! Le’ts turn some music on!

B: Keep your eyes on the road! No music! We are coming up to a red light, step on the brakes. What are you doing? I said the brakes! Look out for those people! Get off the sidewalk!

A: Get out of my way! This is just like playing video games!

B: It’s the police! Pull over!

A: They’ll never take me alive!

Elementary ‐ The Weekend ‐ Roller Coaster ( C0169)

A: I’m so excited! We are finally here! Six Flags

Magic Mountain! This is the best amusement park in the world!

B: Alright settle down now, you’re gonna give yourself a heart attack.

C: I can’t believe they charged us dollars each. It seems like a rip off don’t you think? It’s not like I’m gonna get on these rides.

A: Whoa. . . Viper! That’s the world’s highest and fastest roller coaster! You go at more than miles per hour! I wanna go on that one! Can I mom please? Can I ?

B: Chris I’m not sure you should get on that it seems a bit too much for you and we just had breakfast minutes ago. I don’t think it’s a good idea.

A: Aww come on mom! I can handle it. I promise I won’t ask for anything else! Besides, it’s not like I’m gonna throw upor anything. . .

C: Let him go Carol, he’ll be fine.

A: Alright! Yeah! This is amazing! See how high up we’re going? Whoa. . . mmmf mmfff barf.

Elementary ‐ Daily Life ‐ Wedding Doubts (C 0170)

A: Man, I’m freaking out! You gotta help me!

B: Whoa whoa take it easy, relax. Geez, you’re sweating like a pig! What’s going on?

A: I can’t go through with this! I just can’t! I’m not ready for marriage! What was I thinking? I’m only thirty five years old! I’ve got my entire life ahead of me, adventures waiting! I can’t settle down yet!

B: What are you talking about? It wasn’t more than a month ago that you were rambling on about how you are tired of living the life of a bachelor and how you envy your friends that have a family!

A: I know I know!

B: Let’s think this through. First of all, you cannot leave Amy at the altar. Not only will she be humiliated and kill you, but she is the woman that you love andthe woman of your dreams! Why would you want to end that or jeopardize it like this?

Second of all, you are just getting cold feet. You know deep down inside that you want to marry her, so cut the crap and do it!

B: You’re right. I’m being crazy! Ok, I’m ready, lets do this!

A: Great! Phew! That was a close one ! You had me going there for a minute I thought I was gonna have to slap some sense into you

Elementary ‐ The Weekend ‐ Buying a Camer a (C0171)

A: Hello, ma’am, can I help you find something?

B: Yes, actually I’m looking to buy a camera.

A: We’ve got a wide selection do you know if you’d like a point-and-shoot, or something a little fancier? Are you shopping for yourself or for someone else?

B: Actually I’m buying a camera for my husband.

A: Ah, well then I’d recommend a nice entry-level digital SLR.

B: Yeah? Can I take a look at the SLRs you carry?

A: Sure thing, follow me. This here is the.

B: The Canon Eos. Yeah it’s ok, but I’m looking for something that performs better in low light, has a better display panel, and longer battery life.

A: Oh, ah, um the Nikon D60 is a nice option.

B: Yeah, but what kit lens does this camera come with? I don’t want some bulky telephoto lens.

A: Oh, well this one has the, uh.

B: Looks to me like an 18-55mm lens. pretty standard, that will do. Not like my husband will be stalking celebrities or anything!

A: So, ahem, can I interest you in any acc…

B: Accessories? Do you carry polarizing filters?

A: Polarizing filter um we should! I’m sorry, ma’am. looks like we’re sold out.

B: No you’re not! There are some right here!

A: Oh, well, would you look at that! Po-la-ri-zing filters.

B: Thanks for your help, Ralph!

A: No problem, ma’am.

Elementary ‐ Daily Life ‐ Dry Cleaners (C017 2)

A: Thank god you are open! I have an emergency!

B: Hello Mr. Henderson what can I do for you?

A: I need this dress and this suit dry cleaned ASAP!

B: OK, I can have it ready by the end ofthe week.

A: No you don’t understand, I need this tomorrow

morning! I accidentally spilled beer all over my wife’s dress and we have a wedding to attend tomorrow! She’s gonna kill me!

B: Ok, I can have it ready tomorrow afternoon, but this suit is also very stained. I can’t guarantee we can remove it completely.

A: Fine! Can you also iron and starch this shirt?

B: Certainly.

A: Great! This is our secret! If you see my wife, say nothing to her about this!

Elementary ‐ The Office ‐ Preparing a Budge t (C0173)

A: Welcome Mr and Mrs Carnwell, please take a seat.

B: Thank you.

A: So I understand that your family spending has sky rocketed and you want to start budgeting.

C: Yes that’s correct. Frankly speaking our household income is relatively high and we have never had any money problems, but I think this is the main reason as to why our spending has gone out of control.

B: We have two kids and with allowances, paying their credit cards, ours and not to mention our mortgage and car payments. With the recent economic downturn, my husband’s business has suffered and now we need some advice as to how we can prepare a family budget.

A: I see. Well you have come to the right place. First what we need to do, is determine your cash flow. Knowing how much money is coming in will help us allocate spending to different categories such as mortgage, education, groceries, etc.

B: Yes that makes sense.

A: Secondly, I need you to bring all of your receipts for the last two to three months. That way, we can determine what your average expenditures are and see which category you are spending money on the most. Usually, your fixed costs are higher and we can’t do much about that, but we can usually trim your variable costs such as entertainment or clothing.

C: Great! We will do that then! Now how about we treat you to a nice dinner?

A: That’s another thing. If you really want to stop spending so much money, throw away at least half of your credit cards!

Elementary ‐ The Weekend ‐ Getting a mani cure (C0174)

A: Honey I’ll be right back!

B: Where are you going?

A: I told you already! I’m going to get my nails done.

B: Again? You just went last week! You spend more time atthe nail salon than you do here at home! Honestly, why do you need a manicure every week?

A: Well, first of all, I like to pamper myself, and my nails look great. You should come with me!

B: Why? I don’t want to have nail polish or anything like that!

A: They don’t only paint my nails! The manicurist will remove my cuticles, file my nails, and apply at least nails coats of nail polish!

B: Yeah, sounds like something I should definitely


Elementary‐ Global View ‐ New Years Resolution (C0175)

A: Did you read this? It says that the number one new years resolution make is to spend more time with friends and family.

B: Why would that be funny?

A: Well, think about it. We are a society that is always on the go, not because we have to, but because we want to.

B: Why?

A: We work hard and spend less time at home because we are trying to provide for our family with goods and services that are usually unnecessary.

B: I don’t agree, but anyways, I think you should start thinking of a new year’s resolution yourself.

A: What’s the point? We always make a new year’s resolution and by February we will have forgotten about it. It’s pointless.

B: Well then maybe you should resolve to sticking to your goals and objectives.

A: What about you? Your gym bag is gathering dust and you still have brand new running shoes that are yet to be jogged in.

B: Well, I would go if you kept your promise of going to the gym with me everyday!

A: Yeah yeah whatever.

Elementary ‐ Daily Life ‐ Heating (C0176)

A: It’s freezing in here! Can I turn up the heat?

B: Don’t touch that thermostat! You don’t pay the bills around here!

A: Dad! Are you serious? What’s the point of having central heating if we can’t use it! Look, I can see my breath!

B: Put on a sweater! I’m not gonna let you run up my heating bill just because it’s a bit chilly.

A: Dad! I’m gonna catch a cold!

B: When I was your age, my parents didn’t have central heating like you do! We had a furnace in the center of the living room and that was it. We used it to cook, heat the house and even dry our clothes! We never caught a cold. You should be grateful!

The Weekend ‐ Decorating a Christmas Tree ( C0177)

HUSBAND: I’m home! Everyone come here! I bought a Christmas tree! Look at this beautiful pine tree!

WIFE: Wow, it’s huge! Are you sure it will fit inthe living room?

KID: Awesome! I’ll go getthe Christmas lights!

HUSBAND: Of course it will. help me put it in the living room.

KID: I found the lights!

WIFE: I got the Christmas ornaments! We could also place these stockings next to the chimney. HUSBAND: Great idea! While we decorate the tree, we can listen to some good old Christmas songs!

Elementary ‐ Daily Life ‐Findingtheperfect present (C0178)

A: Bill. Bill! You gotta help me!

B: What’s wrong? Slow down or you are gonna give yourself a heart attack.

A: Tomorrow is Christmas and I haven’t bought my mom anything! I’m such a bad son!

B: Take it easy! Let’s go to the mall, window shop a little and see if there is anything she might like.

A: That’s just it! I don’t know what to get her! Last year I got her a ring that was two sizes too big and a pair of shoes five sizes too small! I suck at getting presents for people.

B: That’s where you’re making a big mistake! You can’t just guess peoples’ likes or sizes! Especially with clothes or jewelry. On top of that, I think that you should get your mom something that shows how much you love her. At the same time you should

show her that you took the time and effort to look for something that she would really like!

A: Yeah you’re right. When it comes down to it, I can be pretty tacky.

B: Yeah tell me about it. I know! Your mom is trying to learn Spanish right? Why don’t you get her a gift certificate for this great website I saw called SpanishPod.

A: Now that’s a great idea!

Elementary ‐Intermediate ‐ Silent Night (C0179)

A: Silent night, holy night

A: All is calm, all is bright

A: Round yon Virgin Mother and Child

A: Holy Infant so tender and mild

A: Sleep in heavenly peace

A: Sleep in heavenly peace

A: Silent night, holy night

A: Shepherds quake at the sight

A: Glories stream from heaven afar

A: Heavenly hosts sing Alleluia!

A: Christ, the Saviour is born

A: Christ, the Saviour is born

A: Silent night, holy night

A: Son of God, love’s pure light

A: Radiant beams from Thy holy face

A: With the dawn of redeeming grace

A: Jesus, Lord, at Thy birth

A: Jesus, Lord, at Thy birth

Elementary ‐ Jingle Bells (B0180)

A: Dashing through the snow

A: In a one horse open sleigh

A: O’er the fields we go

A: Laughing all the way

A: Bells on bob tails ring

A: Making spirits bright

A: What fun it is to laugh and sing

A: A sleighing song tonight

A: Oh, jingle bells, jingle bells

A: Jingle all the way

A: Oh, what fun it is to ride

A: In a one horse open sleigh

A: jingle bells, jingle bells

A: Jingle all the way

A: Oh, what fun it is to ride

A: In a one horse open sleigh

A: Dad, dad, dad! Wake up! It’s Christmas!

B: Timmy. It’s too early for this. Look, it’s six in the morning! Go back to bed!

A: No way! Santa already came and left all our presents! Can we go open them? Please! Please!

C: Of course we can honey. Bill, come on, get dressed.

B: Fine! Not like Santa brought me any gifts!

C: Bill! Honestly, you can be such a grouch sometimes.

A: Look at all these presents under the Christmas tree! Awesome!

B: Alright Timmy, knock yourself out. We should get ready and head to the market to buy everything for the Christmas dinner tonight.

C: Yeah you’re right. It’s the first time we are hosting

Christmas dinner at our house so everything has to be perfect.

B: I got the list right here. Ham, turkey, mashed potatoes, ingredients for the gravy and of course, yams!

C: My dad offered to bring the eggnog so we should be set!

Elementary ‐ Daily Life ‐ Christmas Day (C01 81)

A: Dad, dad, dad! Wake up! It’s Christmas!

B: Timmy. It’s too early for this. Look, it’s six in the morning! Go back to bed!

A: No way! Santa already came and left all our presents! Can we go open them? Please! Please!

C: Of course we can honey. Bill, come on, get dressed.

B: Fine! Not like Santa brought me any gifts!

C: Bill! Honestly, you can be such a grouch sometimes.

A: Look at all these presents under the Christmas tree! Awesome!

B: Alright Timmy, knock yourself out. We should get ready and head to the market to buy everything for the Christmas dinner tonight. C: Yeah you’re right. It’s the first time we are hosting Christmas dinner at our house so everything has to be perfect.

B: I got the list right here. Ham, turkey, mashed potatoes, ingredients for the gravy and of course, yams!

C: My dad offered to bring the eggnog so we should be set!

Elementary ‐Global View ‐ Boxing Day (C0182)

A: What do you think of this one?

B: Eh, so so.

A: And this one? Too flashy?

B: Nah, not too flashy.

A: Uhg! And this sweater from my aunt? Isn’t it hideous?

B: I guess.

A: Are you even listening? I’m trying to have a conversation with you.

B: And I’m trying to watch the game, but you’re yapping on about your new clothes!

A: Well I have to decide which gifts to keep and which to exchange for better ones when I go to the Boxing Day sales this afternoon!

B: Well could you do me the favor of making this quick? It’s the third quarter and you’ve been blabbering on since the first!

A: Oh, your precious game. You watch the same game every year, and each year your beloved hometown team loses by at least three goals!

B: Oh no you didn’t. You didn’t just insult the Salsbury Seals, did you? Why don’t you just. just go and return all of those stupid clothes and not come back until the sales are over?

A: I might just! Enjoy your stupid game!

B: And Merry Christmas!

A: Merry Christmas!

Elementary ‐Daily Life ‐ Winter Clothes (C0183)

A: Bye, mom!

B: Wait, Jimmy, it’s cold outside. Put a hat on!

A: Ok. Bye!

B: No, wait, you will be too cold without mittens.

A: Alright. See ya!

B: Hold on, with that wind, you’re going to catch a cold. Wear this scarf.

A: Ok, see you after school…

B: Oh… and ear muffs! Put these on… here we go.

A: Mom?

B: Yes, honey…

A: I… I can’t breathe.

Elementary ‐Daily Life ‐ Fresh Start (C0184)

B: So what are you gonna do? Just quit?

A: That’s exactly what I am going to do! I’ve decided to create my own company! I’m going to write up a business plan, get some investors and start working for myself!

A: I’ve had it! I’m done working for a company that is taking me nowhere!

B: This is very beautiful. Though I have to confess, I don’t know the first thing about farming!

A: That’s fine! Don’t worry about it!

B: What was that?

A: Relax, it was just a goat!

B: And that?

A: It’s just the cows that are grazing over there. We can milk them later.

B: What was that?

A: Honey, seriously, It’s just a sheep. Relax!

A: Relax, that was just the horses and donkeys that are in the stable .

B: You know what? I don’t think I can hack it here out in the countryside. I’m going back to the city!

A: Isn’t this great? I always wanted to own a farm, live out in the country, grow my own food!

B: Yeah? You finally decided to wipe the slate clean?

A: You got it! I have a new job, I’m living in a new city, with new friends! This is my opportunity to make some small changes in the way I live my life. B: So what are you going to do? Take up an art class or something?

A: Well, first of all, I’ve decided to stop smoking. It’s not that I’m pinching pennies or anything, it’s just that I’ve been smoking since I was sixteen, and I think it’s time to stop.

B: I’m with you on that one. Anything else you’re planning on doing?

A: One last thing, I’ve decided to come out of the

A: Now that it’s the new year, I’ve decided to turn over a new leaf.

Elementary## Elementary The Weekendcloset.

B: It’s about time!

‐ Farm Animals (C0185)

The Office ‐ Business Plan (C0186)

B: Have you ever written up a business plan before?

A: Well, it can’t be that hard! I mean, all you have to do is explain your business, how you are going to do things and that’s it, right?

B: You couldn’t be more wrong! A well written business plan will include an executive summary which highlights the idea of the business in two pages or less. Then you need to describe your company with information such as what type of legal structure it has, history, etc.

A: Well that seems easy enough.

B: Wait, there’s more! Then you need to introduce and describe your goods or services. What they are and how they are different from competitors’? Then comes the hard part, a market analysis. You need to investigate and analyze hundreds of variables! You need to take into consideration socioeconomic factors from GDP per capita to how many children on average the population has! All this information is

‐ useful so that you can move on to your strategy and implementation stage, where you will describe in detail how you will actually execute your idea.

A: Geez. Is that all?

B: Almost, the most important piece of information for your investors will be the financial analysis. Here you will calculate and estimate sales, cash flow and profits. After all, people will want to know when they will begin to see a return on their investment!

A: Umm. I think I’ll just stick to my old job and save myself all the hassle of trying to start up a business!

Elementary ‐ Daily Life ‐ Going On A Diet (C0187)

A: Oh man! I’ve been starving myself for days now and I haven’t lost an ounce!

B: Are you trying to lose weight?

A: Yeah, my friend is getting married next month and I’m supposed to be a bridesmaid. I have to fit

‐ into my dress and look nice for her wedding, but I haven’t lost any weight! Look at these love handles.

B: You don’t have to starve yourself to lose weight. I think that’s where you’re going wrong.

A: Why? If I eat less, then my body will start eating away at my fat reserves right?

B: Not really. You should try to not eat foods high in calories, salts or saturated fats. Stay away from oily food and artificial flavors.

A: So you are saying that I should eat, but I should

just watch what I eat?

B: Yes! You can also try to reduce your intake of carbohydrates and foods that are high in cholesterol. You can have steamed veggies or increase your protein intake found in chicken or fish.

A: If I do all this do you think I can lose twenty pounds in four weeks?

B: Don’t count on it.

Elementary ‐The Office ‐ Asking For A Raise (C0188)

A: Excuse me sir, may I talk to you?

B: Bill! Sure, come on in. What can I do for you?

A: Well sir, as you know, I have been an employee of this prestigious firm for over ten years.

B: Yes.

A: I won’t beat around the bush. Sir, I would like a raise. I currently have three companies after me and so I decided to talk to you first.

B: A raise? Son, I would love to give you a raise, but this is just not the right time.

A: I understand your position, and I know that the current economic downturn has had a negative impact on sales, but you must also take into consideration my hard work, pro-activeness and loyalty to this company for over a decade.

B: Taking into account these factors, and considering

I don’t want to start a brain drain, I’m willing to offer you a ten percent raise and an extra five days of vacation time. How does that sound?

A: Great! It’s a deal! Thank you, sir!

B: Before you go, just out of curiosity, what companies were after you?

A: Oh, the electric company, gas company and water company!

Elementary ‐ DailyLife ‐ BuyingANewMobilePhone (C0189)

A: Hello sir, may I help you?

B: Yeah, I accidentally dropped my phone in the toilet.

A: I see. Well, you have come to the right place. We have over one hundred models of more than twenty leading mobile phone manufacturers.

B: Sounds good. I don’t want it to be too expensive, maybe something mid-range.

A: We have this new HTC smart phone. It comes with

the Android OS so you can download applications. It also has a built-in camera, mp3 player and touch screen. It works on the 3G network so you have fast access to the internet wherever you are.

B: What about Wi-fi?

A: Of course! You can access the internet from any hotspot as well as from home.

B: One last thing. Is it waterproof?

Elementary ‐The Weekend ‐ Family Barbecue (C0190)

A: Is everything ready for the big family barbecue tomorrow?

B: Yep. The steaks and chicken are marinated and I also bought hamburger buns.

A: We should also cook a couple dozen hot dogs and kebabs.

B: Yeah, good idea. We can put some lawn furniture outside next to the grill. I also set up the tent outside so we can hide from the sun if it gets too hot.

A: Great! I asked Grace to bring cups and serviettes as she is also bringing two big coolers for the beers.

B: This is gonna be a great barbecue!

Elementary ‐ Global View ‐ Daylight Savings Time (C0191)

A: Did you set your clock forward for daylight savings time?

B: What? Why do we have to do that?

A: Well, at the start of the spring we usually have more daylight in the mornings and less in the afternoon. This is basically due to our position on the planet and the rotation of the earth. In any case, to take better advantage of the daylight available, we compensate by moving our clocks forward one hour.

B: I see. That’s convenient! I never understood things like this, such as GMT. I never know what time zone we are in or when to change my clock!

A: That just stands for Greenwich Mean Time. Here in California, we are in Pacific Standard Time, that is eight time zones west of Greenwich. Remember when we were in Beijing? Well, then we were in

China Standard Time, and that’s eight time zones east of Greenwich!

B: That’s why it was so weird traveling from Beijing to LA! Because of the huge time difference, even though we left Beijing at noon and flew for more than

eight hours, we still arrived in LA the same day at noon! It’s like we went back in time!

Elementary ‐ Global View ‐ Natural Disasters (C0192)

Bob: Those are the headlines for today, and now for the international weather report with Mike Sanderson.

Mike: Thank you, Bob! This past week has been the beginning of Armageddon for many, a series of unprecedented meteorological events occurred around the world. In Switzerland, a major avalanche was reported in the Alps. Fortunately, no one was injured. Due to to the extreme cold this winter, a blizzard has struck the US Midwest, causing classes in schools and universities to be temporarily canceled.

Mike: Moving to to Latin American, Ecuador has suffered a six month drought that has not only affected farming, but has also forced the closure of the hydroelectric power plant that provides electricity for the entire country. In Chile, a major earthquake that registered seven point five on the Richter scale struck the southern region. Losses are reported to be in the billions. Authorities have not yet released an official statement.

Bob: Not a great week for the world! Any good news?

Mike: I’m afraid not, Bob. One of the major volcanoes in Mexico has erupted, causing major floods and landslides in the region. Meanwhile, Mexico ’s coast has been hit by hurricane Liliana and officials say that all the seismic activity leads them to believe that a tsunami may hit Central America, affecting Honduras, Guatemala and Panama. That’s all the news we have for today, but stay tuned for updates on the six o’clock news. Back to you Bob.

Elementary ‐ Daily Life ‐BuildingYourDream Home (C0193)

A: Mr. and Mrs. Robinson! Let’s get straight to it. You have saved up your money for years and are now ready to build your dream home. What did you have in mind?

B: A suburban bungalow straight out of the sixties! A perfect lawn with minimal landscaping. A brick patio in the backyard with an old-fashioned grill, quaint

lawn furniture, and a swimming pool. A two-car carport, pastel siding and a gable roof. Completed with white shutters and a white picket fence !

C: Uh, honey?

B: In the living room we would have moss-green rugs and a fireplace with a stone mantle and wood paneling on the walls. In the kitchen, the cupboards would be a pale yellow and we would have a turquoise metal oven and vinyl flooring -

C: Umm, sweetie, but I was thinking of a more modern style house. An open concept house, all glass, wood, metal, and concrete.

B: But sweetums, there is always a lot of wasted space in those kinds of homes. Besides, it’s just a fad. It doesn’t have the homey feeling the old homes do.

C: Sweetie-pie it’s not a lot of wasted space. It is relaxing and the house would be eco-friendly with an in-floor heating system and designed to retain the heat of the sun in the winter and keep the house cool in the summer. We would have solar panels on the roof -

B: Do you know how much those things cost?

C: What about your vintage furniture, dearest? And instead of a lawn, which is also a lot of wasted space and would require environmentally harmful pesticides, we would have a fish pond in the backyard and a garden that would cover the whole yard so we could grow our own food!

B: But buttercup, I thought you always said that you loved visiting your grandmother’s house!

C: And I thought you, Mr. Scientist, were all up on saving the planet with your technological advancements!

A: Umm well I am just going to go get some coffee while you two keep discussing.

Elementary ‐ The Weekend ‐ Stir Fry (C0194)

A: Oh, man. I had the best supper last night. My wife made a stir fry and it was amazing!

B: I love stir fry Crispy bite-sized vegetables covered in a mixture of soy sauce and oyster sauce. Wilted greens and fresh bean sprouts. Throw in some onion and garlic and ginger! Mmm! Mmm! It’s almost lunchtime. I would die for a plate of stir fry right now!

A: Well, you can keep the vegetables, I’ll take the meat. The stir fry my wife made was really hearty, with chunks of beef and slivers of bell peppers and

onion… B: Can you make sure you leave a little extra space

B: What? You call that a stir fry? More meat than in the collar? My neck gets easily irritated.

vegetables? That’s the worst insult you could throw A: No problem! Now for your pants, let me just

at a Chinese stir fry What a disgrace to the wok she measure your waist and the inseam.

fried it in! What you had is equivalent to a fajita B: You might also want to leave a little extra room in

without the wrap! Silly Americans! the waist area. I tend to gain a few pounds over the


Elementary ‐ A: OK. Now you can pick your fabric and patternGlobal View ‐ Job Hunting (C0195) design. Please follow me.

A: Woo hoo! This just might be the start of the rest of Elementary ‐my life! Global View ‐ Calling 911 (C0197)

B: What happened? A: Alright class, now that we’re all dressed up let’s

A: I’m in the market for a job! I went on a website see what professions you chose. Ah, I see a fireman,

with hundreds of job listings in the area and browsed a police officer, a medic, and a lifeguard! Can anyone

through them until I got the names of a few tell me what these people have in common?

employers I would like to work for. I have the

resume I wrote for English class last month and a B: They save people from bad things?

cover letter will be a piece of cake to write. I’ve even A: That’s right! Now class, if something bad

done my research and found the names of the happened and you had to get help, do you know

managers so I can address the letters personally. what phone number you would call?

And you know I can be charming in interviews. C: 911!

Goodbye my penniless days! Hello salary and a A: Yes, you would pick up the phone and dial 911.

career! What are some emergency situations where you

B: Ben, we’re fifteen. What kind of job are you would need to dial 911?

looking for? B: If my grandpa has a heart attack!

A: Oh, just for a position as a gas station attendant. C: If there is an accident!

You know, starting at a simple lowly job, just like all B: If a robber breaks into the house!

the greats before they made it big in the world. C: If the fire alarm goes off!

B: Uh-huh. B: Pff! I wouldn’t call 911 if the fire alarm went off in

A: But I’m just in it for the money, right? How else my house. The only time that ever happens is when

am I going to be able to afford to keep taking Angela we’re having spaghetti for supper, and Mom burns

to the movies? Besides, I love the smell of gasoline, the garlic bread, as usual.

don’t you?

Elementary ‐## Elementary ‐ Daily Life ‐ Applying CPR (C0198)

Daily Life ‐ Going To The Tailor (C0196)

    A: Hello  everyone  and  welcome  to  our  CPR	for

A: Welcome to Bill’s Fabric World. What can I do for beginners course. First of all, does anyone know

you today? what CPR stands for?

B: I was wondering if you guys also tailor clothes? B: Cardiopulmonary resuscitation!

A: Sure we do! We have the best tailors in the A: That’s right! We apply CPR in the case of cardiac

country! What is it that you need exactly? arrest or pulmonary arrest.

B: Well, I’m looking to get a custom-made suit. B: What does that mean?

A: Excellent! We have the finest cashmeres at A: Well, basically if your heart stops pumping blood, affordable prices. How about we get you measured? or your lungs stop pumping air, then we need to get

Let’s start off by measuring the width of your them going again! That’s when we have to apply this

shoulders. Now, let’s measure the length of your procedure. Let’s begin! I need a volunteer.

arms and this bit around your neck here.

B: Me! Me!

A: Alright, come here and lay flat on your back. Let’s suppose this young woman has stopped breathing.

We must lift the person’s chin so that we clear a pathway for air to get into the lungs. Then we place our mouth over the other person’s mouth and blow air two or three times, like this.

B: Wait, what are you doing? I’m a married woman! You can’t just try to kiss me like this!

A: Ma’ am I’m not trying to kiss you! I am trying to demonstrate how to apply CPR in the case of an emergency.

B: Well, ok. But no French kissing!

A: As I was saying, we blow air through the mouth in this manner. Once this is done, we must try to get the heart going again. To do this, we place our hands over the person’s chest, and press down firmly two or three times.

B: Wait, what are you doing! You can’t just kiss me then go for second base!

Elementary ‐ Global View ‐LearningAboutFirst Aid (C0199)

A: Hey Joe! Where have you been these past few days?

B: I’ve been busy with a first aid course that I started about a week ago at the Red Cross.

A: Cool! I’ve always wanted to do something like that!

Have you learned anything useful?

B: For sure! I mean we’ve learned how to apply pressure to stop bleeding, how to check for a pulse, and even how to apply CPR!

A: Have you treated any real emergencies?

B: Well, they took us along with some paramedics. There was this guy who fell off his motorcycle and suffered a concussion as well as a couple of compound fractures. His wounds were pretty serious so they had to rush him to the hospital. It was intense!

A: I can imagine! I tend to faint when I see blood, so

I think I won’t be taking up a course like that anytime soon!

Elementary ‐Daily Life ‐ Junk Food (C0200)

A: I’m hungry, let’s grab a bite to eat.

B: Sure! How about we go home and prepare a couple of sandwiches?

A: Nah! Let’s go get a burger and fries.

B: All you ever do is have unhealthy fast food Pizza,fries, burgers and hot dogs! You have to start eating better!

A: What are you talking about? I have salads sometimes.

B: Yeah right! I’m serious! You should also cut down on your sugar intake as well. You drink carbonated drinks that are high in fructose syrup! It’s really not healthy!

A: Fine! I’ll start drinking and having home cooked meals that are low in fat. Are you happy now?

B: It’s a start, but I’ll be happy when I see you stick to your promise!

Elementary ‐ Daily Life ‐ At The Post Office (C0201)

A: Welcome to the National Post. How may I help you?

B: Hi, I would like to send this package to China, and these postcards as well.

A: Very well. You will need some stamps for the postcards and I need to weigh that package, too.

B: Great. How much is this going to cost?

A: Well, it depends. Do you want to send it via priority, express or standard mail?

B: What’s the difference?

A: Well, standard mail can take up to fifteen working days . Priority is a bit faster and will arrive in about five to eight working days. Express is the fastest, but it’s also the most expensive. It only takes three days and you can track your package online.

B: I see. Well, there’s no rush. Please send it via priority mail. Please be extra careful, the contents of the package are fragile.

Elementary ‐ TheWeekend‐ Asking For Directions (C0202)

A: We have been going around in circles for the past hour! Will you just please stop and ask for directions?

B: We are not lost! I’m just taking the scenic route.

A: Yeah, whatever. I told you we should buy that GPS that was on sale, but would you listen to me? No! This is so typical.

B: Fine! I’ll ask this guy for directions if it will shut your trap! Excuse me, sir. Can you tell me how to get to Saint Mary’s Church?

C: Sure! Go down Park Road. turn left, go up as far as the set of traffic lights and turn left. The place you are looking for isthe second building on the right.

A: Thanks!

B: See? Was that hard? If you would only listen to me more often, you would be better off.

Elementary ‐Daily Life ‐ Calling Tech Support (C0203)

Tech guy: Hello, thanks for calling 123TechHelp, I’m Todd. How can I help you?

Client: Hello? Can you help me? My computer! Oh


Todd: It’s okay sir, calm down. What happened?

Client: I turned on my laptop and it broke! I mean, the monitor went black!

Todd: Ok, sir, it sounds like you might have a virus. Client: I don’t feel sick,…let me check… Nope! No fever, I’m fine.

Todd: No, your computer might have a virus, I mean, it has a bad program on it. Maybe that’s why it crashed. I recommend that you run an antivirus program in order to safely remove any unwanted spyware or Trojans.

Client: Phew! . . . . . .Wait a minute, CRASH??!!

Spyware? Trojans! What? where? when?!

Elementary ‐Global View ‐ Understanding a Trial (C0204)

Lawyer: Your honor, ladies and gentlemen of the jury, My client, Robert Malone, has been accused of a crime he did not commit. The prosecution has accused my client of being a pickpocket! I know we have heard the testimony of many people here today, . . . . people who claim the defendant, my client, stole their wallets. I feel sorry for these victims, I really do. . . . . . . . . but my client is innocent!

Lawyer: Let’s look at the facts. . . one: These ’so-called’ witnesses did not actually see the defendant steal anything. . . . . . . . . . two: When the police stopped him, he did not have any of the stolen wallets. There is no evidence.

Lawyer: Therefore, Ladies and Gentlemen of the jury, I ask you to think carefully before giving your verdict. My client is innocent!

Judge: Ladies and Gentlemen of the jury, have you reached a verdict?

Jury member: Yes, your honor. our verdict is. . . . . . not guilty!

Robert: Thank you so much! You were great! Thank you for all your hard work!

Lawyer: You’re welcome Robert! I knew you were innocent so my job was easy. Take care of yourself, okay?

Robert: Thanks once again…

Lawyer: Hey! Where’s my wallet?

Elementary ‐ The Office ‐ Closing The Deal (C0205)

Mr. Smith: I’m glad you could find time to meet with me, Mr. Johnson. I can’t think of a nicer environment for our meeting today, the ambiance here is lovely!

Mr. Johnson: No problem, if possible I always combine business with pleasure. Now, let’s hear more about these chocolates you’re offering.

Mr. Smith: Well, as you know, I have recently become the sole distributor for Grangers Gourmet Bon-bons here in the United States. They’re a new manufacturer and are looking to break into the luxury market. Naturally, your restaurant sprang into my mind immediately. I think your brand exemplifies many ofthe same traits as Grangers and serving these chocolates would really add to your reputation for providing elegant, luxurious, first class dining.

Mr. Johnson: Hmmm, sounds interesting. . . .

gourmet chocolates , where are they produced?


Mr. Smith: Actually, the factory is located in Scotland.

Mr. Johnson: Really? I didn’t think they were known for their luxury chocolate production. . .

Mr. Smith: That’s what makes this such a fantastic opportunity! The government is one hundred percent supportive of creating new export markets and has guaranteed a low tariff for all wholesale orders of over one thousand units. They’ve also reduced the red tape involved at customs as well. Here, I brought these especially for you, try one!

Mr. Johnson: Oh, thanks. Mmm, hmm, creamy texture, smooth. . . .

Mr. Smith: Unique aren’t they? I bet you’ve never tasted anything like it! Quality is assured as I personally visit the factory to make sure no one’s cutting corners with the ingredients. Only the cr eme de la cr eme make it through inspection. Mr. Johnson: Yes, very interesting flavors. . . . . . .

Slightly spicy, very unique, that’s for sure. Exactly

what ARE the ingredients? you aren’t going to be ripped off by the seller?

Mr. Smith: I have it on highest authority that this B: Well, the website handles a point system where if

traditional secret recipe has been handed down inthe the seller does something wrong, people comment

Granger family for generations. I’m sure you can negatively and then you know that he or she may not

keep a secret. Buttermilk, cacao beans, sugar and be trustworthy.

Haggis. A: Wow, that sounds pretty safe. So how do you pay?

Mr. Johnson: Haggis? What’s Haggis? Do you need a credit card?

Mr. Smith: It’s a traditional Scottish delicacy; you B: You can use a credit card or your debit card. They

take sheep’s liver, heart and lung and stuff it inside also let you use the PayPal system which is really

ofthe sheep’s stomach. safe and fast. I have never had any problems with

Mr. Johnson: Ah, get back to you. someone hacking my information or anything.

Mr. Smith: Mr. Johnson? Mr. Johnson? A: Do you think I can find a sweater for my dog

Elementary ‐ online?Daily Life ‐ Talking To Your Roomate (C0206) B: You can find anything! Are you sure you want to

    start shopping online though? Once you step into this	

    world, there is no turning back!			

A: Charlie, do you have a second? A: Let’s do it!

B: Yeah what’s up? Elementary ‐ Global View ‐ Understanding The Stock Mark

A: Well, I went and paid the bills today and you still

et (C0208)			

haven’t given me your half.

B: Yeah I wanted to talk to you about that. I agreed A: Sorry to bother you sir, but I have some bad

we would go halves on allthe bills, but frankly I think news.

it’s unfair.

A: Unfair! Why? B: What is it?

B: Well, you have long hair and use the hairdryer A: Well, the stock market just took a huge plunge

every morning. I don’t. You leave your computer on and we’ve lost a lot of money!

all night downloading torrents. I don’t. You see what B: What do you mean? What happened?

I’m getting at here? A: There are many factors that weigh in, but

A: You leave the air conditioner on day and night! NASDAQ is down 200 points, the DOW JONES

You also take 30 minute showers which means you indicator also suffered! Our portfolio is worth half of

are using way more gas and water than me! what it was worth points week ago.

B: Well, while we are at it, stop bringing your friends B: How is this possible? You are supposed to be

over for drinks every weekend. You always leave a talking to our stockbrokers and making sure that our

mess and keep me up all night! securities and investments are safe and making a

A: Maybe you should just move out and find another profitable return!

place. A: I know sir! We didn’t expect a bull market to

B: Maybe you should move out! become a bear market all of a sudden. On the other

Elementary ‐ hand, you still have some high yield trash bonds andDaily Life ‐ Shopping Online (C0207) government bonds that will give us enough liquidity

    to cut our loses and reinvest in emerging markets.	

A: What are you doing? We could potentially make this tragedy work for us

B: I’m just looking for a nice pillow on Ebay. and make us think outside the box.

    B: Do what you have to do! One other thing, don’t	

A: You are shopping for a pillow online? That’s

    tell the rest of the stockholders about this. If they	


    find out, it’s the end of this company!		

B: Why? I don’t have to leave the house or browse a

Elementary ‐dozen stores to find what I’m looking for. This way, I

Daily Life ‐ Office Gossip (C0209)		

just search for it online quick and easy.

A: I see, but how do you pay for it? How do you know Pam: Psssst! Pssssssssst! Hey! Eric, have you


Eric: Hm? No. . . go on, tell me, what’s the latest office gossip?

Pam: Well, you didn’t hear this from me but the rumor is. . . . . . . . . . is getting a promotion!

Eric: No way! But. . . she’s a terrible worker. . . and you can’t trust her. . . she’s so two-faced – you can’t believe anything she says!

Paula: Hey guys, what are you two whispering about?

Eric: Oh Hi Paula! How are you?

Paula: I’ve got some good news! I’m getting a


Pam: Congratulations! Eric and I were just saying that you are the best person forthe job. . . .

Eric: Yes! You’re the best!

Elementary ‐ Daily Life ‐ Meeting the In ‐ laws (C0210)

Cindy: Mother, father, I’d like to introduce you to my fianc′ e, Bob.

Miranda: Hello, Bob. Welcome.

Bob: Thanks for having me. Nice to meet the both of you. I’ve heard so much!

ThurstonS:o Cindy told you about bringing home her last boyfriend, then? Hah, that idiot…

Miranda: Shhh! Thurston, you’re going to scare the poor boy. Come in and have a drink. Dinner will be on in just a bit.

ThurstonW: hat’ll you be having? Whiskey? Bourbon? Pick your poison!

Bob: If you have a lemonade that’d be great.


Miranda: Why sure, there’s some in the fridge!

Cindy: Mother makes her own lemonade from scratch. It’s the best!

ThurstonS:o what are your hobbies, son? If you want, we can do some hunting tomorrow. I’ve just picked up a new rifle I’ve been meaning to try out. Should be a real hoot!

Bob: Um. I’m not really. eh. I don’t really hunt.

ThurstonY:ou don’t hunt? Well I’ll be…

Cindy: Bob is an animal rights activist. He doesn’t believe in harming animals.

Miranda: Dinner’s ready! Let’s go out to the patio where the pig is roasting.

Bob: Roast pig? I’m a vegetarian.

Elementary ‐ TheWeekend ‐ Playing Board Games (C0211)

Jim: Hey- Why did you take that money? You are such a cheater! I should send you to jail!

Karen: I am not cheating. When you pass go, you collect $200, Everyone knows that!

Jim: Well you can’t just take the money. You have to

ask the bank for money. And I’m the banker.

Karen: Banker?

Jim: Yes. . .

Karen: Can I have my $200 please?

Jim: Sure. Here you are, $200, Thank you, please come again! Now it’s my turn to roll the dice.

Elementary ‐ Global View ‐LastWillAnd Testament (C0212)

A: I, Luke Thompson, residing in California, being of sound mind, do hereby declare this instrument to be my last will and testament.

A: I hereby revoke all previous wills and codicils.

A: I direct that the disposition of my remains be as follows: I am to be cremated and taken to the summit of Mount Everest where my ashes will forever remain at the ceiling of the Earth.

A: I give all the rest and residue of my estate to my spouse, Betty Thompson, should she survive me for days. If my spouse, Betty Thompson, does not survive me, I give all the rest and residue of my estate to EnglishPod.

A: If neither Betty Thompson nor EnglishPod survives me, I give all the rest and residue of my estate to my heirs as determined by the laws of the State of California, relating to descent and distribution.

A: I appoint Robert Porter, to act as the executor of this will, to serve without bond. Should Robert Porter be unable or unwilling to serve, then I appoint Jason Smalls to act as the executor of this will.

A: I herewith affix my signature to this will on this the twenty third of May two thousand ten in the presence ofthe following witnesses, who witnessed and subscribed this will at my request, and in my presence.

Elementary ‐ Daily Life ‐ Funeral Arrangements (C0213)

A: Hi Daniel, how are you holding up? I am greatly sorry for your loss.

B: It’s a lot harder than I imagined. There are many A: Ok, pick up some cured meats to go with the wine.

things that you have to to arrange. I booked a time Maybe a pound of polish sausages, ham, liverwurst,

and date with the funeral home, but I still have a lot salami and any other cold cuts that are on sale. I

of things to do. think I saw a promotion for pastrami. Also get some

A: Have you bought a burial plot and a casket? cole slaw and a jar of olives.

B: No. Wendy is being cremated. She always talked B: Whoa wait a minute! Isn’t that a bit too much? I

about how she didn’t want to be buried. I already mean, how much is all of this going to cost!

chose a cremation urn and we plan to spread the A: Never mind that. Get some dips as well. Get a jar

ashes in the ocean. of spinach and blue cheese dip and also some

A: I see, that sounds like something she would have Tzatziki. If they have bean dip get that as well. Last

really liked. I am sure the memorial service will be but not least, get some pickles.

tasteful. You are doing a great job. B: Is that all, your majesty?

B: Thanks, it hasn’t been easy, but luckily we have A: Very funny! Get a move on! People will be here

life insurance and Wendy left behind a detailed will any minute.

Daily Life ‐ Describing Personalities (C0214)

    John: Ok darling, got some pizzas, potato chips, hot

A: OK class, settle down. I have the results of your dogs and lots of cheese!

individual personality tests. I am going to hand them

out and if you’d like, you can read them out loud to Kelly: Oh John, I thought we said we would start

the rest of the class. eating right! Remember? Our new healthy lifestyle?

    That’s all junk food!	

B: I’ll read mine! John: Hrumph! Right, so what did you get?

A: OK, go ahead. Kelly: Well, healthy food , of course! I got some

B: It says here that I am adventurous, outgoing and whole wheat bread, skimmed milk, fresh fish and

easy-going. It says that I am a little superstitious organic carrots. . . .

and occasionally naive! That’s not true! John: Organic? What’s organic? Do we need organic

A: The test isn’t one-hundred percent accurate. Is carrots. . . ?

that all it says? Kelly: They were grown without using any chemicals

B: No! It also says that I am open-minded with great that are harmful to our health. And yes,

ambition but that I can also be reckless and clumsy. John, we need organic carrots. . . .

This is stupid! John: Oh, so organic vegetables are the ‘green’

A: Ok, anyone else want to read theirs? option, right?

C: I’ll go! It says that I am an extroverted, well Kelly: Yup, better for the environment and better for

balanced person. It says I am generous, outspoken, us!

and very diligent. This is so true! It also says that I John: Wait a minute, that? . . . Doughnuts? they

am magnanimous, eloquent and daring! This is organic doughnuts, Kelly?

totally me! Kelly: . . . . I like doughnuts.

A: Pfft whatever, these tests are bologna! Elementary ‐## Elementary ‐ Global View ‐ Volunteering (C0217)

The Weekend ‐ At the Deli (C0215)

    Mark: Thanks a lot for pitching in once again Judy,

A: Honey, we are all out of wine and cheese. Do you we really appreciate your help. It seems that at this

mind running to the deli and picking up a few things? time of year there are more and more people who

    are  struggling  to  make  ends  meet.  There  aren’t

B: Can’t it wait? I’m watching the game right now! many professional chefs like you who are so

A: Your friends and family are coming over tonight generous with their time.

and we still need to get a lot of things.

B: Fine! What do you need? Judy: Don’t be silly Mark, I’m more than happy to

donate my time to a good cause. Volunteering at the soup kitchen has been really rewarding for me. You know, it’s satisfying to provide good meals for those who are less fortunate, I feel like I’m really making a difference in some small way.

Mark: Well, your skills are definitely appreciated here! The people who come here have fallen on hard times and a delicious hot meal can really bolster their spirits. That smells great! The needy are sure lucky to have you!

Judy: Thanks Mark!

Judy: Here you go, enjoy your meal!

Old lady: Thank you my dear, Oh this looks lovely.

Judy: You’re welcome, Hello sir, today we have. . . .

are you doing here?

George: Hey Judy! I’ll have a little of everything, thanks. . . . smells great!

Judy: George, seriously . . . what are you doing here? I haven’t seen you since our divorce was finalized. You’ve got no right to be here, you’re hardly homeless!

George: Don’t be like that Judy, I really miss your home cooking!

Elementary ‐Daily Life ‐ Divorce (C0218)

Je: Joanne, let’s not make this divorce any more acrimonious than it already is, okay? Let’s just get down to business and start dividing this stuff up fairly, so we can go our separate ways, alright?

Joanne: Fine with me. I just want to get this over

with. It’s important we make a clean break. I should

have signed a pre-nup.

Je: What was that?

Joanne: Nothing! Anyway, you’re right, there’s no reason this has to be nasty. My lawyer tells me you’ve accepted our alimony proposal and the division of property, as well as the custody agreement- I keep the cat and you get the dog. So that’s done. . . . finally.

Je: Let’s not go there, Joanne! Ok, so let’s start with the record collection, I’ll take the albums I contributed and you can have your cheesy disco albums back.

Joanne: Fine, but I’m keeping the antique gramophone as my grandfather gave it to me.

Je: I believe that was a wedding present to both of us, Joanne. And you hardly ever use it!

Joanne: He’s my grandfather, and he never really liked you anyway!

Je: Whatever! Alright, I’ll concede the silly gramophone, if you’ll agree that I get the silver tea set.

Joanne:How typical, when are you ever going to use a silver tea set? Fine! I don’t want to drag this out any longer than necessary. What’s next? What about these old photographs?

Je: Which ones? Let me have a look. Wow, look at that! That brings back memories. . . . That? Joanne:Our trip to Italy! I remember that day. We were going to visit the Trevi fountain, and we got caught in the rain. . . .

Je: . . . and you looked so adorable with your hair all wet. I had to take a picture of you standing there in that little alley, smiling and laughing in the rain. . . .

Joanne: Oh, we really did have fun back then didn’t we?

Je: Oh, Joanne, are we making a big mistake? I know our relationship has been on the rocks for sometime but are you sure we can’t reconcile and try again? I still love you.

Joanne:Oh Jeff! I love you too! I’m so glad we didn’t have to decide who keeps the motorcycle.

Je: The motorcycle? But that’s mine!

Elementary ‐ Global View ‐ Baby Shower (C0219)

A: Thank you for organizing this great baby shower for me! I’ve always been to baby showers but never actually had one held for me! Let’s get started!

B: Ok, let’s start opening some presents!

A: Oh look! What a great little bib for the baby! This will definitely come in handy! Oh wow, you also got me a stroller! That’s so great! Thank you!

B: This next one is from Betty.

A: A highchair and car seat! Wow Betty thank you so much! I really appreciate it!

B: One more from Carla.

A: A playpen and crib! Thanks Carla! This is just what I needed!

B: OK, that’s all of them. No more gifts. Now who wants to guess when the baby is due!

A: Umm. I think my water just broke! Get me to a hospital!

Elementary ‐ Daily Life ‐ New Furniture (C0220)

A: How about this floor lamp?

B: Fine just get it! We have been shopping for furniture for five hours! I’m so tired!

A: We still need to find an armoire and a dresser.

B: Fine! I am going to go home and drop off this nightstand, coffee table and love seat while you look for the rest of the things.

A: Great! Pick me up in about an hour because I think I’ll also get a bean bag and a dining set.

B: While you are at it can you pick out a nice recliner? I really want one so I can watch TV.

A: Recliner? In my beautifully decorated living room?

I don’t think so!

Elementary ‐Daily Life ‐ Car Trouble (C0221)

A: Car trouble center. How may I help you?

B: My car won’t start! Stupid old car!

A: Hold on, before you kick your car let’s go through some possible problems.

B: Fine.

A: Ok, first of all, can you turn the key in the ignition?

B: Yeah! I am here with my friend and he thinks it may be the spark plug or the starter motor.

A: Those are possible problems, but tell me, when you turn the key, do you hear the starter motor crank?

B: Yeah, it sounds like it usually does when I start the car, but nothing else happens. The engine won’t start. Should I maybe press the accelerator?

A: No. If you step on the accelerator pedal you can flood the carburetor and your car will never start.

B: So what do you think it is?

A: I know this may seem like a silly question, but does your car have gasoline?

B: Umm. yeah! Right! I got the car started! Thanks for your help! I told you to fill the tank!

Elementary ‐ Global View ‐ Carbon Footprint (C0222)

A: So what’s your guys’ take on all this global warming hysteria in the media?

B: It’s pretty serious, man. There have been tons of scientific studies and the scientific community says that the earth is heating up. We need to make some drastic changes to our lifestyle if we want to preserve our planet.

A: I don’t know. It sounds like a bunch of mumbo

jumbo if you ask me. ”Save the earth!” The earth will save itself. It’s survived worst disasters in the past. I mean, honestly, we live in the boonies. There’s no way anyone here is ever going to walk or bike to work, especially in the winter. And we have no bus system. My house is forty years old and it would take a lot of money to get it refitted to be ”green” and ”energy-efficient”.

C: Well I don’t really know if I believe in global warming either, or whether or not it was our doing or a natural change the earth is going through, but you have to admit that we’re living pretty irresponsibly here in the west.

A: I guess…

C: I think the issue at hand is sustainability. We’ve only got this one earth we can live on, and our resources are quickly disappearing because of our own carelessness and our inability to think of anyone but ourselves and anything but the present.

B: So, like I was saying, we need to change the way we live. We need to reduce our carbon footprint.

C: But it doesn’t have to be that drastic. Hybrid vehicles and solar panels are too expensive to be feasible right now. And we don’t have to be hippies living off the land and buying everything organic either, though it helps.

B: I car pool to work everyday with some buddies of mine. I have a rain barrel outside my house I use to water my plants and my lawn in the summer, and I make sure I always bring reusable bags with me when I get my groceries. And we just started using bio-degradable plastic made from corn oil for take-out orders at my family’s restaurant. Remember the three R’s? Reduce. Reuse. Recycle.

C: Exactly, it’s just small simple changes, like buying energy-saving light bulbs, starting a compost bin, recycling bottles and papers, using reusable water bottles, stop using disposable cups and cutlery.

A: Like the ones we’re drinking out of?

B: Yeah.

Elementary ‐Daily Life ‐ Facial Hair (C0223)

Officer: Ok Sally, we have an artist here to help us.

Brown: We’ll ask you questions about the bank robber you saw and Paul will draw a picture. Are you ready?

Sally: Yes, hmmm. Well, he had brown hair. . .long hair. . . and he had some facial hair. . . was brown, too.

Officer: Good! Ok, the facial hair, was it a beard or a

Brown: mustache?

Sally: Both! His mustache was very short and thin, . . . . on the top of his lip. Paul: un-uh hmmm.. . , like this?

Sally: Yes, that’s the mustache! But the beard isn’t right, mean, it didn’t cover his whole face. . . . think it was just on his chin.

Officer: A goatee? Was it like Paul’s?


Sally: Ah yes, that’s it, he had a goatee………

Paul: Ok, what about sideburns? Did he have sideburns?

Sally: Um, they were long and thick, yours!

Paul: Alright, was this the man you saw?

Sally: Yes, that’s him! Hmmmmm, he looks a lot like


Officer: Hmmm, why yes he does. Paul, where were

Brown: you on Friday afternoon?

Paul: What? That’s ridiculous! It wasn’t me! I didn’t do anything.

Elementary ‐Global View ‐ Crime Scene (C0224)

Detective MeGee: Alright, Officer McGraw, Give it to me straight, what are we looking at here?

McGraw: Detective MeGee! We’re glad to see you! We could sure use your expertise on this one. It’s a break-in, but nothing seems to have been stolen. We received a call from the Bear family at around ten thirty this morning. They had gone out for a walk before breakfast and came home to this mess! Broken chairs and porridge all over the place! Apparently, Momma Bear had made the porridge a little too hot, you see, and they were waiting for it to cool down.

Detective MeGee: Okay then, let’s start examining the evidence. . . . Have the forensics team been in yet?

McGraw: Yes sir. They found some fingerprints on the bowls and are analyzing them back at the lab as we speak. Hopefully, they will be able to identify the burglar soon.

Detective MeGee: Hmmmm,Ah ha! What’s this? A strand of golden hair. . . . . . this is a very important piece of trace evidence McGraw. It tells me the suspect has long golden hair. . . . . . . very few men have long golden hair. . . . . . . our criminal could be a woman. . . . . .

McGraw: A woman? Was she working alone? Did she have an accomplice?

Detective MeGee: An accomplice? No, no McGraw, she was definitely working alone. See here, there are footprints in the porridge, here on the floor. . . . footprints, tells me that our suspect is small. . . .

could possibly be a child.

McGraw: A child? Surely not, sir. . .

Detective MeGee: We must follow the clues,

McGraw! The evidence doesn’t lie! Now, let’s

reconstruct the crime. . . . . . the suspect came in, sat in each chair breaking the smallest one into little pieces. Next, the porridge. she obviously tried to eat it and because it was so hot, she dropped it on the

floor. . . . this mess. interesting. These footprints seem to lead upstairs. McGraw, did your officers clear the scene?

McGraw: Well, there was no one down here. . . andmaybe we forget to check upstairs. Goldylocks: Hey! What’s with all the noise? I’m

trying tosleep up here!

Detective MeGee: There she is! Get her!

Elementary ‐The Weekend ‐ Planning A Crime (C0225)

Sammy: Alright, let’s run through this one more time from the top. I will be positioned here, across from the bank on this park bench. Now, according to the intel we got from Jimmy. . .

Ralph: ah, who’s Jimmy?

Sammy: Jeez Ralph! Pay attention, will ya? Jimmy’s our mole, you know. . . . the guy on the inside. . .

He’s been snooping and passing on the info to us so we can pull this heist off!

Frankie: Yea, Ralph, clean the moth balls outta your ears and listen up. This here is important , you don’t wanna end up back in the slammer, do ya? Your role is pretty important here, we’re depending on you, man.

Ralph: Ok, ok! I’m listening! moth balls, hrumph. . .

Sammy: Alright then, . . . . was I? Oh yeah, ok, so I’ll be the lookout. . . . here on the bench across from the bank. Nobody moves until I give the go-ahead, Alright? And what’s the goahead? . . . Ralph?

Ralph: You, umm. . . ah. . . . yeah, you’ll take off your hat and scratch your head!

Sammy: Right. When I take my hat off and scratch

my head, you do what?

Ralph: I get in the box.

Frankie: Right, you get in the box. I’ll make sure it’s all sealed and then, posing as a delivery guy, I’ll drop off a ‘special package’ for the manager. Now, according to Jimmy, the bank manager is leaving early on Tuesday ’cause it’s his wedding anniversary. He and the wife are having a romantic rendezvous in the country, so any packages delivered will be left unopened in his office until he gets back late on Wednesday. . . .

Sammy: . . . . . . Which gives us access to his office for at least Come hours. . . . Ralph, this is where you come in. . . . where are you?

Ralph: I’m standing right next to you Sammy, Sorry Sam, I’m in the box. Right there. . . in that box. Frankie: . . . . what do you do once I deliver you to the manager’s office?

Ralph: I stay in the box until the bank has closed, .

I get out of the box.

Sammy: . . . . then? What next, Ralph? Oh for Pete’s sake! This is never going to work.

Ralph: Hey, give me a chance here, fellas! I, um, I crack the safe . then, thenI take the money. . . . then I. . . ummmmm, I get back in the box.

Frankie: ’Atta boy Ralph! In the morning I come back to the bank, say there’s been a mix-up with the delivery I made and take the ‘special package’ back here.

Sammy: Alright, let’s get some sleep. . . it’s a big day tomorrow fellas!

Frankie: A perfect plan, Sammy! It went off without a hitch!

Sammy: Let’s open this up and get Ralph out here so we can start counting the money!

Ralph: Phew! I sure am glad to see you guys! I was sure getting lonely with no one to talk.

Frankie: That’s nice, ok how much!

Ralph: Huh?Uh,, really, really, really glad?

Sammy: Money, Ralph! Money!

Ralph: Oh man, I knew I forgot something. . . . . . .

Elementary ‐Global View ‐ Fundraiser (C0226)

A: Ok Mark, it’s your turn to ring the doorbell. I did it last time.

B: I hate going door to door, and I hate asking for money.

A: But we need to raise enough money for the school fundraiser so that our class can win the pizza party!

You do want to have a pizza party, don’t you?

B: Yes, but…

A: Just go already!

B: No one’s coming.

A: Try again.

B: Maybe there’s no one home.

A: Of course there’s someone home! There are two cars in the driveway and I see lights on in the house! Hello! Anybody home? We would like to know if you want to sponsor us in our school fundraiser. Fifty percent of the profits go towards the new school playground!

B: I don’t know why anyone would want what’s in this catalog anyway. It’s just a bunch of tacky Christmas ornaments, Cd’s of old people singing

Christmas songs, and special crackers and cheeses and boxes of chocolates.

A: You don’t like chocolates?

B: Not this kind. They’ve got weird names like ganache and praline.

A: Look! I just saw someone walking around inside! These people are being very rude!

A: Finally, someone’s coming!

B: They don’t look too happy.

A: Hi, sir. Would you like to sponsor us or make a donation to.

C: What grade are you kids in?

A: Grade seven.

C: Then for goodness sake, don’t you see this sign? Can’t you read?

A: No soliciting.

B: What does that mean?

A: No idea.

Elementary ‐Daily Life ‐ Wedding Planning (C0227)

A: Trina, will you marry me?

B: Yes! Yes! And yes! Jared of course I’ll marry you!

A: Oh Babe, I can’t wait to spend the rest of my life with you! I can’t wait for all the adventures we’re going to have, for all the fights and the laughter. I can’t wait to grow old and wrinkly with you.

B: Oh Jared! I can’t wait for our wedding! I hope you don’t mind, but I’ve already chosen a date! Six months from now in the summer! Melissa saw you buying the ring last month so I’ve had plenty of time to start planning!

A: She what?

B: Oh don’t worry sweetie, I didn’t know when you were going to propose. It was still a nice surprise! As

I was saying, I’ve got it all planned out. There’s almost nothing left to do! I wrote up our guest list and we will have roughly four hundred guests attending.

A: four hundred?

B: No need to sweat it. My parents agreed to pay for most of the wedding, which is going to be low budget anyway. So roughly four hundred people, which means that the hall at Northwood Heights will be our reception venue. I thought it would be nice if we had the wedding at your parents’ church and my uncle of course would be officiating. We’ll meet with him soon for some pre-wedding counseling. The music for the wedding ceremony was a no-brainer. My step-sister and her string quartet will take care of that. My cousin will be the official photographer. I thought it would also be nice if his daughter could sing a solo.

Did you know that she’s going to be a professional opera singer?

A: Ah…

B: And then of course the ladies at the church would love to be our caterers for the banquet and we’ll get the Youth Group to serve us. I was thinking that your friend’s band could be our entertainment for the night. though they might have to tone it down a bit.

Or we could hire a DJ. Your sister’s husband could get us a discount with that company that does the decor at weddings. What’s their name again? I was thinking that we could have an island paradise-themed wedding and our theme color would be a soothing blue like Aquamarine.

And there will be a huge seashell on the wall behind the podium where we’ll make our toasts! What do you think of small packages of drink mixes for our wedding favors? Who else am I missing? Oh, your uncle could be our florist and his wife could make our wedding cake!

A: Wow.

B: See? It’s going to be wonderful! Oh this wedding is going to be everything I ever dreamed of.

A: If I survive the next six months.

Elementary ‐The Weekend ‐ Going to the Beach (C0228)

A: Oh, George, what a beautiful day it is today! The sun is hot and there are just a few clouds scattered here and there! What a perfect day to be at the beach! The kids are going to have so much fun! And we’ll be able to relax in the sun while they’re playing.

B: It does seem like the perfect day! I’m glad we chose to get out of the city and enjoy the nice weather! This looks like the perfect spot! Ok kids, put on your sunscreen while your mom and I set up camp. Here, Mary, help me lay down these beach towels.

A: There we go. Can you help me with the umbrella? Perfect.

B: Ok kids, here’s a beach ball and a Frisbee, a pail and a shovel. I want to see an impressive sandcastle by the time we leave. Don’t stray too far. Wait! Leave your sandals here or put on your wet shoes.

A: And stay in the shallow area. I don’t want to see you go any farther than that sandbar! It’s too deep out there and we didn’t bring your floaties.

B: You’re back already? The water was too cold, huh? I’ll tell you a secret. Do you see that small pool of water over there? It’ll be warmer in there. Go see if you can find some seashells or catch some minnows.

A: What is that? A jellyfish? Jeremy, put that down right now! It could sting you!

B: Ah! Not onme! Ow!

Elementary ‐Daily Life ‐ Buying Men’s Shoes (C0229)

Mom: Hi! I am looking for a pair of shoes for my son.

Salesgirl: Sure thing! Here we are! If you’re looking for dress shoes, we have several different styles of Oxfords for boys. We also carry athletic shoes, hiking boots.

Mom: Oh Jacob, how about these sneakers?

Jacob: Mom? They’ve got Velcro.

Mom: Well, then how about these? What is this style called?

Salesgirl: They’re tennis shoes. They’re very popular with teens and young adults. Jacob: Oooo, Mom, can I get these?

Mom: What are those?

Jacob: They’re Chuck Taylor’s! Everyone has them! Can I, please?

Mom: I don’t know. Would they go with your clothes? The backs are really high. and the way the tongue just sticks up. They’re almost like a boot. And the sole doesn’t look like it would have a very good grip. Jacob: They’re only forty-five dollars! And they’ve got cool fluorescent orange shoelaces! Mom? Mom: Ok, try them on.

Salesgirl: What size are your feet?

Mom: He is a size nine.

Salesgirl: We’ll try a size forty-three on you first and

see how that fits.

Mom: A what?

Salesgirl: They come in European sizes. He should be a size forty-three. I’ll be right back.

Elementary ‐The Weekend ‐ Gardening (C0230)

A: I’ve decided to grow my own garden!

B: What? You don’t know the first thing about gardening!

A: On the contrary, I have been reading a lot of books about the subject.

B: Oh yeah? Tell me then, smarty pants, how will you go about setting up your garden?

A: Well, first I need to buy some things, such as fertilizer, seeds and tools.

B: What type of tools?

A: You know, the basics. A rake, shovel, spade and a hoe.

B: Right. Well it seems like you have all your bases covered. What’s next?

A: I’ll till the soil and then sow the seeds. I’ll then add some fertilizer and voila! Gardening all done!

B: Well, good luck with your garden, especially considering we are inthe dry season and it won’t rain for the next three months!

Elementary ‐ Daily Life ‐ Buying Women’s Shoes (C0231)

Mom: Hi, excuse me Miss? I’m looking for a dress shoe. My usual pair that I’ve had for years have finally been stretched out of shape. They don’t

provide any support anymore.

Salesgirl: Sure, what kind of shoe are you looking for? We’ve got strappy sandals, sleek high heels, edgy pumps, or if you’re looking for something a little more practical, we’ve got Mary Janes, ballerinas.

Mom: Show me some classic high heels, please.

Salesgirl: Ok, right this way. What color did you

have in mind?

Mom: Black. Classic.

Salesgirl: Of course. We’ve got this style here that is very popular. Because it’s an open-toe shoe, you can wear it any time of the year. They look great on everyone.

Mom: Umm. too shiny. And I wear pantyhose with

my shoes so let’s look for a closed-toe shoe. Salesgirl: Ok, these are a very nice pair of leather shoes with a two-inch heel so they are very comfortable.

Mom: I don’t like the pointed toes. Let me take a look at what else you have. Too high. That one looks like the back would cut into my heel. I have a high instep so I doubt that one will fit properly. I don’t want bows. I find slingbacks very uncomfortable. Those might as well be stilettos. Too modern. Ah, finally, this is what I’m looking for.

Salesgirl: What size?

Mom: Seven-and-a-half.

Salesgirl: Here we are How does it fit?

Mom: Hmmm. not good. They’re too tight. The length is right, but the shoe is too narrow and it’s pinching my toes. And there’d be no room for my insoles. You know what? I don’t think I have the patience for this today. They just don’t make shoes like they used to. I’ll come back another time. Salesgirl: Have a nice day, Ma’am.

Elementary ‐Daily Life ‐ Toys (C0232)

TV: Spongebob Squarepants will be right back after these brief messages! What’s that on the horizon? A pirate ship! Raid villages and find buried treasure with this new Pirates Lego set. Build the ship and decide who rules the sea! Har!

A: Cool!

TV: The New PLAY-DOH Sparkling Brights Precious Gem Press! Make large colorful gems for you and your friends with five special molds! Comes with the new Sparkling Brights PLAY-DOH compound in four new colors! Treasure chest sold separately.

B: Wow! Mommy, can I get that for my birthday? TV: Wolverine! Jean Grey!Rogue! And Professor X! Collect all four of these special-edition collectible X-Men action figures and decide the future of mutants in our world!

A: No way! I want Professor X !

TV: The new Collector’s Edition Nursery Rhymes

Porcelain Dolls! Little Bo Peep comes with her own sheep and staff! Her clothes are made with the finest fabrics and real Italian lace, and her face has been hand-painted by our finest artists. Only $199.

A: Oooo! She’s pretty! I’ve never had a porcelain doll before.

B: I doubt Mom and Dad would get you that for your birthday. She costs a pretty penny. Plus, you’d most

likely break her.

TV: What is better than one board game? Three board games in one! Enjoy playing Chess and Checkers on this side of the board. But if you’re looking for some more fun, flip it and play the classic game of Sorry!

B: That’s ingenious! Why hasn’t anyone thought of that before?

TV: Now you can take Spongebob Squarepants wherever you go with the new Spongebob Squarepants Glow-in-the-Dark Yoyo! And now back to our show!

Elementary ‐Global View ‐ Forex (C0233)

A: Hey John! I haven’t seen you in ages! What’s new?

What have you been up to?

B: Pete! Nice to see you. Well, on top the norm, you know, wife and kids and work, I’ve actually gotten into doing some trading.

A: Trading? You, big guy? What are you trading?

B: Currencies.

A: Currencies? As in Euros, Dollars, Pounds and Rupees?

B: It’s called Forex. Foreign Exchange. The great thing about it is that I don’t have to invest a huge amount. I put in a margin deposit and then I can buy and sell up to 100 times that much!

A: I don’t understand. You’re buying and selling money?

B: You got it! Just last night I made USD 150!

A: Last night?

B: Yeah! It’s a 24 hour market! I had bought some

RMB earlier at a low asking price but last night it appreciated drastically so I made a split second decision and sold all my RMB at an amazing bid! I’ve also done some trading with CHF and AUD and HKD.

I’ve made some good profits but I’ve also suffered some losses. It depends on a lot of factors just like any other market. In total I’ve made about USD 500 in the past few months.

A: You’re kidding! I’m on! Where do I sign up?

Elementary ‐Daily Life ‐ Going to the Doctor (C0234)

Doctor Evans:Good afternoon Chloe, I’m Doctor Evans. What seems to be the problem?

Chloe: Hi, Dr Evans. Thanks for seeing me on such short notice. When I woke up this morning I had a

really sore throat and a really bad cough. I think I am coming down with the flu.

Doctor Evans:Ah I see, yes you do sound rather croaky. Well let’s have a look, shall we? Could you please open your mouth and say ” ah”. Chloe: ”Ahhhhhhhh”

Doctor Evans: Good, yes, your tonsils are a little swollen and red. How are your ears, blocked at all? Chloe: A little actually. My sinuses are a little blocked up as well – I really feel terrible.

Doctor Evans: Ok Chloe, can you please breathe in and out slowly for me while I listen to your chest? You really are all bunged up, you don’t sound too good at all. Ok I’m going to set you up with a bunch of antibiotics. You will need to take these orange pills twice a day and these blue pills every evening. You will also have to take this cough medicine three times a day after meals. Finally, I am giving you an inhaler to use every time you feel breathless. . . just to clear up your lungs!

Chloe: Whoa! So many drugs. . . . I hate swallowing pills. Am I able to go to work?

Doctor Evans: Absolutely not! You are highly contagious! You don’t want to infect the rest of your co-workers do you? I recommend staying in bed for at least three days and drinking plenty of fluids so you don’t get weak and dehydrated. You can catch up on all the latest tv shows and movies!

Chloe: Ok! Would you mind writing me a doctor’s note for work, otherwise they may think I am faking it!

Doctor Evans: Ha-ha, sure not a problem! Here you are.

Now off you go and away to bed. If you have any questions just give me a call! Feel better soon and take care.

Chloe: Thanks doc, bye!

Elementary ‐ The Office ‐ Interview Skills Part 1 ‐ The Int roduction (C0235)

Mr. Parsons: Come in.

Rebecca Carlyle: Mr Parsons ?

Mr. Parsons: Ah, you must be Rebecca. Please do come in.

Rebecca Carlyle: Thank you for making some time to see me Mr Parsons. It’s a pleasure to meet you finally.

Mr. Parsons: The pleasure’s all mine Rebecca.

Have a seat please . Now would you like any refreshments? Tea or coffee?

Rebecca Carlyle: A coffee would be lovely thank you. Black, no sugar.

Mr. Parsons: No problem. Sally can we have two coffees please One, no milk or sugar? Sally: Certainly Mr Parsons .

Mr. Parsons: So Rebecca, I understand you had a first interview with Miss Childs last week.

Rebecca Carlyle: Yes that’s correct. She filled me in onthe details ofthe job onthe telephone. Mr.Parsons:Great.Well, I’m glad to say she recommended you for a 2nd interview, and here we are. Perhaps we can start by discussing your background and resume details a little?

Rebecca Carlyle: Yes , of course.

Elementary ‐ Daily Life ‐ Trying To Sleep (C0236)

Jill: Alex, what’s up with you? You look dreadful!

Alex: Hey Jill, I don’t know. I’ve been having trouble sleeping these past few weeks. I usually lie in bed for hours trying to get to sleep . I’ve tried stretching and different breathing techniques before going to bed . I’ve tried eating and not eating different foods. I’ve even tried counting sheep! And then when I finally get to sleep , I have these really disturbing nightmares, so I usually wake up in a panic and more tired than before I went to sleep .

Jill: Wow, maybe you should get that checked out. Maybe you’re stressed?

C: Just take some sedatives! Works for me! Every so often having some melatonin on hand helps me when I have trouble sleeping. It works on all kinds of sleeping disorders. It’s the stuff pilots use to regulate their sleeping patterns.

Jill: I heard of that. But does that apply to Alex’s situation?

C: Ya sure, why not? Sounds like he only has transient insomnia since it’s a recent thing so taking melatonin do the trick.

Jill: But shouldn’t he be looking into WHY it’s been happening?

C: Well aren’t you the little psychologist? Our buddy’s having trouble sleeping, it’s easy and curable. It’s not something freakish like if he was a sleepwalker.

Alex: Well, there’s that too.

Elementary ‐ Daily Life ‐ Morning Routine (C0237)

Jacob: Stephanie! Did you just get to school? But you were up and about when I left the dorm this morning! That was about an hour and a half ago. This happens all the time! Why do you always take so long to get ready the morning?

Stephanie: It’s a skill. What can I say? I don’t know why, I just have a long routine.

Jacob: Please explain because it makes no sense to me. How can a girl’s routine be so complicated? You get up, you shower, you get dressed , you brush your teeth, you’re out the door. Half an hour, tops.

Stephanie: Jacob, you have the luxury of having a haircut that rarely needs styling. I don’t. I have to set aside about an hour and a half to get ready in the mornings. Every day, I wake up and head straight for the shower. Every second day, I wash my hair. If it’s a hair-washing day, I frequently need to wash my hair twice because it gets really oily. Then I usually put in a conditioner and have to rinse that out too. Because my hair is so long, I seldom manage to take a shower in under twenty minutes. Afterwards, I often put on a pot of coffee and get dressed while I wait for it to brew. I take a long time to get dressed in the morning. Every now and then I remember to choose my outfit the night before , but usually I do it in the morning. In all, getting dressed takes about half an hour , at which time my hair is now semi-dry so then I have to style my hair. From time to time I’ll put my hair up, but oftentimes I blowdry it straight. And then, because of the texture of my hair, I regularly have to flat-iron it to keep it from frizzing. That’s another twenty minutes or so. After that, I have my daily makeup routine.

Jacob: True, I hardly ever see you without your hair done and your makeup on, even when you show up to class in sweatpants. Tell me, how long does it take you to choose that outfit in the morning?

Stephanie: Not funny.

Elementary ‐The Office ‐ Interview Skills Part 2 ‐ Discuss ing Your Background (C0238)

Mr. Parsons: Now, Miss Childs passed on your resume to me and I’ve had the chance to look it over and I must say I’m quite impressed.

Rebecca: Thank you very much. I’ve tried to keep it

short and clear. If there’s any questions please feel free to ask me.

Mr. Parsons: Well yes, I do have a number of questions, but perhaps first you could give me a brief overview I’d like to get a little bit of an idea of your background.

Rebecca: yes of course. Well as you can see from the resume I’m up and grew up in Brooklyn, New York, although our family moved to London when I was quite young, at around rook.

Mr. Parsons: Ah I see, so you were actually educated in Europe?

Rebecca: yes precisely. Although I was born in the US, I would definitely call London home. But as you see I’ve actually spent a lot of my life moving from country to country. My Father was inthe oil business before he retired so we also spent a number of years in Saudi Arabia too.

Mr. Parsons: Very interesting. So it seems you had quite an adventurous childhood.

Rebecca: Absolutely! We were never still for too long. But now I’m really looking to settle down. Mr. Parsons: I see. Okay, well let’s move on to discuss your education shall we?

Rebecca: Sure.

Elementary ‐The Weekend ‐ Adventure Sports (C0239)

A: Welcome to Adventure Tours . How may I help you?

B: I want to book a tour with adventure sports .

A: Excellent! Our company has more than ten years of experience in the adventure tourism and sports field . Let me show you some options. This is our most popular choice, our river guides will take you on a whitewater rafting trip followed by a ride in a hot air balloon !

B: I don’t really think I’m ready to throw myself down a river full of jagged rocks in a rubber boat or go up in the air in a wicker basket held up by an oversize balloon. What else do you have?

A: Well, in that case, we can take you hang gliding with one of our experienced instructors. It’s the closest you can get to flying.

B: What? You mean strap myself to a flimsy kite? No thank you! Next!

A: Mmm. ok. Well, why don’t you tell me a little bit more about what you would like? We have everything from mountain biking, to rock climbing to

street luge.

B: I’m thinking something exciting but. safer.

A: I have the perfect option, this package will take you on a hiking trip through the Himalayas for three days and afterwards there’s a dog sledding journey!

B: That’s more like it !

Daily Life ‐ Getting A Pet (C0240)

A: We have been over this a hundred times ! We are not getting a pet!

B: Why not? Come on! Just a cute little puppy. or a kitty!

A: Who is going to look after a dog or a cat?

B: I will! I’ll feed it, bathe it and walk it every day!

We can get a Labrador or a German Shepard !

A: What if we want to take a vacation ? Who will we leave it with? Plus, our apartment is too small for that breed of dog.

B: Ok. How about we get a cat or a ferret!

A: We’re planning on having children soon, I don’t think those animals are a good idea with a baby in the house.

B: Fine! Let’s get a bird then! We can keep it in its cage and teach it to talk! A parrot would be awesome!

A: I’ll tell you what, I can get you some hamsters and we’ll take it from there .

B: Yay!

The Office ‐ Interview Skills 3 ‐ Education B ackground (C0241)

Mr. Parsons: Now, if I look here I see that you completed a BA in English?

Rebecca: Yes, that’s right. After graduating from high school in New York I attended York University in the UK. My major was English, and my minor was business studies . I completed my BA in 2004.

Mr. Parsons: Yes, I’m pleased to see that you also got a distinction.

Rebecca: Yes that’s right. I’ve always enjoyed studying. My friends say I’m a bit of a bookworm, but my father always pushed us to succeed academically.

Mr. Parsons: Well, it looks like his encouragement paid off Rebecca. So how about extracurricular activities at University

Rebecca: Well I’ve always been keen on on writing,

so I became the editor for the University student magazine, which I really loved. Also I volunteered for a group called Shelter, to help the homeless in York. Mr. Parsons: What did that involve?

Rebecca: Providing warm meals and shelter, especially in the winter months . I found it really fulfilling to be part of that group .

Mr. Parsons: I’m sure. Okay, now let’s move on to your work experience, shall we? Rebecca: Yes, okay.

Global View ‐ Learning The Piano (C0242) Charles: Hi Cody, how did practicing go this week?

Cody: Well I had several tests and an oral presentation this week so I didn’t get a chance to memorize the second page, but I think I mastered the tricky section.

Charles: Great! Warm up with some scales and arpeggios first. Good, good. This week, work on keeping the rhythm steady when you play the last part with the sixteenth note . Now let’s take a look at this tricky section.

Cody: Charles? Before I start I was wondering if it was ok if I put a small crescendo in here and then decrescendo back to pianissimo again over here?

Charles: It might work. I’ll have to hear it . Show me what you’ve done. Not bad , not bad .

Cody: It was horrible! I played play it much better at

home! Charles: It’s just nerves. Just play the right

hand for now. One two three four five six, ta ti

tri-ple-ti. Good, good. Don’t forget the accidentals!

The key signature says that note should be a G-sharp

but now it’s a G-natural. Now add the bass clef.

You’re going too fast. Remember the tempo for this

piece is andante.

Cody: Is that better?

Charles: Yes, much better. Watch where you lift your foot off the pedal. What was that?

Cody: Sorry! The stretch for that octave is always hard to make.

Charles: That’s ok, keep going, you’re moving ahead by leaps and bounds . Watch your dynamics! Keep your elbows lifted. Remember to stroke the keys, don’t pound. That’s better! Remember that as a pianist or any other musician, your technique will be what separates you from the pack just as much or more so as your musicianship.

The Weekend ‐ Talking to a Travel Agent (C0 243)

A: Welcome to Perfect Getaway Tours . How can I help you?

B: I would like to plan a surprise getaway for me and my wife.

A: Very well, we have a couple of different options such as beaches, the wilderness, the countryside or even going to a spa for the weekend.

B: I think something in the countryside would be nice.

A: Perfect! This package includes round-trip flights to New Hampshire . A free airport pick- up is included. Our VIP limousine will pick you up and provide you with complimentary champagne and finger foods to soften the thirty-minute ride to the countryside.

B: Sounds good! What is the hotel that we will be staying at like?

A: That is the best part. Your hotel is actually an old country villa that has been restored and refurbished to accommodate a maximum of that is guests. You will enjoy an intimate and private time in this very spacious and warm N Included in the price is three meals a day, excluding beverages. You can choose to eat at the fabulous restaurant that offers a stunning view of the lush, green gardens. If you prefer, your own private butler can arrange your meal to be served in your room or outside on our terrace.

B: Wow! This sounds like something my wife would really enjoy! Are there any outdoor activities we can take part in ?

A: Of course! The hotel has a stable with beautiful stallions for a very romantic horseback ride along the country trail. You can also go fishing to the nearby lake or visit the local vineyard.

B: I’m sold ! I want to book this trip. I don’t care what it costs! Money is no object !

The Office ‐ Interview Skills 4 ‐ Talking Abo ut Work Experience (C0244)

Mr. Parsons: Right Rebecca. Now I see that after graduating from University your first job was…….

Rebecca: For a local paper in York called the York Herald. Actually, I started with them as an intern in the beginning. I was really keen on getting some experience in the journalistic world, and this seemed like a good first step.

Mr. Parsons: Certainly. And after your internship

Rebecca: They seemed impressed, and offered me

a position as a junior local news reporter. I ended up staying two years there actually. I was in charge of the sports news section of the newspaper. I really enjoyed it there, and it really helped me build my skills.

Mr. Parsons: Yes I see. But you decided to leave them in 2006 right

Rebecca: Yes, that’s right. My husband and I moved to London, and so I managed to find a position with a National newspaper based in London Mr. Parsons: The London Weekly right

Rebecca: Yes, in some ways it was a step down from my previous job but it did offer me much better prospects for the future.

The Weekend ‐ Getting A Subscription (C024 5)

A: Good afternoon Ma’am, My name is Mike and I am selling subscriptions to all sorts of periodicals.

B: No thank you, I am not interested.

A: Please ma’am , if you could spare five minutes of your time, I am sure we could find something that interests you!

B: I wish I could, but Ihave to walk the dog and finish cooking so if you would excuse me.

A: We have a great variety of magazines all about cooking! This one for example, is a bi monthly publication with recipes from all over the world!

B: Wow, that would be kind of useful, do you have any other cooking magazines?

A: Sure do! This one is a quarterly publication, but each issue has over 200 color pages of recipes and also many home decorating ideas!

B: Wow, this is nice! Ok, sign me up for both publications.

A: You mentioned you have a dog, most pet owners sign up for this weekly newsletter that has information on dog care, pet shops and even pet sitters!

B: That is exactly what I needed! What else do you have?

A: Well, I also have….

Daily Life ‐ At The Train Station (C0246)

A: Hi, I would like to purchase a one way ticket to Brussels please.

B: Certainly sir, this is our train schedule. We have an express train departing every morning and an overnight train that departs at nine pm.

A: How long does it take to get there?

B: About twelve hours. We currently have tickets available only for first class on the express train. If you’d like, you can choose a sleeper on the overnight train which is a bit less expensive.

A: Yeah, I think that is the best option. Do you serve food on the train? Twelve hours is such a long time!

B: Yes of course. There is a dining car towards the front of the train where they serve meals at all times. We do provide complimentary water and coffee for all of our passengers.

A: Great! I’ll take it.

B: Here you are sir. Your train leaves from platform number nine at nine on the dot. Remember to be here at least thirty minutes before your scheduled departure time or else you might miss your train!

A: I understand. Thank you very much !

B: Have a great trip.

The Office ‐ Interview Skills 5 ‐ Discussing R easons

For Leaving Previous Position (C0247)

Mr. Parsons: Okay, now I’d like to find out more about your last job. I see you spent almost four years at the London Weekly , is that right?

Rebecca: Yes, that’s right. To be honest, the first year was quite tough for me. I was really just treated more like an intern. I didn’t have many responsibilities and I found it quite frustrating.

Mr. Parsons: So, what changed?

Rebecca: Well slowly but surely I proved myself, and the new editor liked me so he promoted me to features writer .

Mr. Parsons: Wow, a real step up!

Rebecca: Yes I was responsible for restaurant and food reviews mostly. I spent restaurant years in that position, but to be honest it wasn’t an area of journalism I wanted to stay in long-term.

Mr. Parsons: I see, so why did you decide to leave finally?

Rebecca: I just felt that the paper couldn’t offer me any new opportunities. I really needed a more challenging role to be honest.

Daily Life ‐ Dinnerware (C0248)

A: Honey can you set the table?

B: Um, sure. What are we having for dinner? Do I need to put out anything in particular?

A: Well, make sure to put out the pepper and salt shakers. I don’t know if your brother is coming tonight so set an extra place mat just in case.

B: Ok, should I use the fancy silverware?

A: Yeah go ahead, forks, spoons and knives. I roasted some meat so be sure to put out some steak knives as well.

B: I’ll also set some cups and saucers for some coffee after dinner.

A: Honey? Have you seen our soup bowls?

B: They are in the cupboard where you keep the gravy boat and serving dishes. Just be careful because the wine glasses are also there.

A: Oops!

The Weekend ‐ Making A Sandwich (C0249)

A: Welcome to our show! Today, I am going to show you how to make the perfect mouthwatering sandwich! Are you ready? Let’s get started !

A: Let’s start with the basics :bread. Bread is an important ingredient here. You need to remember one thing -choose the bread according to the following criteria :freshness, crumb and color. If you want a closed sandwich I recommend you first toast your bread in a toaster or oven, or grill it slightly until it gets a light brown color.

A: Now that our bread is ready, let’s talk about the ingredients ! Of course, each person’s palate is different, but I’m going to give you a few tips that you’ll be able to use when turning any sandwich into the perfect sandwich. I would strongly recommend you put fresh vegetables in your sandwich.

A: Do not undervalue them as they play a big role in

forming the taste and will make the sandwich more refreshing and light. The best choices here are evident- cucumbers, tomatoes, onions, sweet pepper pepper or chilli, lettuce and, of course, herbs-you can’t go wrong with them. As for aubergines, mushrooms and asparagus, I would recommend you first grill them slightly with a little touch of olive oil.

A: Last but not least, we have a wide variety of condiments that we can add to our perfect sandwich. We can be subtle and just add a touch of salt and pepper, or we can combine mustard sauce, mayonnaise, ketchup or even caviar to achieve a stronger flavor! It’s always a good idea to cut your sandwich in triangles or manageable pieces to avoid all your ingredients falling out and staining your shirt!

A: That’s all the time we have for today, but join us

next time where we’ll be going over how to make the perfect lasagna! Till next time!

The Office ‐ Interview Skills 6 ‐ Describing O nes

Strengths (C0250)

Mr. Parsons: Okay Rebecca. Now youyou’ve given me a good idea of your work and academic background, but what about you as a person? How would you describe your key strengths?

Rebecca: Well Mr. Parsons, as I mentioned before I’m someone who needs new challenges. I’m really focused and hard hard-working. I think my academic results prove this.

Mr. Parsons: Yes, true, but how about other personal qualities? Hmmmmm, that’s a tough question. But I would have to say my passion. I’m really passionate about journalism and passionate about my career.

Rebecca: Well I believe I’m a good team-player, but I can also work well independently. I’m very enthusiastic and , well I hope my colleagues would agree, I’m fun to work with.

Mr. Parsons: What would you say is your most positive quality?

Rebecca: Hmmmmm, that’s a tough question. But I would have to say my passion. I’m really passionate about journalism and passionate about my career.

The Weekend ‐ Buying Makeup (C0251)

A: I’m hungry, let’s go grab a bite to eat.

B: Yeah me too. Oh! Can we stop at the shop really fast? I lost my makeup bag at the airport and I want to pick up a few things.

A: Will you take long?

B: No! Five minutes I promise!

A: Come on! We have been here for almost an hour! I thought you said you were only going to get a few things! How long does it take you to pick out a lipstick and some nail polish!

B: Are you crazy! You have no idea what you are talking about! Just for my eyes I have to get eyeliner, an eyelash curler, eye shadow, an eyebrow pencil and mascara. Then I need to get foundation, liquid foundation.

A: Whoa whoa whoa! Are you nuts? How much is all this going to cost? I’m looking at the price at each

one of these little things and it’s outrageous! This is basically a crayon!

B: What about you? You spend as much or more money on your razors, after shave, cologne and gel! Not to mention how much you spend on clothes and…

A: Fine! Get the stupid thirty dollar crayon!

Global View ‐ Contraceptives (C0252)

A: Alright, settle down everyone. As part of this school’s curriculum we’ll be covering sex ed this week.

A: Now I want everyone to take this class seriously, sexual education is very important and I want you to ask as many questions as you can think of. Remember, there are no stupid questions here.

B: Miss Carlton? What exactly is sexual education? Are you going to teach us like Kama sutra stuff like that?

A: No Jason, that’s not exactly what sex ed is.

Basically, we will talk about sexually transmitted diseases, contraceptives and how the male and female bodies work.

B: My older sister is in college and she takes what she and her friends call the pill. I never really understood what that is, but I know it has to do with sex or something.

A: Good point Jason! This will be the topic of our first class, contraceptives. As you mentioned, the pill is one of the many that exist. The birth control pill is taken daily by a woman in order to prevent unwanted pregnancy, but it does not protect her from contracting STD’s from an infected person.

Another popular method is using condoms. This is probably the best method if you have sex, since it not only prevents a woman from getting pregnant but also protects both from STD’s. Yes Jason?

B: What are condoms made out of? How exactly is it that a woman gets pregnant?

A: Condoms are usually made out of an elastic material called Latex. As for your other question, that’s a whole new class.

The Office ‐ Interview Skills 7 ‐ Describing O nes

Weaknesses (C0253)

Mr. Parsons: Okay Rebecca, well I think you’ve given me a clear impression of your positive qualities, but let’s talk a little bit about your weaknesses.

Rebecca: Okay, well it’s always more difficult to describe them isn’t it?

Mr. Parsons: Definitely, but if you had to pinpoint one weakness what would it be?

Rebecca: Well as I mentioned before, I do tend to get frustrated if I don’t see progress in my work or career. I suppose I’m quite a restless character. My father always taught me to be a high achiever so.

Mr. Parsons: So would you say if things don’t go your way at work it could easily get you down? Rebecca: Well, in a way yes. But I must say that even if I’m not completely happy in my work I always give 110% I would never shirk my responsibilities. I suppose sometimes Iexpect too much too soon. Mr. Parsons: Well, you know journalism is a highly competitive world, so you do need to keep pushing yourself it’s true. Okay well lets move on to talk about the job position here shall we? Rebecca: Yes please.

The Weekend ‐ Making Breakfast (C0254)

A: Smells good! What’s for breakfast?

B: Well, since we are getting up so late, I decided to make a big breakfast!

A: Nice! Brunch!

B: Kind of, so I made scrambled and soft boiled eggs, some french toast and buttermilk pancakes!

A: Wow! You really went all out! Did you make any coffee?

B: Yeah, just the way you like it! I also put out some cereal and muesli if you feel like having something more light.

A: Looks good! I’ll squeeze us some fresh orange juice.

B: Get the jam and butter while you are in there! Oh!

And don’t forget the syrup!

Global View ‐ The Miracle Of Life (C0255)

A: Continuing with our class, today we are going to study briefly the miracle of life. Many of you may think you already know how babies come to be, but I am sure that some of the things that we will be talking about today may surprise you. Billy can you turn on the projector please? Thanks. Ok, does anyone know what this is?

B: Looks like a goat head to me!

A: Nice try, but this is a woman’s womb which

contains her uterus and ovaries. The ovaries are packed with eggs and each month during the middle of the menstrual cycle, the ripest one will be sucked up by one of the fallopian tubes. This is called ovulation and the exact time of ovulation depends on the length of your cycle. In an average 28 day cycle, ovulation will most likely happen between the 12th and 15th days, counting day 1 as the first day of your last period.

B: That’s amazing! So each month, the woman produces these eggs and then waits for them to be fertilized?

A: Actually, every woman is already born with over four hundred thousand eggs! Some will start dying off immediately and others released during her fertile period.

B: What about the guys? I know they produce sperm and stuff.

A: That’s right! The man’s body has a tiny factory that produces sperm twenty four hours a day! Each ejaculation will release about a hundred million sperm so the factory is always pretty busy. The sole purpose of a sperm’s life is to fertilize the woman’s egg.

B: So, then we basically need to put one-and-one together so we can have babies right?

A: Yes, the man will have an orgasm during intercourse and ejaculate sperm and semen. Now this is where the race begins and all those millions of sperm will race and swim from the cervix, through the uterus to the fallopian tubes. This could take anywhere from forty five minutes to twelve hours! Not all of them make it, since some go the wrong way and get lost or simply die. Many will actually reach the egg but only one will penetrate it and fertilize it. Once this happens, the egg instantly changes and creates a protective shield once the sperm is safely inside.

B: And then? That’s it?

A: Well, the egg will be fertilized within about 24 hours of its release. The genetic material from the sperm combines with the genetic material in the egg to create a new cell that will rapidly start dividing. The woman is not actually pregnant until that bundle of new cells, known as the embryo, travels the rest of the way down the fallopian tube and attaches itself to the wall of her uterus. Any other questions? Then let’s move on.

The Office ‐ Interview Skills 8 ‐ Discussing S

alary and Benefits (C0256)

Mr. Parsons: Okay, well I’m sure you have a number of questions to ask me regarding the position.

Rebecca: Yes, well Miss Childs did give me an overview of the position over the phone, but there were some details I’d like to clarify.

Mr. Parsons: Well feel free to ask me anything, and I’ll try to fill in the details.

Rebecca: Could I first ask about the remuneration package?

Mr. Parsons: Yes of course. That’s quite an important point isn’t it? As a junior sub editor we offer a starting salary of 150,000 HK dollars per annum. This doesn’t include a generous housing allowance also.

Rebecca: I understand. And are there other bonuses included?

Mr. Parsons: Well apart from full health insurance we do offer a company staff bonus scheme linked to readership numbers. But we could go through all the details of that at a later date.

Rebecca: Well Mr. Parsons, I am flexible when it comes to salary. The opportunity to work in Hong Kong for you is the most important thing for me.

Mr. Parsons: Excellent. Well, what other questions do you have Rebecca?

Global View ‐ The World Cup (C0257)

A: What are you doing?

B: What am I doing? What am I doing? Don’t you know what day it is?

A: Ummm. no.

B: It’s only the day when the world’s biggest sporting event is kicking off.

A: What?

B: The World Cup! The first match is today! It’s Mexico vs. South Africa! It’s going to be a really good match! Both teams have a very strong offense and have skilled players. I think that South Africa will probably dominate the first half since they are the host country, and all.

A: I have no idea what you’re talking about. The only sporting event we watch at home is the Super Bowl.

B: This is bigger than the Super Bowl, man! Teams from 32 countries compete against each other every

four years and fight to win that trophy. They first start in a group stage with bigger groups, each group having 4 teams. The top 2 teams pass on to an elimination stage before going on to the quarterfinals and semifinals.

A: Sounds interesting, but soccer doesn’t really appeal to me.

B: Are you kidding? Over seven hundred million people watched the final match of the World Cup! It’s a very exciting and nerve wracking sport! Each nation is cheering on their team, hoping they will become the next champion. So far Brazil is the team with the most titles under their belt; they’re really good!

A: All I know about soccer is that you can’t use your hands and that players are always falling down, trying to get a free kick or penalty kick. It seems like a sissy sport to me!

B: Whatever dude, I’m going to go watch the opening match.

Daily Life ‐ You’re Grounded! (C0258)

A: Do you know what time it is?

B: Um. Ten?

A: Get in this door young man. It’s midnight, you are two hours past curfew.

B: I know, but it wasn’t my fault! I told Jennifer she had to drop me off before ten, but she wouldn’t leave the party!

A: I don’t care! You are grounded for life mister!

B: Mom! That is so unfair!

A: You know the rules and you broke them. No allowance and no TV for a week. I usually never ground you but this time I have to put my foot down!

B: What! For being a couple of hours late? You have to be kidding!

A: I don’t want to hear it! Now go to your room!

About The Position (C0259)

Rebecca: Could you tell me a little about the organization?

For example, how big is your

workforce here?

Mr. Parsons: Well in total we have around 150 employees based in Hong Kong with another 400 in our head office in Beijing. The news desk staff in Hong Kong comprises around 80 staff.

Rebecca: I see. And how about the working hours?

Mr. Parsons: Well, as you know Rebecca, in journalism work hours are not exactly 9-5. You could be on call at any time. We do have to work very unsociable hours at times. Rebecca: Well I am used to that Mr. Parsons, so that’s not really a shock for me.

Mr. Parsons: Good, as long as you understand that. Rebecca: And when do you need to fill the vacancy, Mr. Parsons?

Mr. Parsons: Yesterday! But no, we are hoping to start from the beginning of next month. Rebecca: That sounds ideal.

The Weekend ‐ Guns (C0260)

A: Hey Nick, what are you up to?

B: Not much, just heading over to the shooting range. You wanna come?

A: Seriously? You mean to fire a real weapon? I don’t know man.

B: Yeah it will be fun! I have a 9mm pistol that is really easy to shoot. I also have a revolver that’s really fun too! They have big targets at the range that we could use to practice and improve your aim.

A: Yeah that would be cool! Maybe I can also have a try at other weapons like a machine gun or a shotgun! Maybe even a rocket launcher or an anti tank missile! Or what about a flame thrower!

B: Whoa, take it easy there Rambo. Don’t get carried away. These weapons are not toys, and you must first learn how to handle them properly. There are basic rules that you must abide by in order to be safe. For example, never handle a weapon that you haven’t inspected yourself. Always make sure there isn’t anything in the chamber, and never put your finger on the trigger unless you are ready to shoot!

A: Wow, I didn’t know! It always looks so cool and easy in the movies!

B: The reality is different you know, running and firing a weapon is a lot harder than in the movies! So are you ready?

A: Let’s do it!

Daily Life ‐ Describing Someone’s Face (C026 1)

A: Let’s play a game!

B: Ok! How about Scrabble?

A: No no, a friend of mine taught me this really fun game. I’m going to describe someone’s face, and you guess who it is!

B: Ok!

A: Let’s see. He has a roman nose, bushy eyebrows and dimples!

B: Our cousin Pete! My turn! She has a pointy nose, sunken eyes and a mole on her chin!

A: Aunt Rose! That mole is so huge! Ok, my turn. He has a crooked nose and full lips. He has quite a few freckles and an oval face. Oh, he is also bald!

B: Your future husband!

A: Not funny.

The Office ‐ Interview Skills 10 ‐ Concluding The Interview (C0262)

Mr. Parsons: Well Rebecca, is there anything else you need to know for now?

Rebecca: I don’t think so Mr. Parsons. I think you have covered all the main points for me.

Mr Parsons: Okay well listen, here is my business card with my mobile number. If any other questions spring to mind don’t hesitate to contact me. Of course you can also call Miss Childs too.

Rebecca: Great. Ermm, when can I expect to hear from you?

Mr. Parsons: Well, we are finishing the shortlist interviews tomorrow, so we will certainly have a decision made by early next week. Miss Childs will call you to discuss more on Monday or Tuesday. How does that sound?

Rebecca: That sounds perfect. Thank you very much for taking the time to speak to me Mr. Parsons. Mr. Parsons: The pleasure’s all mine Rebecca.

Rebecca: I hope to hear from you very soon.

Mr. Parsons: Absolutely. Thanks for coming Rebecca. Goodbye.

Global View ‐ Nationalities (C0263)

A: Hey! How was your first day of class? I’m in level two and I’m loving my class this semester! It’s great being in a class of international students!

B: Mine was ok, except that no one in my class speaks English. I guess it will force me to converse in Chinese more in class so at least I should improve a lot this semester.

A: That’s both fortunate and unfortunate. It’s the

United Nations in my class! We have people from all over the world! There are three Germans, a Pole, a Scottish, two French, an American, a Brazilian, a Chilean, a New Zealander, though he prefers to call himself a Kiwi. Who else do we have? Oh, we also

have a Moroccan, a Togolese, a Pakistani, and two Indonesians!

B: That’s quite the array of nationalities. Everyone in my class is from Asia, except me. There are a few South Koreans, several Japanese, Malaysian, Thai, Singaporean, Filipino, Kazakhstani, and one Russian.

A: Well, I think you’re pretty lucky actually. You’ll have the opportunity to learn so much about Asian culture.

B: I guess so, but I think it’s going to be hard to relate to my classmates, especially with the language barrier. I think I might change classes.

A: Don’t! Stay the course! Your spoken Chinese will be eternally grateful. I bet you it will even surpass mine with all that practice.

B: I highly doubt it. Your girlfriend is Chinese.

A: Well, there is that, yes.

Daily Life ‐ Toothache (C0264)

A: What seems to be the problem?

B: I have a really bad toothache! My cheek is swollen and I can’t eat anything.

A: Let’s have a look. Hmmm. This doesn’t look too good. I think we may have to pull out your wisdom tooth. It’s pressing against your molars and that’s one of the reasons you are experiencing so much pain.

B: When you pull my tooth will you also have to extract the nerve and the root?

A: First we will take some x-rays and see what we’re dealing with. I also noticed a small cavity up front here, so you are going to need a filling.

B: I guess that’s what I get for not flossing or brushing my teeth three times a day.

A: It could be that, or maybe you are eating too many sweets. In any case, I’ll administer an anesthetic and you won’t feel a thing!

The Weekend ‐ Pest Control (C0265)

A: Hi, did you call for an exterminator?

B: Yes! Thank goodness you’re here. These bugs are driving us crazy!

A: What sort of pest are we dealing with?

B: We just bought this house and it is infected with just about everything. We have termites in the wood, cockroaches all over the place, and last night I saw a huge rat out in the backyard!

A: Well, there’s nothing we can’t handle. I’ll spray the floorboards and walls to get rid of the cockroaches, but the termites will be harder to get rid of. We will have to cover the entire house and fumigate it. Unfortunately that means you will have to find a place to stay for the next three days.

B: No problem, just get rid of the bugs!

Daily Life ‐ Weather Report (C0266)

A: Those are today’s top stories. Now let’s go to John for the weather. John, what does the forecast look like for our weekend travelers?

B: I’m afraid we’re in for a rough weekend, Mark.

There is a storm system moving through the East

Coast. It will be drizzling all day today, and there’s a

60 percent chance of thunderstorms this evening. It will be warm and humid all weekend. In the Midwest, expect strong winds and a low of around 40 degrees.

A: That’s pretty chilly for the summer! Will it rain on Saturday?

B: Unfortunately, yes. It will be clear early Saturday morning but there is a high chance of showers and thunderstorms later in the day. There is a severe thunderstorm warning for some parts of the Southeast. Folks in those areas might see some hail and flooding, especially in areas that have been experiencing record high rainfalls.

A: That certainly sounds like a dreary Saturday.

B: It gets better on Sunday, though. The storm systems move east and the skies will clear up at night. It will still be rather cool, with highs in the low 50s. The West Coast will be experiencing some unusually chilly weather, but at least the sun will come out. I advise weekend travelers to be careful, especially while driving. Back to you, Mark.

A: Thanks John, and there you have it! Looks like it’s a weekend to stay at home!

Daily Life ‐ Making A Bank Transfer (C0267)

A: Good Morning welcome to Bank of the USA. How may I help you today?

B: Hi I need to transfer some money to another account. It’s urgent.

A: Okay, have you made a wire transfer at our bank before ?

B: No. I’ve never made a transfer before.

A: It’s alright, I will take you through the procedure.

Are you transferring funds to a company or an

individual account?

B: A company account. I need to pay a bill.

A: Okay, I’ll need the name of the company and their bank routing number as well as their bank’s address and phone number.

B: I have all the information in this folder.

A: Well You’ve come prepared .You have all the necessary materials so we can go ahead and make the transfer right now. It’s a simple transaction, and we can process it today.

B: Oh, that’s such a relief. I didn’t want the payment to be overdue. Thank you so much .

A: It’s my pleasure.

The Office ‐ Purchasing Manager (C0268)

A: Good morning, Angela, how have you been lately?

B: Morning, Michael. I’ve been very busy lately. One of our other vendors is going out of business and I’ve been searching for a suitable replacement.

A: Well, rest assured that you can count on us to be here for the long run sit down. Coffee?

B: No, thanks. I’ve been trying to cut down on the caffeine .

A: Haha, I could never do that. I’d be a zombie if I didn’t have my morning coffee fix. Let’s get down to business then.

B: Yes. I’ve come to talk with you about ordering the eight megapixel cameras for our new MePhone. The demand for phone cameras is growing, and Pear has been falling behind in the market.

A: That’s great! I’m glad to hear that Pear has finally jumped on the bandwagon. Right now our contract is for the five megapixel cameras. Is Pear still interested in having those?

B: No, we’re changing all the cameras to eight megapixels. We were hoping that by making your company our sole supplier for cameras we could negotiate a better deal.

A: Surely. Let’s get started by drafting a new contract.

The Office ‐ Marketing Plan (C0269)

A: Okay everyone, let’s begin. I called you here today to evaluate our marketing strategy during this recession. I wanted to re-emphasize our corporate mission of Aiming to give our customers the best coffee and service in a clean and welcoming atmosphere.

B: Several other shops have reduced the prices for their coffees and are drawing in more customers.

Why aren’t we doing the same thing?

A: I know that recent sales have been slow, but we are not going to reduce our prices to the level of our competitors. We offer a superior product and our focus is on long-term growth rather than shortterm sales. If we lower our prices, we run the risk of devaluing our product.

B: Customers don’t care about the coffee anymore.

They only care about the price.

A: I disagree. Highly discerning customers know that our coffee is far better than the coffee you buy at the other places. Our coffee bean are artisan roasted and we use state-of-the-art equipment to brew our coffees. When you compare the coffees side-by-side our coffee wins the taste test every time. We have never sought to appeal to the mass market with cheap coffee drinks, and we will not do so now.

C: That’s true. We’ve certainly achieved top of mind awareness when it comes to the best best tasting brews and it’s important to distinguish ourselves from our competitors. I think the main question is how we can show our appreciation to our customers.

A: That’s the main question I would like to discuss today.

B: Money is tight for everyone these days so even our most loyal customers may be reconsidering the money they pay for their morning coffee. Since the superiority of our coffee beans is one of our core competencies why don’t we sell the beans for people to brew coffee at home.

C: That could definitely be a way we could expand our company, but would we be undermining the essence of the company that way?

A: Let’s brainstorm some more ideas, and do some research. The customer always comes first, and what the customer wants, the customer gets. Maybe it’s time we started selling coffee beans.

Daily Life ‐ Buying A Suit (C0270)

A: Hello sir, what can I do for you today?

B: Hi, I need a new suit. I have an important interview next week, so I really need to look sharp.

A: No problem! We have a broad selection of suits, all tailored made so that it will fit perfectly.

B: Great! I want a three piece suit, preferably made from Italian cashmere or wool.

A: Very well sir. Would you like to have some shirts

made also?

B: Sure. I’ll also take some silver cuff link and a pair of silk ties.

A: Very good. Now, if you will accompany me, we can take your measurements and choose the patterns for your suit and shirts.

The Office ‐ Presentation Series 1 ‐ The Over view and the Agenda (C0271)

A: Hi everyone, Can everyone hear me?Can you guys at the back hear everything?

A: Okay great. Well I think all of you know why we are here this afternoon. As most of you are aware 2010 marks an important moment for Alpha computers.

A: We have bounced back from the recession and now we are set to launch our new line of laptop and desktop computers.

A: I’m really pleased to welcome Michael Ford, the

Global Marketing Manager for Alpha computers, who has flown in from California to give all of you an overview of the marketing campaign and to answer any questions you may have. So please give a warm welcome to Mr. Ford.

B: Thank you Jonathan. It really is a pleasure to be here today. It has been three years since I visited

Beijing ,and it’s clear to me that operations here are obviously going from strength to strength.

B: The Alpha brand continues to grow in leaps and bounds in China, and that is certainly down to the hard work of all of you here. So congratulations to all of you.

B: I’d like to start by outlining the key points of my presentation this afternoon and giving you an idea of the topics that will be discussed. The presentation today is divided into five main parts.

B: First of all, I’d like to briefly touch on the background of the new x420 line; how the whole concept has come about and how the new product fits into our existing brand line.

B: Secondly I’dlike to present data on projected sales for the x420. We will then go on to discuss our key rivals in this sector. Then I would like to go on to outline the campaign concept for the x420.

B: Finally I’m happy to open up the discussion for any questions or points you might have for me.

Daily Life ‐ Getting A Nanny (C0272)

Grace: Hey Mel! Are you up for some tennis today?

Mel: Sorry, I can’t! I have to go to work, pick up Jake and Maddie from school, and make them an afternoon snack, then take Jake to soccer practice and Maddie to dance class.

Grace: You sound exhausted. Maybe you should hire a nanny to help you out! She can pick the kids up and take them to their after-school activities. She can also help you do some household chores, and run some errands.

Mel: Oh, I don’t know… it’s hard to find the right nanny .You have to consider her previous work experience, the responsibilities you give her, and how she interacts with the kids. I would love to have someone to help me out, though.

Grace: I think you should definitely consider it! This way you won’t have to juggle such a busy schedule, and you’ll still get to spend time with the kids in the evenings. I can refer you this great nanny Amy. She used to work for my neighbors, before they moved away. She’s very responsible, a good cook, and great with kids.

Mel: Oh, that’s great. Thanks Grace. Can you give me her number? I’ll talk it over with Dan and give her a call tomorrow. Maybe this way I won’t be so tired every day, and Dan and I might even get to go on a date once in a while .

The Weekend ‐ The Zodiac and Horoscopes ( C0273)

Angela: Hey Lydia, what are you reading?

Lydia: I’m looking at my horoscope for this month! My outlook is very positive. It says that I should take a vacation to someplace exotic, and that I will have a passionate summer fling!

Angela: What are you talking about? Let me see that. . . What are horoscopes?

Lydia: It’s a prediction of your month, based on your zodiac sign . You have a different sign for the month and date you were born in. I was born on April 15th, so I’m an Aries. When were you born?

Angela: January 5th.

Lydia: Let’s see. . . you’re a Capricorn. It says that you will be feeling stress at work, but you could see new, exciting developments in your love life . Looks like we’ll both have interesting summers!

Angela: That’s bogus. I don’t feel any stress at work, and my love life is practically nonexistent. This

zodiac stuff is all a bunch of nonsense.

Lydia: No it’s not, your astrology sign can tell you a lot about your personality. See? It says that an Aries is energetic and loves to socialize. Angela: Well, you certainly match those criteria, but they’re so broad they could apply to anyone. What does it say about me?

Lydia: A Capricorn is serious-minded and practical. She likes to do things in conventional ways. * laughs * That sounds just like you!

The Office ‐ Presentation Series 2 ‐ Talking about numbers, charts and graphs (C0274)

Mr Ford: As all of you are well aware, competition in the laptop computer sector is intense.

Mr Ford: We continue to fight with our competitors for market share, and this is the case both in the developed markets in the West, as well as more developing markets in Asia and Africa.

Mr Ford: You may ask yourself, why is this market so cut-throat? Well the answer is simple. There is a huge untapped potential market out there, with a huge untapped potential for profit.

Mr Ford: If I bring up the first graph here, it shows the increase in terms of number of computer owners across the globe.

Mr Ford: As you can see in the 1980’s computer ownership amounted to around 0.5% of the total world population. Since the 1990’s, computer ownership has risen dramatically.

Mr Ford: In the new millennium we saw an even larger explosion in computer owners , with figures rising to around 4- 5%, an increase of 1000 % percent compared with the 1980’s .

Mr Ford: If we move on to discuss the figures for China specifically we can see in Chart B that the overall figure for computer ownership stands at around 60 million, which represents a huge increase in a very short time period.

Mr Ford: Now of course 60 million is just a drop in the ocean if you compare the total population of China, and this is a key reason why the personal computer market is such a hot market.

Mr Ford: For us at Alpha, and of course for all our competitors as well, we have millions of potential customers who are looking to join the internet generation.

Mr Ford: If we do this right we really can reap huge

rewards in a very short time frame. I’d now like to move on to discuss the x420 brand itself, and compare and contrast with some of our key competitors.

Daily Life ‐ Kitchen Appliances (C0275)

A: I have been looking at this online catalog for over an hour and I still haven’t finished getting all the kitchen appliances that we need!

B: What are you getting?

A: Well, the first thing on my list is a new blender. I decided to also get a juicer and a new coffee maker.

B: Don’t forget to also get a new mixer. I lent the old one to my brother and he broke it.

A: Yeah I know. I also decided to throw away the old toaster and get a new one. I am also getting a rice cooker and steamer to make some nice steamed fish or veggies.

B: I’m actually thinking of completely refurnishing the kitchen and getting a new stove, oven, dishwasher and trash compacter.

A: That’s a good idea ! The kitchen will look amazing!

Daily Life ‐ Telephone Services (C0276)

A: Telco Mobile, how can I help you?

B: Yes, I’d like to activate my voice mail service please.

A: Certainly sir, we currently have a special promotion where we include voice mail services, call waiting and also three way calling.

B: Sure that sounds great! Are there any other fees?

A: Not at all. No hidden fees or surcharges, it is a flat monthly rate.

B: Perfect. I also wanted to know if there is any call forwarding service? I am usually out of town and would like my calls to be forwarded to a local number.

A: Yes of course. We can activate all these services in about an hour.

The Office ‐ Presentation Series 3 ‐ Making Comparisons (C0277)

Mr. Ford: Now a key question you might ask yourself is what differentiates the new x420 line with our previous models, and also of course with some of our competitors.

Mr. Ford: In other words what makes the x420 stand out from all the others? This is a key question, and is something I’d like to explore in a little depth.

Firstly, the x420 has a range of USPs that really make it a cut above the rest.

Mr. Ford: The first thing to mention is that the x420 is the first in a new generation of ultralight laptop computers. It is only 2lbs, which compares very favorably with all our key competitors. In terms of computer performance, for such a light machine it’s very powerful. 4Gb of RAM, with an ultra-fast processor.

Mr. Ford: The most advanced video and sound cards on the market are installed with a crystal-clear 15-inch LCD display. The x420 really stands out as next generation laptop. Compared with our previous x540 range it really is in a league of its own .

Mr. Ford: Now, if we go on to look at projected sales for the x420 we can see that sales revenue for 2010 is expected to hit at least 20 million dollars. Now this is really a conservative estimate.

Mr. Ford: If our marketing campaign is successful I’m confident that we could see a doubling of this figure at the very least. Now please bear in mind that this is only for the first year of production.

Mr. Ford: I’m certain that in the coming three years the x420 will actually overtake all our existing products, both in terms of sales and revenue. Okay, now let’s move on to discuss our marketing concept and look more closely at our key competitors.

Global View ‐ At The Car Dealership (C0278)

A: Hi there! I am looking for a new car. I have this old Ford Pinto that I would like to trade in.

B: I see. You are in luck this month because all of our models are on sale! it is a perfect time to buy a new car since it’s the end of the year,

A: Perfect! I like this one.

B: That is the Ford Focus. A very light but powerful vehicle. It comes with dual side airbags, power steering and power windows, tinted windows and your choice of either automatic or manual transmission.

A: Sounds like a good car! How many miles to the gallon?

B: It is a very fuel efficient vehicle giving you about

34 miles in the city and 40 on the highway.

A: That is really convenient. Especially now that fuel prices are so high! What’s under the hood?

B: A very powerful 2.5-liter turbocharged engine, Trust me, this car is fast!

A: Now for the most difficult question. What is the price tag for this lovely vehicle?

B: Very affordable sir. You can take it out of this lot today with 0% down payment and no interest for the first year! You can test drive it now and we can sign the papers when we get back.

A: Great! Let’s do it!

Global View ‐ Drugs (C0279)

A: Hey man, you wanna buy some weed?

B: Some what?

A: Weed! You know? Pot, Ganja, Mary Jane some chronic!

B: Oh, umm, no thanks.

A: I also have blow if you prefer to do a few lines.

B: No, I am ok, really.

A: Come on man! I even got dope and acid! Try some!

B: Do you really have all of these drugs? Where do you get them from?

A: I got my connections! Just tell me what you want and I’ll even give you one ounce for free.

B: Sounds good! Let’s see, I want.

A: Yeah?

B: I want you to put your hands behind your head! You are under arrest!

The Office ‐ Presentation Series 4 ‐ Discussi ng the

Competition (C0280)

Mr. Ford: Now, of course, with all this cutting-edge technology there must be a catch, you might ask yourself. I bet the retail price will be too much for most consumers, you might say. Well, you’d be wrong!

Mr. Ford: Yes, of course the x420 is aimed at the luxury market, but if you compare the price of our leading competitors, the x420 represents incredible value for money. At only15,000RMB it is far more affordable and far more attractive than almost every leading brand and model.

Mr. Ford: So, what differentiates us from our competitors? Well, if we compare Orange’s luxury MP40 range then we can really highlight some of the differences.

Mr. Ford: Now, of course Orange has an enviable record for producing revolutionary and top class products, and I must admit the MP40 is a breathtaking machine. However, for most consumers the MP40 is simply far too expensive to consider.

Mr. Ford: Compared with the x420 it is more expensive and there’s no doubt that considering the quality and workmanship that goes into the x420 we really win hands down on value for money.

Mr. Ford: Also, if you compare the after sales service we offer I think we can proudly boast the best customer service facilities in the whole lap-top sector. As opposed to most of our rivals, we guarantee quality, we guarantee service and we guarantee reliability.

Mr. Ford: The questions we must ask ourselves are ” What does the Alpha brand stand for? and also ” How can we set ourselves apart from our competitors? The answer to both of these questions is the same my friends.

Mr. Ford: Alpha stands first and foremost for quality, for excellence and for service. If we always stick to this philosophy then I’m confident that we will really be able to expand our market share significantly. Okay, let me move on now to give you an idea of our marketing campaign for the x420

The Weekend ‐ Breaking Up (C0281)

Lydia: Hello?

Maggie: Hey! Do you want to go out tonight?

Lydia: No, I think I’ll pass. Mark broke up with me. I feel awful.

Maggie: What?!? What happened? Just last week you were talking about going on vacation together! Lydia: I don’t know what I did wrong. He said he needed some space to figure things out… He said I didn’t do anything wrong, that I’m a great person…

just not the one for him…

Maggie: Ugh! That’s so cliche. Mark’s not worth your time, Lydia. You deserve so much better!

Lydia: I know we had hit a rough patch but I had hoped we could work it out next weekend, when we both had some time off… I think he found someone else. I had been getting suspicious because he had been spending a lot of time with a coworker…

Maggie: Whatever. He’s a jerk, forget about him! There are many more fish in the sea.

Lydia: Talk about being clich ′ e, Maggie! But you’re

right. There’s no use for me to sulk around… Let’s go out tonight!

Global View ‐ Physics (C0282)

Prof. Brown: Good morning, everybody. Welcome to Physics 101. My name is Ed Brown, and I will be your professor for this semester. Since today is our first class, I wanted to give you an overview of what this course will look like, how you will be graded, and what we will cover this semester.

Matt: Will we be focusing more on theoretical physics or experimental physics, Professor?

Prof. Brown: This is an introductory course, and my aim is to give you a broad overview of the field of physics. The term “ physics” encompasses many different areas of research and study, and I hope this course will provide you with conceptual understanding of physics, which will prove useful whether or not you choose to further your study in this field.

Prof. Brown: We will begin the course by looking at the fundamental concepts of physics, then by the middle of the semester we will begin exploring the more theoretical side of physics. It is essential that you first have a firm grasp of the fundamentals, so that you can better understand the theoretical concepts when we get to them. Matt: Will we learn about black holes, wormholes, and string theory?

Prof. Brown: We will learn about the general theory of relativity, including black holes. We will also explore developing theories in quantum mechanics, such as string theory. We will discuss some hypothetical features of space-time, like wormholes. Prof. Brown: We will also explore some of the more influential developments in the fields of thermodynamics, electromagnetism, and nuclear physics, all of which have had significant impacts on modern life. Now, I am going to have the TAs pass out the syllabus for this class, so you can see how this course will be graded.

Matt: Oh man, looks like this isn’t gonna be the easy A I thought it’d be!

The Office ‐ Presentation Series 5 ‐ Deferrin g Questions (C0283)

Mr. Ford: Now, as we have already discussed there is a huge untapped market out there both in Asia, in other developing markets, and in the more mature markets for us to push into. Now of course, this represents an enormous challenge with enormous

rewards for the winners, but for any new product we need a great marketing message and marketing campaign

Mr. Ford: It needs to be directed and focused at our target consumer, and needs to be pitched at exactly the right level. The question we must first address is of course, who is our target consumer and secondly what do they expect from the next generation Alpha lap-top?

Mr. Ford: Let’s first of all tackle the first question. Our target consumer for the x420 is the middle class, white collar worker with an above average income. However, as we mentioned before the total number of computer owners is expanding rapidly and we need to broaden our audience for this product.

Mr. Ford: For example, the x420 is also ideally suited to the younger student sector, who might use laptops both for study and gaming. There is no doubt that.

Audience Member: Mr. Ford, if I could just interrupt a moment. You say that the computer is suitable for students, but don’t you think the price of the x420 is just too much for most students?

Mr Ford: Well, that’s a fair point. If you don’t mind I’d like to tackle your question a little bit later in the Q and A section. Is that okay? Audience Member: Yes sure.

Mr Ford: Okay, so as I was saying we have an exciting campaign planned for the x420. Firstly, we will have a nationwide television campaign, as well as advertising on radio and also in many computer publications. We also intend to.

Audience Member: I’m sorry to stop you Mr. Ford, but do you really think that a television campaign is cost effective. I mean, how much is that going to cost?

Mr Ford: Well I don’t have the figures to hand, but I’d be happy to discuss those figures with you after the presentation. Okay let me just go on to talk a little more about the exciting campaign we have in store.

Daily Life ‐ Tune Up (C0284)

A: Welcome to Al’s Garage. What seems to be the problem?

B: No problem at all! I am taking a long road trip and I want to make sure my car is in good mechanical condition.

A: Very wise decision. When was the last time you had a tune up?

B: Not that long ago, I think it was four months ago.

A: We usually recommend that you bring your car in every five thousand kilometers.

B: Why? I mean, what exactly do you do to a car that you need to check it so often?

A: First of all, we change the motor oil and oil filter. If you don’t do this, it can cause your engine to wear faster and that means you would probably have to change the pistons and intake valves.

B: I see. What else?

A: We also check your spark plugs, fuel filter, and other oil levels such as hydraulic fluid. We also check the clutch and brakes to determine when you will need new ones.

B: Ok, well, when you put it that way, it doesn’t seem like a waste of time and money.

A: Trust me, regular tune ups will keep your car running smoothly and avoid break downs.

Daily Life ‐ Handyman (C0285)

A: The air conditioning is not working! We need to call a handyman before we start to fry in here!

B: Dan is on top of that. I think they are also getting the handyman to fix the bathroom toilet that keeps clogging up.

A: That would be convenient. They might as well ask him to fix the electrical wiring. The circuit breakers keep going out all the time. It’s really annoying!

B: Yeah you are right. This office is falling apart! Frank told me the other day that the gutters outside were clogged and that’s why the parking lot was flooded.

A: I know! I was in ankle deep water trying to get to my car that day! The handyman definitely has his work cut out for him.

The Office ‐ Presentation Series 6 ‐ Addressi ng the Audience (C0286)

Mr. Ford: The campaign that we have in store for the x420 is exciting, imaginative and revolutionary. We have spent two years listening to and responding to feedback from customers and staff alike.

Mr. Ford: I would like to say that without the assistance and support of each and every one of you we really could not have devised this campaign. I’d like to take my hat off and really thank you all for the

wonderful work you’ve done so far, not only in helping support our marketing efforts, but also in your continuing your commitment to Alpha computers.

Mr. Ford: There’s no doubt in my mind that we have a great workforce here and together we can really push Alpha computers to a whole new level of success.

Mr. Ford: On the subject of the campaign let me ask you all a question. How do we define the perfect lap-top? Is it about affordability, quality, speed, reliability? What do you look for in a consumer? Well, I believe the answer lies in a combination of all of these elements.

Mr. Ford: Our campaign will really hammer home the point that the x420 is a state-ofthe-art laptop for all of your computing needs. With our television campaign we hope to really reach out to a huge audience. Mr. Ford: We have a great ad campaign planned focusing on the fantastic USP’ s of the x420. We have hired one of the best PR companies to work with us on the campaign, and have already completed three separate TV adverts, all focusing on one key feature of the x420.

Mr. Ford: I’m excited to say that today, for the first time, we will unveil to all of you here the first of these advertisements!

Daily Life ‐ High School Reunion (C0287)

A: I hate coming to high school reunions.

B: It will be great honey. We will get to see your old classmates and catch up to see how they have been doing.

A: Yeah I guess so. Oh look! There is Robert Matthews! Rob!

C: Hey Bill! Wow great to see you!

A: Likewise! It’s been a long time! This is my wife


C: Pleasure to meet you. So Bill, how have you been?

A: Can’t complain! We have 2 children who are in college and my business is going well. What about you?

C: Ah you know me! I am a dedicated bachelor. I never married although I do have a beautiful daughter with Mary, you remember her? We were high school sweetheart, didn’t really work out between us, but I really can’t complain either.

A: That’s good. Have you seen Frank? I was hoping he would come tonight.

C: You didn’t hear? Frank passed away last year.

A: Are you serious?

C: Nah! I’m just yanking your chain. He’ll be here soon. I saw him just last week and he told me he would show up.

The Weekend ‐ Getting A Tattoo (C0288)

A: I have made up my mind. I am getting a tattoo.

B: Really? Are you sure?

A: Yeah! Why not? They are trendy and look great! I want to get a dragon on my arm or maybe a tiger on my back.

B: Yeah but, it is something that you will have forever! They use indelible ink that can only be removed with laser treatment. On top of all that, I have heard it hurts a lot!

A: Really?

B: Of course! They use this machine with a needle that pokes your skin and inserts the ink.

A: Oh, I didn’t know that! I thought they just paint it on your skin or something.

B: I think you should reconsider and do some more research about tattoos. Also, find out where the nearest tattoo parlor is and make sure they used sterilized needles, and that the place is hygienic.

A: Maybe I should just get a tongue piercing!

The Office ‐ Presentation Series 7 ‐ Handling Technical Problems (C0289)

Mr. Ford: Okay, so if we could dim the lights Jonathan, we can kick-off with the first TV advert. Please note that we are still in the early days with this advert, so it might seem a bit rough round the edges. Okay, so. just need to click this and the advert should pop up on the screen…

Mr. Ford: Hmmmmmm. Sorry about this. Bear with me me a second. There seems to be a problem with the projector. Let me see. could you lend a hand a second? Jonathan: It looks like the projector is not recognizing the computer. Let me check the connection a second… Well the connection seems okay, and the computer is running normally.

Mr. Ford: Okay. Sorry guys. Obviously a problem with the system. Let’s just reboot and start over. Let’s see if this resolves the issue.

Jonathan: Right, let’s try again. No, still nothing

Michael. There might be a technical issue with the projector. I think maybe the projector has overheated. We might need to cool it down for ten minutes and start again. I’ll call IT support to come over right now.

Mr. Ford: Okay guys. Unfortunately technical problems do crop up from time to time, don’t they? But it’s not a huge problem. In the meantime while the IT guys get to work on that I can talk a little bit more about the advertising concept and what we are looking to achieve overall with this campaign.

The Weekend ‐ Buying Jewelery (C0290) Shop assistant: Good afternoon, sir, is there anything I can help you with today?

Mark: umm… yeah! I’m looking for a nice gift to give my girlfriend. Our fifth anniversary’s next Friday. Shop assistant: Well, I would be happy to assist you in choosing the perfect gift for her. Is there anything particular that you have in mind?

Mark: No, not really… I’m completely at a loss.

Shop assistant: Well, you can give her a set of pearl earrings, or this beautiful heart-shaped pendant. What is her favorite gemstone?

Mark: That purple one. I’m sorry…I’ve never bought jewelery for anyone and I’m kind of nervous.

Shop assistant: Don’t worry, we specialize in providing our customers a relaxed, pressure-free shopping environment. That stone is an amethyst. We have a range of beautiful amethyst pieces. Take

a look at this bracelet. It’s 18K rose-gold, studded with amethyst and blue topaz. It’s a great statement piece.

Mark: Oh…wow. That’s really pretty. Jess would love that. But…I was thinking of something a little more delicate, perhaps a necklace?

Shop assistant: We have this beautiful platinum pendant, or you could also get her a locket. You could also get her a

timepiece—it’s both glamorous yet functional. If you

tell me a little more about your girlfriend, maybe I can help

you find something for her. Mark: Jess? Well, she’s very smart, and has a great sense of humor. She’s very feminine…

Shop assistant: Perhaps you could give her a ring?

Mark: Well…actually…I was thinking about asking

Jess to marry me…I’ve just been so nervous.

Shop assistant: Well sir, I believe your fifth

anniversary is a great time to propose!

Mark: Okay, I’ve decided. I’m going to pop the question!

Shop assistant: Fabulous! We should look at engagement rings then! Now that’s a whole other section.

Daily Life ‐ Ordering Chinese Food (C0291)

Waitress: Hi, welcome to Happy Buddah! Can I get

you anything to drink?

Manny: A Coke for me, please.

Andrea: I’ll have a Sprite.

Waitress: Okay, I’ll go get that for you. Are there any questions with the menu? Andrea: Do you use MSG?

Waitress: No ma’am, we are MSG-free.

Andrea: Oh man, I haven’t had Chinese food in so long! I want everything! This place has the BEST sesame chicken.

Manny: Yeah, I’ve been craving Chinese for such a long time. I used to get take-out all the time. It’s definitely been a while. Let’s start off with some crab rangoon.

Andrea: Ooh yeah, that sounds good. I think I’m going to get the sesame chicken with fried rice, a spring roll, and egg drop soup.

Manny: It’s so tempting to order everything on the menu, it all looks so appetizing! I think I’ll get General Tso’s chicken, hot and sour soup, fried wontons, and white rice.

Andrea: Aren’t you supposed to be on a diet? You should at least get brown rice.

Manny: I don’t think so! I hate brown rice, and I’m so sick of eating healthy all the time. I’ve been eating so much salad I swear I’ve forgotten what meat tastes like! There’s no better remedy than some nice, greasy, calorieladen Chinese food. I might even get an order of broccoli beef!

Andrea: Gosh, I’m so hungry! Let’s call the waitress over!

The Office ‐ Presentation Series 8 ‐ Common Presentation Mistakes (C0292)

Mr. Ford: So as I mentioned previously the campaign advertisement will focus on those key elements that every consumer looks for in a quality laptop: affordability, quality, speed and reliability. We have pulled out all the stops to produce a product that really rivals all our competitors.

Mr. Ford: Actually, just to illustrate my point let me

give you an anecdote here. I remember last year I was playing golf with one of our key suppliers. It was a lovely summer afternoon. Anyway, I invited our supplier for a game of golf, and wanted to get his input on the new x420.

Mr. Ford: Actually, I often get together with him for a good game of golf. It really is a wonderful way to relax. To be honest, I’m not that great at golf, but I have improved in the last few years. But the key to golf is practice, practice, practice. I’ve lost my thread. What was I talking about again?

Jonathan: I think you were discussing the campaign advertisement Michael.

Mr. Ford: Yes, excuse me. I’m afraid I got sidetracked there. Yes anyway, the campaign. Well, erm. let me see. Is the projector working yet Jonathan?

Jonathan: No sorry, IT are still fixing it.

Mr. Ford: Ahh okay, erm… all the information on the campaign is on the PowerPoint. I haven’t actually got my notes with me…ermlet me see, erm…..

Audience Member: Mr. Ford, could you at least tell us the schedule for the campaign? When are the first advertisements scheduled for?

Mr. Ford: That’s a good question. Unfortunately I erm…don’t have that information on me. I will have to get back to you on that point.

Jonathan: Okay Michael, the projector is fixed. I think we’re ready.

Mr. Ford: Thank goodness. Okay everyone, sorry for the delay. So without further ado the new x420 marketing campaign! Enjoy! oh ermmm. I’m terribly sorry, this is not the advert, this is my golfing holiday in Barbados. I think I must have brought the wrong file. Can we take five?

Advanced Media ‐ Cheese Lovers (F0293)

A: Hello everyone my name is Laurie and I want to welcome you to this course. We will learn all about one of the oldest yet most delicious foods on this planet; cheese! Let’s get started!

A: Cheese is usually categorized intofour types: soft, semi- soft semi-hard and hard. The designation refers to the amount of moisture in the cheese, which directly affects its texture. Making cheese is an ancient practice, dating back thousands of years, and the home cheese maker can usually find recipes for cheese that falls into any of the four categories.

A: Soft cheese includes cottage cheese, cream cheese, ricotta, brie, bleu, roquefort, mozzarella, meunster and similar cheeses. These cheeses generally pair well with fruit or meats, or can be used as breakfast cheeses in an omelette Nor as pasta fillings. They are usually mildly flavored and very high in moisture.

A: American, Colby, co-jack and similar cheeses are inthe semi-soft category. These are slightly stronger in flavor and cover a wide range of uses. Co-jack cheese, a blend of Colby and Monterrey jack is one of the most popular. This allows the sharper flavor of Colby to be combined with the milder jack cheese, and also melts better than plain Colby. Grilled cheese sandwiches often use American cheese, and Mexican cheeses such as Asadero and Queso Fresco are becoming more popular.

A: Hard cheeses include Parmesan, Romano, Asiago, Swiss, Gruyere and others. Parmesan and Romano are most familiar as the grated powder used to top spaghetti, but they are also used as accompaniments for fruit, wine, nuts and other appetizer items. Swiss is a popular sandwich cheese and melts well, unlike some other hard cheeses.

Daily Life ‐ Picking A University (C0294)

A: I’ve never heard of AmLion College. Could you…

B: Of course sir, let me give you a brief overview. AmLion College is located in the center of New York city. The school covers a wide range of academic subjects; and eighty percent of the courses are transferable to other state universities. And, last year AmLion College was ranked number one in terms of graduate employment.

A: Interesting, and what about the tuition fees, then?

B: You’ll be looking at somewhere around fifteen thousand US dollars per semester.

A: Okay, well.

B: And, did I mention our on-campus housing? Students can stay in our newly renovated dorms for as little as three thousand dollars per month!

A: Sounds good. Well. I’ll just grab one of your flyers.

B: Sir, you got the wrong flyer. Sir, sir!

The Office ‐ Presentation Series 9 ‐ Summar y and

Conclusion (C0295)

Mr. Ford: Right everyone. I apologize that I can’t show you the marketing campaign today, but next week you will all have the opportunity to see if for yourselves, and I have no doubt that you will be impressed. Let me wrap up the presentation by summarising my key points.

Mr. Ford: As I mentioned at the outset, 2010 represents a key year for Alpha computers. The recession is hopefully behind us. It is clear to everyone in the computer industry that demand is booming, especially in the developing markets.

Mr. Ford: If we are to succeed in this ultracompetitive field then we really need to push forward and offer our customers products that meet their needs on all levels. As I hope I have illustrated, the x420 represents the kind of computer that can really satisfy those needs.

Mr. Ford: I gave you an idea of the kind of revenue we expect to hit in 2010 with the new x420 range, and believe me, this is really just the beginning. Once we establish the x420 in the market we have plans to continue to expand our range with ever more revolutionary and impressive products.

Mr. Ford: Alpha computers is dedicated to innovation and improvement. I really see no limit to our potential as long as we stick to the principles I stressed earlier: quality, excellence and service.

Mr. Ford: Before we move on to the Q and A section I’d really like to leave you with a quote that really sums up everything that we’ve discussed today, and hopefully it will provide you with the same inspiration that it gives me.

Mr. Ford: As the great Henry Ford once said ” Quality means doing it right, when no one is looking” Well, in fact our customers are looking; they are looking for

us to lead the way and to give them the quality that our competitors cannot. We cannot let them down!

Global View ‐ Vegan Or Vegetarian? (C0296)

A: Hey Julie, you want to go grab something to eat?

B: Sure! What do you feel like having?

A: I really feel like having a big juicy steak!

B: Oh. ok. I don’t eat meat, but that’s fine, I am sure wherever we are going they will have other options


A: I didn’t know you were a vegetarian!

B: I’m not, I am a vegan.

A: A what?

B: A vegan. I don’t eat or use any animal based products. I don’t wear leather, eat eggs, drink milk or anything that comes from an animal. I used to be a pescatarian before, which basically means you don’t eat meat, but still have fish and seafood.

A: Wow! That’s interesting! It must be tough!

B: It’s a bit difficult to find vegetarian friendly restaurants sometimes, but since more and more people are vegetarians or vegans nowadays, it’s getting a bit less difficult.

The Weekend ‐ Ordering At An Italian Restau rant (C0297)

A: Good evening ladies. My name is Josh and I’ll be your server tonight. May I take your order?

B: Do you have any recommendations?

A: Well, I personally like the chicken penne with cream mushroom sauce, but the prawn fettuccine is also very nice.

B: Hmm. I’d like to have the grilled chicken, but can

I have spaghetti instead of penne?

A: Of course, mam. And for you?

C: I… ah..I’ll have the horse tripe.

The Office ‐ Presentation Series 10 ‐ The Q a nd A

Session (C0298)

Jonathan: Well everyone, I’m sure you’d like to join me in thanking Michael for what was a really inspirational presentation. Sincere thanks

Michael. Jonathan: Now, I’m sure many of you will be keen to ask some questions, so I’d like to open it up a Q and A session. Please raise your hand if you have any questions at all. Janice, go ahead.

Janice: Yes thank you Jonathan. I would just like to go back to the comment Mr. Ford made in regards to our competitors, particularly Orange. Now as you know, Orange has established themselves as the market leader in the high-end lap-top market.

Janice: How does Mr. Ford expect to compete with a company that has such a huge reputation and huge resources?

Mr. Ford: Well Janice, first of all, thanks for a very

good question. I think you have hit the nail on the head actually. Orange are the global leaders precisely because of their size and power.

Mr. Ford: But, although we can’t compete in terms of size I do believe we hold an advantage in terms of dedication to customer service. Yes, I admit this is a David and Goliath battle,but don’t forget who won that contest.

Frank: Ermmm, Mr Ford. Could you elaborate on the actual technical details of the x420 a little more? Mr. Ford: I’d love to but I think we are a little pressed for time right now. However Jonathan has all the technical specs for you on the powerpoint presentation, which you can look over in your own time.

Marcie: Mr. Ford. One final question. Would you like to join me for a game of golf this Sunday?

Daily Life ‐ Returning A Product (C0299)

A: Hi I would like to return this TV.

B: Sure, do you have the receipt?

A: Yeah here you go. Actually I also want to return this keyboard.

B: Ok, may I ask what is the reason for returning these products?

A:: The TV flickers a lot when I am watching a movie and at times the image is not very clear.

B: I see, and what about the keyboard?

A: I spilled some coffee on it and now it won’t work.

B: I am sorry sir, but we can only exchange or refund defective products, we cannot take responsibility for misuse or damages.

A: Fine! I don’t know why they make these things so delicate anyways.

Daily Life ‐ Online Dating (C0300)

A: Do you want to hang out tomorrow?

B: Oh, I can’t. I have a date!

A: Really? Wow with who?

B: This girl I’ve been chatting with forthe past couple of months. She’s really cool and she’s driving over here this weekend.

A: Wait a minute, you mean you met her online?

B: Yeah! I signed up for a website called match. and it is great! You fill in all your details and preferences, like if you are a smoker or if you have any pets. Then you find people that have similar characteristics and you can email them or chat.

A: That is kind of weird! What if she is a psycho or something like that?

B: It’s the same as meeting people anywhere and dating them! I am just tired of going to bars or being set up for dates by my friends! I think this is a really cool alternative, especially if you are a bit shy.

A: I guess it does seem logical. I’ll have to check it out!

The Weekend ‐ Vampires (C0301)

A: You want to go tothe movies tonight?

B: Sure! What’s playing?

A: The new Twilight movie!

B: Twilight? As inthe vampire movies? No way I am watching that. I don’t understand why everyone isso excited about these films about vampires. It doesn’t make sense.

A: Of course it does. It’s like a modern tale of Romeo and Juliet. You have a couple that is in love but can’t be together because they are so different. Add in the fact that immortality and super human strengthis really sexy and there you have it! Plus the cast is hip, young people that make the movie even more enticing.

B: I don’t buy into that. I think it’s just a fad. Pretty soon this will pass and everyone will be into werewolves or zombies!

Global View ‐ Phobias (C0302)

A: Are you excited about your trip next month?

B: Yes and no. I can’t wait to go to Europe, but at the same time I am terrified.

A: Why?

B: Well, I have aerophobia. I have a chronic fear of flying.

A: Oh really? I have an uncle who is also terrified of flying. It’s not that bad though, I mean, it is pretty scary to be in this big machine flying through the air at seven hundred miles per hour. I actually have arachnophobia.

B: You’re scared of spiders? I actually have two more phobias. Acrophobia and glossophobia.

A: I guess that explains why you are afraid of flying, but public speaking is not that bad.

B: Are you kidding? When I get on stage, my palms start to sweat, I get really nervous and I can hardly speak.

A: Well, I must confess I am a bit claustrophobic. I

hate being in an elevator for more than 5 seconds.

B: We are such weirdos right?

Daily Life ‐ Mexican Food (C0303)

A: Hello sir, welcome to Pistolera restaurant. May I take your order?

B: Yes, I would like the chicken cheese enchiladas with a side of guacamole.

A: I’m sorry sir, but we ran out of chicken. May I suggest our delicious beef burritos or cheese quesadillas? Both include a side of guacamole and jalapenos.

B: Sure I’ll have the burrito.. Do you have nachos?

A: Of course sir. Our nachos come with melted cheese and chili.

B: Sounds good.

A: Would you like anything to drink?

B: Sure, I’ll have a Corona.

Daily Life ‐ Neat Freak (C0304)

A: Ugg, this bathroom is a pigsty!

B: Helen, why do you keep flushing the toilet? What’s wrong?

A: I just can’t stand it. It’s really gross in here! There’s a stain on the toilet seat, and the floor was wet and slippery. So I cleaned it!

B: You did what? Helen, I know it’s gross, but I’ve seen many public washrooms that are much worse. Why are you cleaning the counter top? are you out of your mind?

A: I can’t help myself; it’s just so disgusting in here!

B: Helen, this is not like your own bathroom. Just leave it to the cleaners,okay?

A: Hang on. I’m just gonna quickly wipe the sink and sweep the floor.

B: You’re such a neat freak! I’m outta here!

The Weekend ‐ Bowling (C0305)

A: Alright, so the first thing that you need to know about bowling is that you should never cross that line where the lane begins.

B: Why not?

A: Because they polish and oil it to make the ball slide down. If you step there you will slip and fall.

A: OK, so I got my bowling shoes, my ball, our names on the scorecard, so now, how the heck do I play this?

A: You throw the ball down the lane and try to knock

down all the pins. If you do, that is called a strike. If you don’t knock them all down on the first try, then you get a chance to get the spare. After ten frames, we add up the points and see who has the most. Three hundred is a perfect score, but very hard to get.

B: Got it! OK, I’m gonna give it a go. Oh no! My ball went in the gutter!

A: I told you, its harder than you think. Now let a pro show you how it’s done.

The Weekend ‐ Pick Up Lines (C0306)

A: Let’s got out tomorrow night. We can go to a bar and try to find you a girlfriend.

B: I don’t think that’s a good idea. I am just not good with approaching someone and starting up a conversation.

A: Maybe you just need a few pick up lines,you know, break the ice.

B: Pick up lines don’t work!

A: Come on! You can just walk up to a girl and say:

“If you were a booger I’d pick you first.”

B: What? Come on! That’s just lame! No girl would fall for that!

A: Fine, then you can say: “So there you are! I’ve been looking all over for YOU, the woman of my dreams!”

B: That’s a good one! I think that’s pretty funny.

A: Yeah, so you make her laugh, you make a fool of yourself a little bit and then you buy her a drink.

B: Ok, how does this sound: “I was so enchanted by your beauty that I ran into that wall over there. So I am going to need your name and number for insurance purposes.”

A: Nice! Let’s go!

The Office ‐ Small Talk Series ‐ Showing Int erest


Tina: Hey Michelle, this is my friend James. He’s visiting Shanghai from New York.

Michelle: Oh, hi James. Nice to meet you. So, uh. you visiting for business or pleasure?

James: Well, actually a little of both. I’m meeting some business contacts but I’m also taking some Mandarin classes too.

Michelle: That’s cool! How’s it going?

James: Well, I’m finding the classes pretty tough actually, but I’m having a great time in Shanghai. It’s really an amazing city.

Michelle: It sure is. Are you staying for long? James: Only two weeks unfortunately. I wish I could stay longer but.

Michelle: Well listen, if you need someone to show youthe sights then just call me. I’m having a little get together at my new apartment next week so if you want to drop bythen.

James: That sounds great. I’d love to! Let me take down your number Michelle.

Daily Life ‐ Boxers and Briefs (C0308)

A: Lily, I found a pair of men’s boxers in the laundry machine this morning!

B: What?! That’s weird. Are they your boyfriend’s?

A: Nah, Kevin only wears briefs. Plus, this pair is extra small!

B: What do they look like?

A: They’re light blue with thin pink stripes… Oh, and there’s a Snoopy on it which is hilarious, hahah…

B: Those are my undies!

Global View ‐ Indian Food (C0309)

A: So where is this mystery restaurant that we are going to?

B: It’s an Indian restaurant! I know you have never had Indian food, so I thought you might want to try.

A: That sounds great! I am craving some type of beef dish.

B: Well, Indian cuisine actually doesn’t serve beef.

You see, cows are a sacred animal, a very important element inthe Hindu religion, so beef is not eaten.

A: I see, so what are we having? Chicken?

B: There are many amazing dishes to choose from. We can havesome chicken tikka masalawhich is an amazing curry. It’s a bit spicy, but I think you can handle it.

A: Sounds good! I have always heard that Indian spices give a rich flavor to food.

B: Yeah. Also, we can have some Naan bread which is baked in a tandoori oven. Since you don’t use any utensils to eat, you can use this bread to scoop upthe curry or rice.

A: What about veggies?

B: They have a good variety of vegetable based dishes like palak paneer, vegetable samosas or Daal.

A: It all sounds exquisite! I can’t wait!

The Office ‐ Small Talk 2 (C0310)

James: So Michelle, let me introduce you to Maria.

She’s my colleague from Brazil. Maria, this is


Maria: Hi Michelle. So what do you do here in Shanghai? I mean, what work do you do?

Michelle: I work in advertising right now. How about you?

Maria: I’m actually inthe wine business.

Michelle: That sounds really great. I love wine myself! Is this your first time to Shanghai Maria? Maria: No actually, I often visit. I usually come to China for business at least once a year. Also, I love the restaurants in Shanghai, so that’s a good reason to come.

Michelle: Me too. Actually, there’s a great Brazilian restaurant I recommend. I mean, the food is delicious butthe service isn’t so good. I often like to get together with friends and have a great barbecue there.

James: We should go together some time.

Michelle: Wonderful idea! I’d love that!

The Office ‐ Sorry I’m Late (C0311)

Maggie Gao: Okay everyone, shall we begin?

Bill: Sorry Maggie, but we are missing a few people. Can we hang on a sec?

Maggie Gao: Well, I did say eleven o’clock sharp, and it’s now five past so. . . .

James: Hi everyone, I’m so sorry I’m late. It’s raining cats and dogs outside and I had to wait ages for a taxi.

Maggie Gao: Okay James, take a seat quickly please. Right, the subject ofthe meeting is.

Sally: Hi guys. Please excuse me ,I was held up in traffic.

Maggie Gao: Right, as I was saying the subject ofthe m. . .

Bruno: Hi Maggie. I’m terribly sorry. The traffic is murder out there.

Maggie Gao: Sit down Bruno! Okay now, as you are aware, the topic for this meeting is ‘The importance of being punctual’. Who would like to start?

The Weekend ‐ Ordering Drinks (C0312)

A: What Can I get you?

B: I’ll have a Cosmo please.

C: Dude! You can’t order a Cosmo! That’s a ladies drink, you’re embarrasing me!

B: What are you talking about? It’s a good drink!

C: It’s too soft! Order something with a little more kick to it!

B: Fine! I’ll have a sex on the beach.

C: You have to be kidding me!

B: Come on! It’s delicious! Especially when served in a pineapple or coconut.

C: Forget it, I’m ordering for you. I’ll have a Scotch on the rocks and my friend here will have a Manhattan. Put it on my tab. Here now this is a real drink!

B: That’s strong! This is going to get me wasted!

C: That’s the idea!

The Office ‐ Small talk 3 (C0313) Grace: Hey Michelle! Is that you?

Michelle: Wow, Grace! Long time no see! Where have you been?

Grace: Oh yeah. Well you see I got a promotion, so I moved tothe new Pudong office last September.

Michelle: You did? Congratulations!

Grace: Thanks a lot. So how are things with you Michelle?

Michelle: Well, same old same oldyou know.

Nothing much has changed here.

Grace: Are you still seeing Chris?

Michelle: No, actually we split up last month.

Grace: Oh dear. I’m sorry to hear that.

Michelle: But I met a really cute guy last night at a networking party so, . . . …..well, let’s just wait and


Grace: Good for you Michelle!

Daily Life ‐ Making A Collect Call (C0314)

A: This isthe operator, how may I help you?

B: Yes, I would like to make a collect call.

A: Ok sir, please dial the number. Now please state your name.

B: Tommy.

A: Please wait a moment. Hello, you have a collect call from Tommy. Would you like to accept the charges?

C: Yes of course.

A: Dad?

C: Yeah Tommy, what happened are you ok?

A: Yeah dad everything is ok. I’m calling you because I want to know if it’s ok for me to go to my friend’s house today after school.

C: Yeah sure no problem. You scared me to death!

I’ve told you to make a collect call in case of an emergency only! Why didn’t you call me from your mobile phone?

B: I ran out of credit and I also didn’t have twenty five cents N forthe payphone. Sorry dad.

The Office ‐ Sending A Quote Via Email (C031 5)

Tracy: Melanie, can you help me with something? We need to finalize the account with the Mexican Embassy and, I need some advice on phrasing this letter correctly in English.

Melanie: Sure Tracy, let me just get my laptop. all

set. Tracy: Okay, so. . . . . . . toWhom It May Concern, I am writing.

Melanie: Um, Tracy? I think that’s a little too formal. I know you want to be polite but you’ve already made contact with them, so in English you can be more relaxed inthe opening. . . .

Tracy: Okay, more relaxed. Got it. . . . Hey Sally, what’s up? It’s Tracy here, just.

Melanie: Okay Tracy, now it’s too relaxed! You’ve still got to show some respect. How about starting with “Dear Ms. Cooper, I’m writing to confirm. . . ?

Tracy: Great, okay. “Dear Miss Cooper, I’m writing to confirm the final quotation forthe full page back cover color advertisement you requested forthe spring issue of Voila magazine.

Melanie: That’s great. . . .

Tracy: “ The final costing, including advert design and production, comes to forty-five thousand six hundred RMB. We want payment ten working days before publication or we will cancel the ad. Thanks for. . . ”

Melanie: Woo, okay back up a second Tracy. That’s too direct. Can I suggest you say, ” please note thatfinal payment is due two working weeks before publication? You don’t want to offend her.

Tracy: Oops okay. You are right. Then I can just end with “All the best, Tracy”

Melanie: Hmmmm, maybe, but I’d play it safeand just finish with “Yours Sincerely”. That’s more professional.

Tracy: Oh, Melanie you are a life saver, thank you!

Daily Life ‐ Small Talk Series 4 ‐ Discussing


Workevents (C0316)

Jeremy: Hi Michelle. Do you need to usethe photocopier?

Michelle: Oh hi Jeremy. No please, go ahead. So how are you Jeremy? I was talking to Linda about you only last week.

Jeremy: Oh I’m fine thanks. I’m super busy with work actually. Did you hear about the Lawson contract?

Michelle: No, tell me more.

Jeremy: Well, I was discussing the contract with Bill and he said that they metthe head of Lawsons last week.

Michelle: And.

Jeremy: And hopefully they are going to confirm the deal on Wednesday, fingers crossed

Michelle: That’s great news Jeremy. Congratulations! Anyway, I must get back, but give my regards to your wife Monica.

Jeremy: I will Michelle. Speak to you soon.

The Office ‐ First Paycheck (C0317)

Emily: Hey, Susan. Have you got a sec? I have some questions about my paycheck. Susan: You bet, Emily. Pull up a chair.

Emily: Well, this is my first paycheck here inthe States and there are a few things I don’t understand. First off, what is this FICA, and SUI Y tax, and why are there deductions both for Medicare and for my health insurance plan?

Susan: OK, let’s start from the top of your pay stub. This number here represents your gross pay. Emily: Yes, that’s easy enough to understand. Susan: Then here we have a series of deductions. First off are the federal ones. FICA stands for Federal Insurance Contribution Act, or something like that. It’s your federal income tax. And then there’s Social Security and Medicare, which are both federal programs to help you out after you retire or if you were unable to work.

Emily: All right, I see. So the Medicare isn’t actually a health insurance I can use now.

Susan: That’s right. Below the federal deductions are the state deductions. There’s the state income tax, and then this SUI SDItax you were asking about

is paying into an unemployment and disability fund that our state has set up, but you can see it’s a pretty small quantity that they take.

Emily: Yeah, I don’t mind giving them a dollar fifty for that. So there are two separate income taxes – one at a state level and one at a federal level?

Susan: That’s right. Not all states have an income tax. Some use higher property taxes or sales taxes instead.

Emily: I see. All right, well I think everything else I can figure out on my own. The deductions for health insurance and my 401(K) are pretty self-explanatory. Thanks for your help, Susan.

Susan: No problem! All those deductions do add up, and nobody’s net pay is as high as they’d like. I can understand why you’d want some explanation.

Emily: Yeah, I guess it’s the same in the UK, I just never paid much attention. See you later!

Global View ‐ Allergies (C0318)

Jim: Argh…I feel terrible, I keep sneezing and my eyes are all watery, what’s wrong with me?

Tom: Wow, you’re not dying are you, it looks like you have a cold, you should take some medicine.

Jim: I don’t think it’s a cold, I feel fine if I move a few feet away from my desk.

Tom: Maybe we should put you into quarantine ha ha, jokes aside, I think you might have an allergy. Jim: An allergy? I never thought about that, I don’t think I’m allergic to pollen though and I’m desensitized to bee stings after being stung so many times, Hmm.. .

Jim: Ow! Why did you chuck that peanut at me?

Tom: Just checking if you’re allergic to peanuts, I guess not.

Jim: Not funny! I could have gone into Anaphylactic Shock.

Tom: Okay my bad, how about dust? This office is full of it.

Jim: Yes the whole is office is dusty yet I only feel

affected near our desks!

Cat: Meow meow meow

Jim: You brought your cat into the office?!

Tom: Yes, it’s Mr Snuffle’s birthday today, I didn’t want him to be alone on his special day! Jim: ACHOO! Argh put it away ACHOO!

Tom: I guess we found the problem, your allergic to cats!

Daily Life ‐ Small Talk 5 ‐ Brief Talk With A Stranger (C0319)

Older gentle- man: Oh dear Miss, you are soaked! Wow, it’s really raining heavily outside.

Michelle: Yes, it sure is. I had to run here from work! I need to rush as I’m on my lunch break.

Older gentle- man: ell please, why don’t you go ahead of

me in line? I’m in no hurry.

Michelle: Oh, that’s so nice of you! Thank you very


Older gentle- man: My pleasure Miss. Actually, could you recommend what to eat here? I’ve never been here before.

Michelle: Sure. Well, the avocado sandwich is delicious, and it’s the healthiest thing on the menu. Personally, I think the beef salad is the tastiest choice. I usually get that. Also, the milkshakes are the best milkshakes in town!

Older gentle- man: Well, thanks for the

suggestions. Michelle: Oh, don’t mention it.

Global View ‐ Taking The GMAT (C0320)

Ash: I can’t seem to progress up the career ladder no matter how hard I try and I have been here for 2 years already!

Mindy: Well, have you thought of getting an MBA? I heard it does wonders in getting you to the top.

Ash: An MBA hey. . . well my degree wasn’t in business, the business schools won’t be interested in


Mindy: Nonsense! The business schools measure your ability through a test called GMAT.

Ash: GMAT? What does that stand for and what will the test contain?

Mindy: Graduate Management Admission Test, it contains three parts; Analytical Writing Assessment, the Quantitative section, and the Verbal section. Not only does the test mark you on the number of questions answered but also on the difficulty.

Ash: Okay this sounds a little tough, how am I supposed to practice for this?

Mindy: Up to you, you could have a one on one session with a tutor or group sessions, you can also use free or private computer software. Going to church might help as well!

Ash: No matter what I do I’m going to ace this test and go on to become a corporate fat cat!

Mindy: Umm.. . That’s the spirit!

Global View ‐ Thai Food (C0321)

A: What did you cook?

B: Well, as you know I was in Thailand last month,and I took a cooking class! So I prepared some ofmy favorite dishes.

A: Great idea! As long as I don’t get food poisoning!So what is onthe menu tonight?

B: Ok, for starters we have Tom Yam soup. It’s a bit spicy, but really good!

A: This is delicious! The ginger and lemongrass really gives it a nice taste!

B: Now this next dish is one of the most famous. Foreignerscall it papaya salad butthe proper name is Tom Sam. It is a spicy salad made from a mix of fresh vegetables including shredded unripened papaya and tomato.

A: This is delicious! The combination of sour and spicy is really interesting! I could have this everyday!

B: Ok, now forthe last and best dish in my opinion.

This is called Pad Thai. It’s stir-fried noodles with eggs, fish sauce, tamarind juice, red chili pepper plus bean sprouts, shrimp and tofu and garnished with crushed peanuts and coriander. It’s practically Thailand’s national dish!

A: Wow, this is great! I never knew Thai food was so creative and delicious!

B: Wantsome more?

A: I’m stuffed!

The Office ‐ Small Talk 6 ‐ Talking About You rself


Michelle: Excuse me, is this seat taken?

Stranger: No, please feel free.

Michelle: Thanks a lot.

Stranger: Do you work in Shanghai?

Michelle: Yes I do. How about you?

Stranger: No, I’m a tourist. This place is amazing! It’s much bigger than I imagined, and much more exciting! There’s so much to see here.

Michelle: You can say that again! It’s much more modern than people imagine. Where are you from? Stranger: Um, well let’s see…..I’m from Kansas

originally. A much quieter and more peaceful place than here, that’s for sure!

Michelle: Uh huh….

Stranger: But I’m living in Paris right now. Michelle: Oh Paris! Wonderful, I’d love to visit some time!

Daily Life ‐ Cancelled Flight (C0323)

A: Good afternoon Sir, may I please see your passport and reservation?

B: Here you go.

A: I’m sorry sir, this flight has been cancelled due to some mechanical problems.

B: Cancelled! So what am I supposed to do now?

A: We apologize for any inconveniences that may be caused by this. If your flight is urgent, I can put you on a waiting list for another flight this evening, but it’s on a first come first served basis, so there is no guarantee that you will be able to take that flight.

B: What’s my other option?

A: If you can wait until tomorrow, we will put youup in a hotel for today and you can take scheduled flight for tomorrow morning.

B: That’s fine. I’ll do that then.

A: Thank you for your understanding sir. I will book your flight now.

Global View ‐ Thanksgiving Dinner (C0324)

A: So what are you doing for Thanksgiving?

B: Not much really. It’s more of an American tradition, so back home we don’t really celebrate it.

In fact, I am not even sure of what exactly is being celebrated!

A: Well you know, it’s a time to get together with all your family and be thankful for everything!

B: Yeah but, how did this holiday come to be?

A: Well, the first settlers of Massachusetts arrived there because of religious persecution from England and King James. Once inthe New World, they befriended an native named Squanto, who taught them how to harvest food from the area such as corn.

B: Interesting! I am amazed how big and delicious thanksgiving dinners are!

A: Come to my house for Thanksgiving! We are having turkey, pumpkin pie, mashed potatoes with gravy, and lots of stuffing!

B: Count me in!

The Office ‐ Small Talk 7 ‐ Talking About A T rip (C0325)

Jim: Hey Michelle. Good to see you. Are you at lunch?

Michelle: Oh hi Jim. No I just got back. I thought you were on vacation now.

Jim: No, I wish I was! I just got back from Spain actually.

Michelle: Oh wonderful! Have you been there before or was it your first time?

Jim: My first time. I’ve traveled around Europe a lot, but this was my first time to Spain. It was amazing, and the weather was just beautiful! No rain, and just sun, sun, sun….

Michelle: I’m so jealous of you. I’ve never been anywhere in Europe. I’ve always dreamed of traveling around and seeing the sights.

Jim: Well, I really recommend Spain. You really should go.Anyway, it’s been great to catch up, but I must be going, this is my floor. Speak again soon I hope.

Michelle: For sure. Take care.

Daily Life ‐ Report Card (C0326)

A: Look, Jimmy’s report came today.

B: Let’s have a look. What is this? Where are all the grades?

A: He’s in the third grade Sam! You see under each subject that he is being taught in school, he receives a mark from one to three. A one means his achievement or work is excellent. Here in Science for example he got a two, which means its satisfactory.

B: What about here in physical education?

A: He got a three here which means it’s unsatisfactory. We should work on that with him.

B: So confusing! In my day we got an A or B if we were doing well and if we failed an exam we would get an F!

Daily Life ‐ Buying A Pair Of Jeans (C0327)

A: Excuse me, can I try on this pair of jeans?

B: Sure. Let me see… I’m afraid we don’t have any size eights left.

A: What are you talking about? I’m always a size four. Here, I’ll try these.

B: They seem a bit too tight. Shall I find you a larger size?

A: No, they fit fine! They show off my curves perfectly!

B: Yeah, your love handles. Yeah, they sure do, although… here, you forgot to close this button.

A: Yeah right, I’ll do it now…

The Office ‐ Small Talk 8 ‐ Talking About Wo rk (C0328)

Mr. Camp-bell:Ah Michelle hi. I was hoping to see you. How have you been? How’s the family? Michelle: Oh hello Mr. Campbell. I’m fine and Jack’s doing well. How are you?

Mr. Camp-bell:I’m fine thanks. I got your report this morning. Thank’s for that. Are you joining the conference today?

Michelle: Yes, I’m leaving at four pm.

Mr Camp-bell:Good, well we can discuss this more

then, but I think the figures are looking very good for

this quarter.

Michelle: Yes, me too.

Mr Camp-bell:I’m planning to discuss the advertising budget at the conference. I don’t think we should continue with the TV advertising.

Michelle: No, me neither. It’s far too expensive. Mr. Camp-bell:Well, let’s discuss this more at the conference. Maybe we can share a taxi there. Michelle: Yes, sure.

Daily Life ‐ Going To The Bakery (C0329)

A: Welcome to Al’s Bakery. What can I get you?

B: Hi! Let me get a dozen croissants, four blueberry muffins and a loaf of sourdough bread.

A:Sure. Would you like to have the loaf sliced?

B: No, that’s OK. Do you have any whole wheat bread?

A: We are out at the moment. May I suggest some rye bread?

B: Sure that sounds good. Do you have any cakes?

A: We have various birthday cakes and also ice cream cakes.

B: I’ll just take a cheesecake.

A: Will that be all?

B: Yes.

A: Your total is forty three dollars and twenty cents.

The Weekend ‐ Fortune Telling (C0330)

A: Look at this newspaper article about this famous local medium. It says that she is really gifted and so popular now, that she is booked solid with appointments for the next twelve months!

B: You don’t really believe in all that hocus pocus

mumbo jumbo do you?

A: Well I have had many friends that went to a psychic and got their palms read and most of the things the psychic told her came true!

B: Of course it does! They tell you general and obvious things like that you will be successful or have a big house. I think most of the times they are just scam artists.

A: Well historically it is a practice that many cultures share. Reading the tarot cards, in the east they would even read tea leaves! I even heard that there are people that make you smoke a cigar, and then read your ashes.

B: All superstitious nonsense! I would still like to go to one and see what he or she has to say, just for kicks.

A: Great! I’ll make an appointment!

The Office – small talk 9 - Talking About The Weather (C0331)

Melissa: Hey Michelle, jump in quick. It’s pouring out


Michelle: Oh hi Melissa. Are you going to the

conference too? I was planning to pick up Mr.


Melissa: Yes, he told me. We need to pick him up at

his hotel and then go to the conference.

Michelle: Oh I see, okay. So I heard you got married.


Melissa: Ah thank you! I’m very excited. We were

going to get married next year, but then we decided

to get married on holiday instead.

It was wonderful.

Michelle: That sounds so romantic! Jack and I were

hoping to get married in Europe next year, but we

had to postpone our plans. We just don’t have the


Melissa: I know what you mean. I think Shanghai is

getting more and more expensive, don’t you?

Michelle: I sure do. In my opinion it’s actually

becoming more expensive than back home. Melissa: Definitely. Oh there’s Mr. Campbell. Driver can you stop here please?

Daily Life - Setting Up Your Voice mail Message (C0332)

A: Can you help me set up my voicemail message? I just got this service and I am not really sure what I am supposed to say.

B: Sure! You just basically gotta let the caller know who they called, and ask them for their contact information so you can call them back.

A: Ok, so can I say, “ This is Abby’s voicemail. I will call you later, so leave me your name and number”.

B: That’s more or less the idea, but try something that sounds more friendly.

A: Ok, so how about this, “ This is Abby and I am really happy you called! I promise I will give you a ring as soon as I can, so please leave me your name and number. Talk to you soon!”.

B: A little too friendly Abby. Just say this, “ Hi, you have reached Abby. I am unable to answer your call right now, but if you leave me your name and phone number, I will get back to you as soon as possible. Thanks”.

A: That’s perfect! Can you say that again and record it for me?

Global View - Human Anatmoy (C0333)

A: OK class, so today we are going to continue with our anatomy class, today we will review everything we have learned. Can anyone tell me what the first major organ is?

B: The brain!

A: That’s right the brain! It serves as a control center for the body, handling the processes of the central nervous system as well as cognition. Then what major organ is in our chest?

B: The heart!

A: Very good! It pumps blood throughout the body, using the circulatory system such as blood vessels and veins. Now let’s not forget that our lungs provide oxygen to our heart and body to keep us alive! Now what about the organs that help us digest food?

B: The stomach and intestines!

A: Very good! Let’s not forget that the stomach is the one that breaks down our food and our intestines process that food and then expel the waste. Are we forgetting anything?

B: Yeah! Our kidneys, liver and bladder!

A: Oh yes, you are right. Very important organs indeed.

B: So what do these organs do teacher?

A: Well, ummm, they…Time for a break! We can talk about it when you get back.

The Office - Small Talk 10 - General Talk (C0334)

Mr. Campbell: Hi ladies. Thanks for picking me up.

It’s awful weather out there!

Michelle: Absolutely. It’s been raining for hours.

Mr. Campbell: How are you Melissa? Are you okay?

Melissa: I’m great thanks, Mr. Campbell.

Michelle: Do you have any business trips planned

soon Mr. Campbell?

Mr. Campbell: Of course. I’m always traveling! I will

leave for London next Monday, and then I’ll fly to

Boston from there. It’s going to be a busy month.

How about you Michelle? Any vacation plans?

Michelle: Yes. Mike and I will travel to

Beijing to see Mikes parents for Spring festival, and

hopefully next year we will visit London. I hear it’s a

wonderful city.

Mr. Campbell: I couldn’t agree more. London is really

fantastic. It’s my favorite city. I’m sure you’ll have a

great time.

The Weekend - Going To The Playground (C0335)

A: Hey honey! Where were you?

B: I decided to take Kenny to the park and get some fresh air.

A: How was it? Were there a lot of kids?

B: It wasn’t too crowded, but we had a great time!

We got on the see-saw together, the went on a couple of different slides and then I tried to go with him in the jungle gym, but I didn’t fit.

A: Sounds like fun! When we go he always just likes to play in the sandbox.

B: Yeah, but today he was really hyper. He even got

on the monkey bars and then he went on to go on the swings for a half hour. I’m exhausted!

A: You should go to the park more often since you don’t go to the gym anymore!

Daily Life - Christmas Traditions (C0336)

A: What are you doing awake?

B: I can’t sleep…

A: But it’s almost midnight!

B: Exactly. I’m too excited for Christmas morning.

Also, I thought I heard Santa.

A: Really? How do you know it was Santa?

B: Well I heard that naughty boys and girls get coal


their stockings, so I thought I’d be nice and make

Santa cookies. I even left out some milk. I heard someone in the kitchen eating the cookies, so I came downstairs!

A: Hmm… well I know that Santa won’t come down the chimney with you hiding behind the tree, spying on him!

B: Really?

A: Really! Let’s go back upstairs and get back to bed. That way, we can let Santa do his job. Then when you wake up, it will be Christmas already!

B: O-K…

A: Hey, honey! Is that you? Don’t eat all the cookies

  • I want some, too!

Global View - The Night Before Christmas (C0337)

It was the night before Christmas, when all through the house

Not a creature was stirring, not even a mouse; The stockings were hung bythe chimney with care, In hopes that St. Nicholas soon would be there; The children were nestled all snug in their beds, And mama in her ’kerchief, and I in my cap, Had just settled down for a long winter’s nap, When out on the lawn there arose such a clatter, I sprang from the bed to see what was the matter.

Away to the window I flew like a flash, Tore open the shutters and threw up the sash.

The moon on the breast of the new-fallen snow Gave the lustre of mid-day to objects below, When, what to my wondering eyes should appear, But a miniature sleigh, and eight tiny reindeer, With a little old driver, so lively and quick,

I knew in a moment it must be St. Nick.

More rapid than eagles his coursers they came, And he whistled, and shouted, and called them by name;

” Now, Dasher! now, Dancer! now, Prancer and


On, Comet! on Cupid! on, Donder and Blitzen! To the top of the porch! to the top of the wall! Now dash away! dash away! dash away all!

As dry leaves that before the wild hurricane fly, When they meet with an obstacle, mount to the sky, So up to the house-top the coursers they flew, With the sleigh full of toys, and St. Nicholas too. And then, in a twinkling, I heard on the roof.

The prancing and pawing of each little hoof. As I drew in my head, and was turning around, Down the chimney St. Nicholas came with a bound. He was dressed all in fur, from his head to his foot, And his clothes were all tarnished with ashes and soot;

A bundle of toys he had flung on his back,

And he looked like a peddler just opening his pack. His eyes – how they twinkled! his dimples how merry!

His cheeks were like roses, his nose like a cherry! His droll little mouth was drawn up like a bow, Andthe beard of his chin was as white as the snow; The stump of a pipe he held tight in his teeth, Andthe smoke it encircled his head like a wreath; He had a broad face and a little round belly,

That shook, when he laughed like a bowlful of jelly. He was chubby and plump, a right jolly old elf, And I laughed when I saw him, in spite of myself; A wink of his eye and a twist of his head,

Soon gave me to know I had nothing to dread;

He spoke not a word, but went straight to his work, And filled allthe thestockings; then turned with a jerk,

And laying his finger aside of his nose, And giving a nod, upthe chimney he rose;

He sprang to his sleigh, to his team gave a whistle, And away they all flew like the down of a thistle. But I heard him exclaim, ere he drove out of sight,

” Christmas to all, and to all a good-night.

Daily Life - Having Leftovers (C0338)

A: What’s for dinner?

B: Leftovers.

A: What? Leftovers of what and from when?

B: From last night! I took the left over turkey, mixed it with some diced peppers and onions, added a little bit of mayonnaise and made some sandwiches!

A: Isn’t that dangerous though? I mean bacteria and germs reproducing on food that was left out or reheated?

B: Well, I didn’t leave the turkey out at room temperature for more than an hour and I refrigerated it soon after we finished eating. Also, when reheating,

I put it in the oven for fifteen minutes at one hundred degrees Celsius.

A: Well ok, I am just afraid of getting food poisoning.

B: Don’t worry about it! Making a new meal out of leftovers is almost an art! Not only do you save money, but you also get to be creative and have something different to eat!

Global View - Parent Teacher Conference (C0339)

A: Thank you for coming tonight Mrs. Webber. As a teacher, it’s great seeing the kid’s parents assist our parent-teacher conference night.

B: Of course! I am very interested to know how my child is doing and also get some insight from you as to how he can improve.

A: Well Allen is a great student. He is a hard worker and very well behaved, however he does struggle a bit with math.

B: I guess he gets that from me, I never did well in math when I was a kid. What can I do at home to compliment what he is learning in the classroom.

A: Well, it’s important that you sit with him and review his homework assignments and help him with math. I would also recommend he stay after school twice a week for tutoring sessions. It will really help a lot.

B: Thanks a lot! I will definitely do that. Is there anything else?

A: Um.. yes. Here is a notice from our financial department, seems your child’s tution is overdue.

B: Oh yes, I….

Global View - Happy New Year! (C0340) A:: It’s almost midnight! We are about to start a brand new year!

B: I know it’s so exciting! A new year is always like a clean slate.

A:: fresh start to accomplish any dreams, objectives and goals.

A: Do you have a New Year’s resolution?

B: I was thinking about it, but I’m never able to keep my New Year’s resolution. Last year for example I joined a gym and only went twice.

A: Yeah I know what you mean. That’s why this year

I am keeping things more simple. Maybe like getting together with friends I haven’t seen in a long time, or doing some volunteering work.

B: That seems reasonable. We should get together and watch the ball drop in Times Square.

A: Sure, as long as you don’t try to kiss me at midnight!

B: Well, we can’t break tradition! It’s bad luck!

Daily Life - Baking A Cake (C0341)

A: Ok, so are you ready to learn how to bake a cake?

B: Almost, let me just put my apron on.

A: Ok, so the first thing we are going to do is preheat the oven, that way we have it at the desired temperature once we finish preparing everything. Set it to three hundred and seventy five degrees Fahrenheit.

B: Got it.

A: No we are gonna make the batter. Take some butter and sugar and mix it lightly until you have a nice consistency. Then add some vanilla extract and eggs and continue mixing.

B: Do I have to use a whisk or can I use the electric mixer?

A: Go ahead and use the mixer, but put it on medium speed. I’m gonna sift the flour and baking powder separately and then we can mix it with milk and the rest of the ingredients.

B: Ok, so now we need a baking pan right?

A: Yeah, but grease and flour it first so the cake won’t stick to it when it bakes.

B: Done. So how long do we bake it for?

A: We can leave it in there for about twenty five minutes.

Then we let it cool for ten minutes before we remove the cake from the pan.

B: Wow! This was a lot easier than I thought!

Global View - At The Library (C0342)

A: Wow! Look at all these books! I bet I can find a book about anything here!

B: Shhh!! Please keep your voice down. There are people reading and studying here.

A: Ok, I’m sorry. Are you the librarian? Maybe you can help me, I am looking for a book.

B: Yes I am. You can check our online catalog to search the book you want based on the genre, title or if you know the author, I can point you towards the right direction.

A: I am looking for a book that has nursery rhymes.

B: That would be in our children’s section. That book shelf there on the right.

A: Ok, I would like to check out these books.

B: Do you have a library card?

A: No. How do I get one?

B: I just need to see your drivers license or utility bill to prove that you a resident of this state.

A: Here you go.

B: So you are all set. You can have these books for two weeks. If you need to have them longer, you can bring them here to renew them. If you don’t, you get charged ten cents a day for each book.

A: Ok, thanks!

Daily Life - Seafood Dinner (C0343)

A: This is such a nice restaurant! I feel so classy!

B: Yeah, it’s a little bit pricey, but they serve the best seafood in town.

C: May I Take your order?

B: Yes, I would like some marinated grilled shrimp for starters and I’ll also have the lobster.

C: Excellent choice sir. And for you madame?

B: I would like the baked oysters and the seafood platter.

C: Very good madame.

B: That seafood platter sounds good. Excuse me, what does the platter have?

C: It’s a great combination of clams, scallops, squid mussels, calamari and fillets of salmon and tuna.

It comes with a side of butter sauce and French fries.

B: That sounds great! Cancel the lobster and give me one of the same please.

C: Very well sir. Anything to drink?

A: Can we get a bottle of your house white wine please?

C: Superb choice. I will be back shortly with the wine.

Global View - Booking A Hotel Room (C0344)

A: Madison Suites, how may I help you?

B: Yes, I’m calling from Mexico. I will be in town next week and would like to know if you have availability.

B: OK ma’am, can you tell me the date you expect to check in?

A: Yes, July ninth. I will be there for seven nights.

B: We have a junior single suite or a superior double suite available for those dates.

A: What’s the difference?

B: The junior suite is smaller and has one twin bed, while the superior suite has a double bed and mini-bar.

A: OK, I would like to reserve the superior suite. Is breakfast included?

B: Yes, a buffet breakfast is served every morning. I will need your name and your credit card details in order to complete the reservation.

A: Sure, my credit card number is…

Daily Life - Working Out (C0345)

A: Do you want to go catch a movie tonight?

B: I can’t, I have to go tothe gym.

A: Come on! You can go tomorrow, just skip it today.

It’s not as if you are gonna get in trouble!

B: Actually I will! I am working out with a personal trainer that gets on my case if I don’t go. I like it, because it makes me feel more obligated to go and get healthy.

A: That’s cool, does your personal trainer basically teach you how to work out?

B: Yeah. He makes a work put plan depending on the areas I want to work on, or the muscles I want to build. Like for example in order to get better muscle tone in my abs, pecs and biceps, he makes me work out with free weights. Then for my quads, calves and hamstrings, I do leg lifts or squats.

A: Sounds like you are really getting in shape!

Global View - All About Wines (C0346) Salesperson: Hello there, welcome to WineWorld. Let me know if I can help you out at all.

Customer: Um, yes, please, I could really use some help. I’m going over to my boss’ house for dinner tonight and don’t know what kind of wine I should bring.

Salesperson: OK, do you know what kind of food will be served?

Customer: Well, his wife is Japanese. He said she makes really good sushi.

Salesperson: Hmm, that’s a bit of a challenge. Sushi is notoriously difficult to pair with wine.

Well, let’s see. have to be a white wine, of course. Customer: Why? Wouldn’t a red wine go well with sushi?

Salesperson: No, I don’t think so. Sushi is a very delicately flavored food, and red wine would be a jarring contrast. You need a white wine, which has more subtle flavors, to complement the fish. Customer: I see. So should I get a bottle of

Chardonnay? That’s a white wine, right?

Salesperson: Yes, Chardonnay is a white wine, but

I’m not sure it’d be your best bet.

Chardonnay is one of the more fullbodied whites, and tends to be a bit oaky. I’d suggest that you go for something

brighter, like this Sauvignon Blanc from New Zealand.

Customer: Sauvignon Blanc? What’s that?

Salesperson: That’s another varietal, or type of grape, just like Chardonnay.

Customer: Let’s see. The label says it’s

got ”attractive citrus and grassy aromas that give way to crisp, mineral flavors and a bonedry finish. Serve chilled.” Oh, no, how long will it take to chill the wine? I’m on my way to the dinner now.

Salesperson: It’s OK, don’t worry, we’ll just choose a wine from the cooler. We don’t have quite as extensive a selection over here,

but…this Rhone Valley white would be lovely. Customer: All right. What varietal is that? Salesperson: Well, this is a French wine, so they don’t always specify the varietal on the label.

The French believe that the soil a grape is grown in is one of the most important factors in the final flavor of the wine.

This wine is probably a blend of a few different types of grapes, mostly Viognier,

I’d guess.

Customer: And you think this is a good wine? Salesperson: Yes, this is one of our best-sellers. It’s not quite as dry as the Sauvignon Blanc we were looking at earlier, which means it’s more approachable. It’s light and crisp, with a bit of a vanilla aroma.

Customer: Perfect! I’ll take it!

Global View - Immigration and Customs (C0347)

A: Good afternoon, passport and arrival card please.

B: Here you are.

A: Where are you coming from?

B: China.

A: Is this your country of birth or residence.

B: I just work there.

A: What is the purpose of your visit to the United States?

B: I’m here on vacation.

A: How long do you plan to stay in the United States?

B: Almost three weeks.

A: Sir, you didn’t fill out the information on your arrival card of where you will be staying.

B: Oh, I’m sorry, but there are a couple of different places I will travel to within the United States, so I wasn’t sure what to put.

A: You must specify an address of the place where you will spend most of your time.

B: Ok, here you are.

A: Do you have enough means to support yourself while you are here?

B: Yes. I have some travellers cheques and two credit cards.

A: Very good. Do you have anything to declare?

B: Nope. I only have my clothes and camera!

A: Very well sir, welcome to the United States, enjoy your visit.

The Weekend - Talking About Skincare (C0348)

A: You want to go get a facial with me today?

B: Dude, what are you talking about? Only girls do that.

A: Not at all, guys also get facials, manicures and pedicures. There is nothing wrong with looking after your skin and looking good.

B: True. So what do they do to you at your beauty spa?

A: Well, first they exfoliate my face, getting rid of all the dead skin. Then I get a face mask with nutrients that keep my skin healthy and young. Afterwards, they apply some moisturizer and you leave feeling like a million bucks.

B: That doesn’t really sound like something I would be interested in. In any case, I just wash my face every night and use sunscreen during the day.

A: Well you should come with me one day, I’m sure you’ll love it.

B: Uh… no.

Global View - Chinese Medicine (C0349)

A: What’s wrong?

B: I have a headache. These past few days I’ve been living off painkillers. Man, I feel like my head is going to explode.

A: You should get acupuncture treatment. My mom was always having headache issues and it was acupuncture that cured her.

B: The results are too slow. On top of that, just the thought of smoking needles poking into my flesh frightens me.

A: They don’t just randomly stick you, they find your pressure points. The heat allows the body to immediately respond to the treatment, restoring the body’s ”chi”.

B: But I get scared the moment I see a needle. How could I stand having needles in my body for hours on end?

A: The needles are very thin, and as long as the doctor’s technique is good, and the patient himself is relaxed, it won’t hurt–on the contrary it will actually alleviate pain. Now there are high-tech

needles that are micro thin; they don’t hurt at all.

However, if you are really scared of acupuncture, scraping or cupping are also options.

B: Scraping is too terrifying. When they finish

scrapping, your body is all red, as if you were just tortured.

Cupping is the same, your body ends up with red circles all over it–looks like someone beat you up.

A: This only signifies that the toxins have left the body. Actually, there is only discomfort during the treatment process. Once it’s over you feel very comfortable.

B: Chinese medicine is strange. The patients are already

ill, and then the doctor makes them suffer more.

A: This is the only way to get at the problem. Anyway, if you want to relieve the pain, You are just going to have to be tough and do it.

B: Forget it. I don’t want to inflict any more pain on myself. In a little while I’ll go and buy some more painkillers and take a nap.

Daily Life - Talking About Relatives (C0350)

A: What are you doing this weekend?

B: My brother in law is having a small get together at his house and he invited me.

A: Is it a family thing or just friends?

B: A bit of both. Some cousins, aunts and uncles will be there, but also some friends from the neighborhood.

A: Is your great uncle Rick going to be there? He is really funny.

B: Yeah he is going to be there with his step-son and his ex-wife.

A: You mean your sister?

B: No, Rick is actually my great uncle, so he is my grandmother’s brother.

A: You lost me.

B: I’ll explain later, let’s go.

Daily Life - Vaccinations (C0351)

A: Hello Mrs. Parker, how have you been?

B: Hello Dr. Peters. Just fine thank you. Ricky and I are here for his vaccines.

A: Very well. Let’s see, according to his vaccination record, Ricky has received his Polio, Tetanus and Hepatitis B shots. He is 14 months old, so he is due for Hepatitis A, Chickenpox and Measles shots.

B: What about Rubella and Mumps?

A: Well, I can only give him these for now, and after a couple of weeks I can administer the rest.

B: Ok great. Doctor, I think I also may need a Tetanus booster. Last time I got it was maybe fifteen years ago!

A: We will check our records and I’ll have the nurse administer the booster as well. Now, please hold

Ricky’s arm tight, this may sting a little.

Global View - The 7 Wonders Of The World (C0352)

A: Have you seen this news article? Apparently an organization has made a list to name the new seven wonders of the world and people could vote for them online.

B: Wow, that’s really interesting. So who won?

A: Well, the Great Wall of China, the Taj Mahal in India.

B: I’ve been there! It really is an amazing work of architecture and art. The entire complex is made of white marble and in the interior of the tomb, the walls are covered with gems and emeralds!

A: Cool! Also amongst the winners is Petra, in Jordan,

Machu Picchu in Peru and the pyramid in Chichenitza in Mexico.

B: Wait a minute! It also says that the Christ

Redeemer statue in Brazil and the Colosseum in Rome are wonders. I would love to go to Italy and see the Colosseum, stand in the middle like a gladiator!

A: Well, let’s see if we can find some cheap airfare and we can go towards the end of the year.

B: Good idea!

Global View - College Life (C0353)

A: Hey, Jordan, is that you? Long time no see!

B: Oh, hey, no kidding! I haven’t seen you since orientation three months ago! So how’ve you been?

Settling into college life OK?

A: Yeah, I think so! I pledged Phi Iota Alpha, so I’m living at the frat house now.

B: Oh, so you’re a frat boy now, huh?

A: Yeah, yeah, I know, it’s totally clich ´ e, but really, I think it’s been a good decision. I’ve got a lot of support and good suggestions from the guys.

What about you? What have you been up to?

B: Not much. I’m still living at home and commuting to school. I ended up dropping that metalworking class I was so excited about. It just wasn’t as interesting as I’d hoped. The guidance counselor suggested that I focus on my prerequisite courses so that I can make sure the credits count.

A: That sounds smart. . . but kind of boring.

B: Yeah, it is, a little bit. I joined the Great Outdoors

Club, though, which has been a lot of fun. We’ve gone on two camping trips already, and I’ve made some good friends.

A: That’s cool. Hey, so have you decided on your

major yet?

B: Definitely pre-med. What about you?

A: I still have no clue. . . but we don’t have to declare a major ‘til our sophomore year, so I’ve got time! Oops, I’m late for class. Gotta run!

B: OK, take care! Hey, nice running into you!

A: Yeah, you too!

Global View - Homeschooling (C0354)

A: I think we should home school our children when we decide to have kids.

B: What? Why?

A: Well, our public schools here are not very good and private school are just too expensive. I have been reading up on home schooling and it has a lot of advantages.

B: Like what? I think that by doing something like that we would be isolating our children from social interaction.

A: Well, first of all, I would be able to teach them everything they learn in school in a more relaxed and fun way. I also think that having a one-on-one class is much better since you can focus more on his or her strengths or weaknesses.

B: I think neither your parents or mine would agree to such an idea.

A: I will bring it up over Sunday brunch.

B: Good luck with that!

Daily Life - Lending Money (C0355)

A: Can I borrow five bucks?

B: No!

A: Come on! I’ll pay you back on Tuesday.

B: Last time I lent you money, you never paid me back.

A: I promise if you lend me five dollars today, I will repay you in full next week.

B: Ok, but I’m taking your skateboard as collateral.

A: Fine! I can’t believe you don’t trust me.

B: It’s nothing personal, just business.

Daily Life - Coins and Money (C0356)

A: Help me organize these coins.

B: That’s a lot of money! What did you do? Break the piggy bank?

A: Yeah, I’m gonna go to the bank and change it for bills, but first I have to separate them into little piles.

B: Ok, I’ll find all the quarters and dimes while you sort the nickels and pennies.

A: Great, then we can add everything up and take it to the bank.

B: I found some coins that are not from here.

A: Oh yeah, those are from my trip to London. I have

a couple of different pence, but in all it won’t add up to one pound.

B: Are you sure the bank will change these coins for you?

A: Hopefully!

Daily Life - Making A Dinner Reservation (C0357)

A: Bruno Bistro, how may I help you?

B: Yes hello, I would like to make a reservation please.

A: Certainly sir, For which day and time please?

B: Tonight at seven.

A: I’m sorry sir, but we are fully booked tonight until eight.

B: In that case, eight o’clock is fine.

A: Very well, and how many people will attend tonight?

B: Four people.

A: Lastly, may I please know what name I should make the reservation under?

A: Mark.

Daily Life - Text Me (C0358)

A: Why didn’t you text me last night?

B: What? I sent you three or four messages!

A: I didn’t get any of them. I was waiting for you to text me the address of where the party was and I never got your message.

B: Why didn’t you just call? I hate sending SMS messages.

A: Well, because I didn’t have any credit on my phone. I used it all up this month.

B: I thought you had an unlimited SMS plan?

A: I do, but if I don’t have any credit in my phone, it won’t let me call or send messages.

B: No wonder you didn’t get my texts!

Global View - E-mail Scam (C0359)

A: I got an urgent email from Tom! He says he is in London and got robbed and needs us to wire him some money for his hotel.

B: What? That sounds really dodgy tome.

A: No way, Tom is an honest person, he wouldn’t lie tome.

B: No I mean, it seems like someone may have hacked his email account and sent that out. I mean think about it, why would he email you instead of calling you.

A: Do you really think someone is trying to scam people into sending money?

B: For sure! There are so many con artists out there, you never really know.

Global View - Urban Legends (C0360)

A: Have you read all these crazy things that are going on around the world?

B: What do you mean?

A: I was reading about how some people get tricked or drugged in their hotel rooms and have their organs removed! Then they are sold on the black market.

B: Don’t tell me you actually believe all that? Don’t be so gullible, they are just urban legends. They are just stories people make up to scare you.

A: Well, I was also reading about how some popular songs have subliminal or even satanic messages if you play them backwards! Can you believe that?

B: You really think an artist or songwriter is going to go through the trouble of putting subliminal or satanic messages in a song? Don’t be so naive!

A: Well maybe you are right, but how about the story of how KFC has rows of headless chickens which are super grown in order to get bigger chickens faster!

B: Sounds a bit too far fetched to be true don’t you think?

Daily Life - Fast Food (C0361)

A: I’m hungry, let’s order up something to eat.

B: Ok, maybe we can order a soup and a salad from the restaurant down the street.

A: I was thinking of getting a hamburger, fries and a chocolate sundae.

B: You eat too much junk food. That sort of stuff clogs up your arteries and is very high in cholesterol.

A: Well I never seem to gain weight so I don’t mind.

B: It’s not only about getting fat or not, it’s about being healthy. You could really have some health problems later on.

A: How about pizza or maybe some fried chicken!

Better yet, let’s order some hot dogs!

B: You are a lost cause.

Daily Life - What Mood Are You In? (C0362)

A: Are you ok? You seem a bit anxious.

B: Yeah I’m OK, I have been having a lot of mood swings lately. I think it has to do with the pills my doctor prescribed that are causing chaos on my hormones.

A: So you mean you feel ecstatic one minute and then blue the next?

B: Yeah, it’s weird. For example just this morning

I was feeling detached and lonely, even though there was really no reason to feel that way.

A: Well, maybe your mood will swing positively and you will feel confident, brave and hopeful!


B: I hope you are right.

Daily Life - Living With Your Parents (C0363)

A: Why did your girlfriend break up with you?

B: I don’t know, she said she was tired of me not manning up and being more independent, which I think is all a bunch of crap.

A: Well, you still live with your parents, so she does have a point.

B: What do you mean? Lots of people live with their parents, especially when rent is so expensive and the slump in the economy.

A: Yeah, but you are almost forty! Plus, you make good money so there is really no excuse. It’s simply because you are a momma’s boy.

B: Whatever dude, I have everything I need, why would I move out! Have a great roof over my head, my mom does my laundry and cooks for me, what else could a guy ask for!

A: Let’s agree to disagree.

Daily Life - Hiring Help (C0364)

A: Can you help me write a newspaper ad?

B: Sure, what are you looking to buy or sell?

A: Actually, I want to hire someone to help me around the house.

B: Oh, you want to get a maid?

A: Well, I think it’s better if you call her a cleaning lady or domestic help.

B: Ok, so what do you want her to do?

A: Well, let’s see. I want her to come in three times a week for a couple of hours to clean the kitchen, bathroom and maybe do some cooking.

B: Got it. And how much do you offer per month?

A: I would pay her hourly, I don’t know what the going rate is though.

B: I know for sure it’s more than minimum wage but maybe you should just negotiate with the person that answers the ad.

A: Great! Thanks for your help!

Daily Life - Household Chores (C0365)

A: Kevin, what is this mess? It looks like a pigsty in here! Clean this up!

B: Ok dad, I will do it in a minute, let me just finish this level of this game.

A: No, I said now! Plus, you are grounded, you’re not allowed to play video games. I want you to make your bed, do the laundry and then come downstairs and sweep the floors.

B: That’s so unfair!

A: You have to pull your weight around here young man. My house, my rules.

B: But I already mopped the floors, dusted the furniture and vacuumed the rugs!

A: That’s great, but you still have work to do, so get to it.